Jauntaroo is "Your Vacation Matchmaker" and mixologist for destinations. That's why we call our registered members Jauntaristas!

Jauntarista [jahn-ta-ree-stuh]
noun, plural Jauntaristas
A Jauntarista is a registered member of Jauntaroo, usually a travel enthusiast, who plans and takes journeys, especially ones taken for pleasure.

Benefits of becoming a Jauntarista:

  1. Updates on new destinations, new features & all things Jauntaroo
  2. Participate in new Jauntarista contests & incentives
  3. Track if you have "Been There" and where you "Want to Go"
  4. Write reviews and provide ratings for destinations
  5. Enter to be selected as a Jauntarista expert reviewer

At Jauntaroo, we believe in our Jauntaristas and what they have to say. By partnering with destinations, we choose Jauntaristas to visit and write expert travel reviews. We seek honest and reliable reviews our members can rely upon - who better than our own Jauntaristas!

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