Yellowstone National Park

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Adventure, history, culture, and one very unique smell await you in Yellowstone National Park, the world's very first national park. Established in 1872 by President Grant, Yellowstone's stunning sites--and smells--can be explored on foot, on bike, on horseback, by boat or by car. Rolling hills and sprawling forests are filled with fresh air and abundant wildlife. It's not uncommon to have an elk mosey in front of your car or to see a baby bear lounging off to the side of the road. But what draws many visitors is Old Faithful, an extraordinary and massive geyser. It's the kind of thing that leaves you wondering how it's even possible for natural wonders so amazing to exist in this world of ours. It's a site so cool that you may even miss its trademark sulfur smell after you leave. Whether you plan on exploring the terrain, mingling with the Native Americans at a powwow, cooling off on a river raft, or spotting animals you've only ever seen before in zoos, Yellowstone is kind enough to house a variety of places to stay. The true adventurer can camp in this natural wonderland, while others can choose to stay at an RV park. And the slightly more high-maintenance among us can choose from a number of fine hotels.
Photo Credit: Jim Peaco
Photo Credit: Jim Peaco
Photo Credit: Jim Peaco
Photo Credit: Jim Peaco
Photo Credit: McClelland
Yellowstone is a supper cool place. i liked all of the wild life and the hot springs. I liked all the cool trails that there are to hike. I didn't like all the bears, because I was really little so i was afraid. I went in the spring and it looked really cool. I wish we would have known about Uncle Tom's Trail. the very best part is on the way back you have to stop at bear world.
Yellowstone is a place every American should see at least once! You can see bears walking around, experience the bubbling paint pots, see sulphur springs, bathe in natural hot springs near some of the camping areas, it is truly one of the most spectacular natural places on Earth! It is huge, and there are so many amazing things to take your breathe away!!
There are so many things to do and see in Yellowstone. Animals are everywhere. There is camping and lodges available. There is so much to see all year round.
The Yellostone national park is so full of life and nature. It's a great break from the city life when you're surrounded by trees and animals!

Adventure & Recreation

The entrance fee provides the visitor with a 7-day entrance permit for both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
Cost: Entrance fee is $25 for private vehicles; $20 for each snowmobile or motorcycle; or $12 for each visitor 16 and older entering by foot, bike, ski, etc.
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Yellowstone Park is home to the largest concentration of large and small mammals in the lower 48 states
Cost: Included in Entrance Fee
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The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Easily the most breathtaking sight inside Yellowstone Park. Twenty miles long, the canyon is up to 4,000-feet wide and 1,200-feet deep in places. From several vantage points, you can view Lower Falls plunging steeply into the canyon 308 feet, or the Upper Falls tumbling 109 feet.
Cost: Included in Entrance Fee
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