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Far, far away, there's a magical land where ancient meets modern, tradition meets trendiness, and where antiques meet neon. And that place is Tokyo, Japan. In the same city, you'll find skyscrapers and shrines, art museums and parasite museums, fashion-forward shopping and outdoor fish markets. If you want to experience the traditional, imagine yourself rocking a kimono in a beautiful Japanese flower garden. It's one of the largest cities in the world, and every inch of it is packed with people and fascinating things to do--delectable and authentic cuisine, beautiful nature, and attractions. With so many people in Tokyo, there's something for everyone. The shopper, the history buff, the artist, and the theater enthusiast. And the best part of it all--much of the city can be explored on foot, and a lot of activities are even available for free.
Photo Credit: Stephen Cronin
Photo Credit: Stephen Cronin
Photo Credit: Yoichiro Nishimura
if you visit tokyo, you see how busy Japanese people are.
outside city is totally different environment. away from stress and traffic.
it is a fun place to visit.
I am always amazed when i visit Tokyo. Every once in a while i get sent there for work, and am always amazed with the city. Everything is very compact, which is a little cramped for my 6'4" frame, but i get by. The people are very friendly and the food is amazing. I can never get enough of the food, although sometimes the 'freshness' of the still live food makes me a little nervous. Once you get out of the city, your heart can slow down and you can relax. Heading over to the temples and beaches are very nice and not as frantic as the bustling city...
Went here with some friends. Went out a lot at night. A lot of food and drinking!

Mount Fiji

Mount Fuji is a dormant volcano and the highest mountain in Japan. The nearly perfect shaped volcano has been worshiped as a sacred mountain and popular with artist. A 45 minute train ride from Tokyo along the Tokaido Line towards Osaka, delivers breath-taking views of Mount Fuji. The best view can be enjoyed around the Shin-Fuji Station on the right hand side of the train. Visibility tends to be better during the colder seasons, early morning and late evening hours. Mount Fuji is officially open for climbing during July and August. Photo Credit: Stephen Cronin


A small, traditional amusement park located near the Sensoji Temple.
Cost: Adults $8, Children $4
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So many to choose from throughout the city. From modern art to the ancient Japanese traditions, museums abound in this city, waiting for you to explore.
Cost: Varies
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Imperial Palace

Tours Monday-Friday and take approximately 75 minutes. An application for a tour must be submitted at least one day before.
Cost: Free
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Cruise Port of Departure

Large cruise lines use this as a "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.




[JPY] Japanese Yen


Narita Airport [NRT]
Haneda Airport [HND]