Why We Created Jauntaroo

Jauntaroo was formed by a team of Travel Industry Executives, Mathematicians, and Travel Enthusiasts. Constant questions from our colleagues, friends and family members asking, "Where should we go on vacation?" got us thinking. We looked around and travel sites require you to book a trip from Point A to Point B. Well, Point A is easy - it's your home. Point B is the tough part. What if you don't know where you want to go? What if you have an idea of what you want to do, but don't know your options? What if someone says destination X is great, but to you it sounds like a nightmare? Where can you turn in your time of need? Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you get the idea.

So we created Jauntaroo. Our site allows you to customize a vacation based on what YOU like. Not what your neighbor enjoys. Not what your friend did last month. Not what your colleague down the hall suggests. Travel where you want based on what you like. And don't just settle for any destination, settle for the best. If you like the beach with some great nightlife, we'll show you the best spots for that. If you like a mountain view with peace and quiet, we can help you there too. Don't settle for another mediocre vacation. Travel the way you want! Think of us as "Your Travel Matchmaker"

How It Works

Our site is simple. Starts off by selecting the things you want in a vacation and we give you a prioritized list of destinations (ranked by the best possible match). What you don't see is all the technical, theoretical calculus, quantum physics, rocket science math that exists behind the scene (again with the dramatics?). We actually did spend a lot of time coming up with a way to make your top choices for vacations yield the best possible results. Go ahead, move your preferences around and see new results! We spent lots of time researching hundreds of destinations to bring you the best fit for your travel needs. Don't believe us? Give it a try.

Travel With A Cause

At Jauntaroo, we believe in the power of travel. Whether you're getting away with your family (or away from them), traveling for work or doing humanitarian work, seeing the world has the power to open one's eyes to new cultures, experiences and landscapes beyond traditional means.

There are many travel-related nonprofit organizations that use these powerful experiences to support destinations and strengthen education, health and well-being. We love these causes!!! Therefore, we have dedicated a portion of our site to highlighting their efforts. Every month we feature one of these organizations and donate $1 for every reservation made through Jauntaroo. We call it, "Travel With A Cause." Please help us support these organizations and their important work.

Hero Holiday

Established in 2000, Hero Holiday is a program that provides youth an opportunity to change their lives by meeting the needs of others who live in poverty. Throughout the year, the program provides opportunities for high school students to participate in humanitarian relief projects by bringing practical assistance to those living in extreme poverty. Activities may include building homes, distributing supplies, providing food, mobile medical clinics and working with children at risk. The program allows students to see first-hand how two-thirds of the world lives, expanding their world views and giving them an opportunity to become educators on world poverty by sharing experiences. Visit www.livedifferent.com/hero-holiday to learn more and get involved

What's Coming Next

Jauntaroo is a constantly-evolving project. We have plans to make our site more intuitive, more accurate at providing results and more closely connected with the destinations. We want to provide the absolute best search experience you can find online. Stay tuned for more Jauntaroo enhancements!