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Sydney is so uniquely defined by its water surroundings that even its world-famous opera house sits serenely atop the sparkling ocean. And the opera house isn't just famous for its prime location; it's also famous for what goes on inside with it's many high class musical productions. Just beyond the Sydney Opera House lies both lush green land and posh towering skyscrapers. This exterior view of Sydney is a perfect representation of Sydney's heart. It is a beautiful, natural paradise complete with cuddling koalas, vibrant botanical gardens, and most importantly, Australian beaches where surfing is a way of life. The city atmosphere provides hours of metropolis entertainment, including a buzzing nightlife. From vintage to high-class, shopping is one of Sydney's best loved pastimes. Kids and adults will both enjoy the museums and attractions in Sydney because they're tailored to what makes Sydney so special--unique wildlife and the neighboring ocean. And no museum is necessary to experience the unparalleled Aboriginal culture of native islanders. Like the perfect man, Sydney is brains and brawn, enriching both the body and the mind and leaving vacationers wishing they had more time to surf, play, explore and experience.
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
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Photo Credit: Tourism Australia
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    Possibly the best city in the World...

    I lived in a Sydney suburb, right outside of the city center in 2011 and 2012. I do believe that Sydney is one of the best cities ever. Not only it is a wide city with a variety of places to go to and activities to do, but it is also close to everything, the vibe is laid-back and the views are stunning. Australia's main city (not capital) is 10-15 minutes away from some of the best beaches (Bondi, Bronte), 45 minutes to the forest (Blue Mountains), peace in the suburbs (Randwick, Bronte), hippie lifestyle by the beach, some of the best surf and diving in the world, and downtown glamour... as I say, at least for me, it is indeed the best city to live in, the best city to visit, as you can have absolutely EVERYTHING.

    Review the rating... also, they've got Featherdale Park, a Zoo that has ONLY Australian species... it's just amazing. One time was never enough :)
    Ruth Damaris

    So at home

    Sydney is such an easy place to visit (24 hour trip from thw US non-withstanding). It is incredibly exotic, yet English is spoken. People drive on the left side of the road, yet they have reminders posted on the side walk everywhere to look both ways. A gateway city for the less adventurous.

    It is a diverse city with an amazing amount of interesting food, though I recommend trying all the seafood. My favorite dish was actually an Indonesian dish, Laksa, found in a food court in chinatown. of course if you want to do it up right for the night, have dinner in the Sydney Opera House. Even better Quay Restaurants has a great view of the Opera House across the bay/quay high-end dishes that are the most memorable I've ever had.

    For great views of the city head up to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (locals call it The Coat Hanger). It can get crowded but the pictures are one-in-a-million. It also helps you to get the lay of the land.

    Tip: If you can, get out of the city to see the Blue Mountains, where eucalyptus grows abundantly or Hunter Valley where wine is most definitely abundant.

    Urban Personality

    Sydney is a great city - lots to do, friendly people. However, the vibe isn't as unique as Melbourne. Any flight into Australia is likely to pass through Sydney and it's definitely worth a visit. I would recommend a flight to Cairns and/or Melbourne for sure!

    Can't be missed.

    Sydney is an absolute must trip. I spent two months living there and seeing as much as I can and I have to say that beyond just being a gorgeous city with easy to reach feels very safe. I spent MANY a nights wandering about the city walking from the CBD (Central Business District) to the various neighborhoods of the city like Elizabeth Bay. This Place really is amazing. Foods a bit pricey, expect around an average of $24 - 44 for a main course meal, #14-22 for a pasta or pizza dish. BTDUBS...their pizza is very good because they had a lot of Italian immigrants who helped influence the local cuisine...and coffee. Obviously go to the beaches like Bondi and Manly, go to the Opera house, see the CBD, but also experience the night life. It is very friendly and outgoing. Check out Baxter Inn. It is an old school tavern like speakeasy underground with hundreds of types of Rum and Whiskey. I can't recommend this place enough!

    a world MUST !

    Iconic, so desirable, so unique, so beautiful...but (some people say) so far away.... that this city make an entire world out of itself!
    Of the cities I would love to live in, Sydney is one of them: Cosmopolitan, cultural, energetic, friendly, beautiful, diverse, progressive, and with an intimidating and captivating physical beauty of its people. The people here love their outdoors and you can see them maximizing their lunch hour on a work day with any sort of outdoor activity possible. The architecture of the city is captivating, and the Opera house is just the crown...get to see more besides it. Sydney has a very vibrant nightlife for any taste. The Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is very well established and is the biggest festival in the city!!!
    Drive (better yet exercise on your bike) to world famous Bondi Beach, Centenial Park and discover residential neighborhoods like posh Vaucluse, hipster Surry Hills, or extroverted Newtown.
    I love this city !

    Sydney Harbour Cruises

    Many cruises to choose from. How can you can go wrong cruising on the beautiful, majestic Sydney Harbour? All the cruises are worth doing but some are just a little more worth doing than others.
    Cost: Varies
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    The Sydney Opera House Tour

    Sydney's most popular tourist attraction is also the city's most popular architectural landmark. Tour this magnificent building and see the reason it's a world-famous landmark.
    Cost: From $35 AUD

    Wild Life Sydney

    Journey around Australia on an all-Aussie animal adventure
    Cost: Adult $35, Children 4-11 $18, Under 4 Free
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    Taronga Zoo

    Hop on the ferry past the Opera House to the city zoo of Sydney. Showcasing eight geographic regions, the zoo is home to over 2,600 animals on 52 acres. Be sure to see Australia's famous kola bear and kangaroos!

    Cruise Port of Departure

    Large cruise lines use this as a "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.




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