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There's a reason you think of surreal images of old Italian men in striped shirts guiding gondolas through Venetian water when you think of Venice, Italy. It's not just that Venice is putting on a show for tourists; it is a way of life. Since cars are banned in Venice, the only way to travel is either by foot or by water. And given your fast-paced way of life, you may be tempted to resist this quirky simplicity, but once your eyes get a glimpse of the sheer beauty of the 1,500 year old Venetian streets, preserved in natural and architectural beauty, you might be ready to fly home and sell your car. A city rich in history and a most intoxicating culture, Venice offers art that rivals the visual beauty of its own streets. The food is lavish and the drinks delicious. The popular tourist destinations are so concentrated in this small city that there's something to brag about on literally every corner of the city, although it's not so much about checking off a number of tourist spots in Venice as it is about simply experiencing life there. And experiencing life in Venice will make you feel like you stepped into a fairytale. You'll never regret being able to utter the phrase, "Well, when I was in Venice..."
Photo Credit: Amazing Things in the World
Photo Credit: Lora Wonnacott
Photo Credit: Lora Wonnacott
Photo Credit: Lora Wonnacott
Photo Credit: Hilton Molino Stucky
Photo Credit: Lora Wonnacott
Photo Credit: Lora Wonnacott
Photo Credit: Lora Wonnacott
Photo Credit: Lora Wonnacott

Unrivalled Culture

A visit to this 'floating city' is an experience like no other. Upon entry, visitors are immediately met with the interesting and unusual by having to line up on the jetties for taxi-boats and small ferries towards accommodation. Slicing slowly through the waters, where to look is somewhat of a sweet dilemma. Small boats passing, transport retail stock and heavy stonework while buildings lining the canals demand awe at their complex construction and longevity. The architecture in Venice is rich in its variety and richer again in culture, peppered mostly with an innate and classic Venetian style. At drop off points, where the canals become narrow and only gondolas or access boats pass, tourists can be heard chuckling, trying to keep their balance so as not fall into the water (guilty!). I would recommend, if you have the time, that you take the first day to walk around aimlessly and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised with what you may stumble upon - be it a cute cafe with friendly, chatty staff, a contemporary art installation down a discreet, quiet lane way or a royally restored, renaissance museum. Gondolas are in the hundreds. On first quote, they can be quite pricey but can be convinced of a discount if you offer your finest, friendly manner. If you are willing to treat yourself, ensure that you avail of a rarer, singing gondola - complete with an accordion and opera singer - especially if on a romantic getaway. Venice is a worthwhile tourist attraction, one which if not experienced would certainly be regretted. Photo opportunities need to be taken as soon as thought of or may otherwise be missed! Definitely enquire about the history of the masquerade balls to the locals while there and hear it in their enthusiastic, animated, Italian tone rather than out of your travel guide. Piazza San Marco is the most famous location with plenty of fine dining on its circumference although pastarias and pizzerias on surrounding streets are just as enjoyable. In Venice, after dinner, you are more likely to chose theatre, ballets and operas over modern nightlife. We stayed in a boutique B&B by the name of Ca'Gottardi at circa €200 per room per night and worth every penny. The staff fell all over us not only whilst there but also to give us tips and travel directions on the rest of our Italian vacation. Grazi Venezia for an incredibly unique time!
(Maira) Carolina

A must-see!

If, in an unfortunate event, you can only make one stop in Italy, Venice should be it! Waking to the sound of locals chit-chatting as they pass and gondolas gently rippling the water just outside your window is like a little piece of Heaven only found here! I highly recommend letting yourself wander down some back-allys, maybe to discover some of the hidden gems of the city (beautiful court-yards, hole-in-the-wall bars, wonderful bistros...just to name a few).
If wandering isn't your thing: feeding the pigeons in the middle of the square is an experience! Exploring the old cathedrals & buildings is interesting & of course, Gelato!


One of the best things that I did when I was there was woke up before the sun even rose. I left my hostel very early, and rode the bus with the locals, and got on the water buses. I followed the crowed and saw the city before ALL the tourists arrived. And there were A LOT, from all over the world. Definitely interesting to people watch.
I made friends with a young local my age. I had read Venice wasn't a big party place so I talked to the local and they took me and my friends to the "plaza" where there were lots of people drinking and hanging around. It was great.
A little cold, I was there in April.
Highly recommended, talk to the locals, check out the islands, each are so different.


Venice is a nice city with a lot of tourists. On the tourists spots it is always crowdy, but away from the crowd it is spooky ( during the night). The canals really stink a lot! Gongola is to expensive, 100 euro for 1 ride. People there are too pushy, they practically pull your sleeves to get you in their shop or caffe, or to make you buy from them roses or baggs. I didn't like the native people there, they were too aggressive on potential buyers, and there are a lot of thieves on the street!
The most positive people there are the people who moved from other countries to Venice to make some money there, and they are hardworking people, and nice and communicative as well.
Venice is a good place to engaged your beloved one, to walk during a sunny day, and to go to bed when the night fells.
What is there to say about Venice that has not been said before? Walk around and "get lost" away from the touristy spots to get the local color. It is worth it.

Cruise Port of Departure

Large cruise lines use this as a "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.

Galleriea Accademia

The museum is located inside three former religious buildings and is considered one of the best art treasure houses in the world.
Cost: 6.50 Euros per person
Visit Website

Grand Canal

Enjoy a 60/70 minute cruise along the Grand Canal in a luxurious motor-launch with an expert Venice Tour Guide. The boats are equipped with microphones & speakers at the front and rear of the boats so that you won't miss any of the commentary.
Cost: $54.60 per person
Visit Website

Campanile di San Marco

Take an elevator up to the bell tower and take in the breathtaking view of Venice, the lagoon and the beautiful Alps off in the distance.
Cost: 8 Euros
Visit Website




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Marco Polo Airport [VCE]