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Do you ever find yourself secretly reading history books under your covers at night? Do you watch The History Channel for fun, but quickly change the channel when someone comes home? You're not alone, my friend. There is hope. And that hope lies in Williamsburg, Virginia, a place where history nerds roam the streets like normal people. A place where no one needs to keep quiet about their George Washington shrine or their penchant for old fashion taverns and colonial clothing. There's a reason Williamsburg, Virginia's official website is www.history.org. This places is like a living, breathing history channel. America's history was literally written on these streets, streets where you just might spot George Washington still wandering about. Williamsburg is frozen in time and much of it exists how it once was, so that the historically-inclined can get off their couch and actually experience life in the 18th century at the largest outdoor living history museum in the United States. Sure, you can leave town and visit nearby Busch Gardens Amusement Park or Water Country USA or stay at a modern hotel, but with Colonial inns to reside in and taverns serving food--not to mention beer by the pints--why would you want to be anywhere else?
A lot of history buffs come here. A lot of families with kids too. And after they get their fill of history, they can go to Busch Gardens which is really fun or they can go shopping at the outlet stores. Day excursions to Richmond or the Virginia Beach area is just a short trip away.
Wackamaw pottery
Colonial Williamsburg
Water Country USA
Busch Gardens
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Battleship Wisconsin

The Wisconsin is one of the largest and last battleships ever built by the U.S. Navy.
Cost: Adults $13.95, Children $9.50
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Busch Gardens

Voted "Most Beautiful Them Park" for 16 years in a row! Thrill seekers will love it!
Cost: Two days of fun for the price of one. $66.99 per person
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Colonial Williamsburg

The restored 18th century capital is represented in the 301-acre Historic Area, which includes 88 original buldings and hundred's of other homes, shops, public buildings and other structures.
Cost: Many Free Activities
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Richmond International Airport (Byrd Field) [RIC]