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If you want to add a little class, culture, and artistic edge to your portfolio, you might want to try a visit to the city that was home to Mozart and Haydn. The same city that houses an entire district of museums as well as a nationally acclaimed opera. A city filled with more than 27 castles and 150 palaces. A city liked Vienna, Austria. The sites are historic and charming, beautiful and jaw-dropping. Even the amusement parks, one of which holds the world-famous Giant Ferris Wheel, have a nostalgic, calming feeling about them. It's one of the most exquisite places in the world thanks to its artistic architecture and natural backdrop--nature at its finest. Romance at its most picturesque. Between the Vienna Boys' Choir, the State Opera House, the Golden Hall, and--we can't forget--the many local DJs, Vienna leads the pack when it comes to fine and entertaining music. And last, but definitely not least, the Viennese know that you can't truly experience culture at its finest without a good drink in your hand. Beer, wine, and food festivals litter the calendar. Restaurants range from laid-back traditional to extravagant gourmet, and the Austrian coffeehouse is more of an oasis of cool leisure than just a shop to grab a quick pick-me-up. Put simply, life is just more delicious in Vienna.
Photo Credit: Austrian National Tourist Office-Popp & Hackner
Photo Credit: Austrian National Tourist Office-Viennaslide
Photo Credit: ANTO-Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek
Photo Credit: Austrian National Tourist Office-Popp & Hackner
Photo Credit: Austrian National Tourist Office-Peter Burgstaller
Photo Credit: Austrian National Tourist Office-Horvath
Photo Credit: Austrian National Tourist Office-Popp & Hackner
Photo Credit: Austrian National Tourist Office-Horvath
Photo Credit: Austrian National Tourist Office-Casino AG

The beautiful, classical Vienna!

I have lived there for one year and got back several times... Vienna is a wonderful, classic music is all over and every corner has a lot of history! A must go! :)

The City of Classic Music

Vienna is the 3rd biggest city in Europe, but in despite of that it impresses by its infra. Trains, trams, buses and subways are connected to each other, what makes your locomotion easy.

You can easily spend a day visiting only the monuments and buildings that are in " the ring" area. In the hotels you will find maps and information about it.

One thing interesting is that the classic music is part of Vienna. In each corner you find advertisements about concerts. If you come to Vienna you probably will meet someone selling tickets and I would like to encourage you to watch a concert in Vienna. This will be a unique experience in your life.

Here a some places you can visit: St. Charles Church, State Opera, the Library, St. Stephen's cathedral, the Parliament, the City Hall, the Holy Trinity's cathedral, the Schoenbrunn Palace and its gardens (this is the most popular sightseeing in Vienna ), etc.


I just can say... I have to go there again.... NO COMMENT... WONDER LAND
João Paulo

The City of Music Delivers!

Without a doubt Vienna is my favorite city in the entire world! It always sits on the top of the list that names the "World's Most Livable Cities". Mozart's resting place offers countless reasons for landing on that prestigious roster: ranging from impeccable tap water to an efficient and spot free transportation system. And if drinking tap H20 that is better than Evian isn't your thing then Vienna will spellbound you with its legions of palatial estates built to wow all who feast their eyes on them. When it comes to nightlife the Viennese are also out to impress the party goer's by hosting two of the hottest nightclubs in central Europe: Flex and Pratersauna. Thirdly there's the onslaught of museums, ballets and opera's that are sure to leave you with a cultural hangover. Finally you can't leave the Queen of the Danube without visiting one of her coffee houses. Vienna's cafe culture is so refined -- it is such a scene that it is a part of UNESCO.

one day visit or whole life there

Vienna was a great place to go to on advent! I was 3 days there and it was really nice. Still Vienna is not the type of city that you go to be a tourist, it is great and all, but it is more like a city that you would go for one day or for whole life.
Vienna is an amazing city and extremely family friendly. I went several times as a child and could never get enough! The history, arts, food and my personal fave, the lipizzaner stallions, are memories I still cherish 30 years later and hope to soon share with my daughter.

Belvedere Palace

Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736) was a general and a great connoisseur of the arts, and he had Belvedere Palace built as his summer home. It houses some of the finest artworks in the world.
Cost: 12.50 Euros
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Hop-on Hop-off Tour

Set your own pace, get on and off at any of the 15 stops, as often as you wish. Your ticket is valid for one day.
Cost: 20 Euros
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Vienna Boys' Choir

Enjoy the Vienna Boys' Choir together with the Viennese Chamber Orchestra. This famous ensemble will delight their audience with the melodies of W.A. Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Strauss.
Cost: From 49 Euros
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Schonbrunn Zoo

Founded in 1792, the Schonbrunn Zoo is one of the oldest in the world. Popular attractions are the Giant Pandas, Rainforest House and Artic Polarium.




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