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Relaxing and playing is the name of the game in the Caribbean's St. Thomas. There's a reason that St. Thomas is home to one of the most beautiful harbor's in the world and the most visited in the entire Caribbean. Although St. Thomas is only 32 square miles worth of land, you'll find more than enough to do to fill your time with cultured, enchanting fun. Fill your day lounging on the soft sand, golfing, or indulging your adventurous side in one of many water sports available on St. Thomas. Cool off in the afternoon with a visit to an aquarium or ocean park, both so cool that your kids will be the ones trying to pull you away. And finally, fill your evenings with delectable island cuisine and world-famous nightlife. Although, no matter how you choose to spend your time, St. Thomas' simplicity puts even the most busy-minded, stress-filled visitors in a state of pure happy relaxation.
Photo Credit: USVI Department of Tourism
Photo Credit: USVI Department of Tourism
Photo Credit: USVI Department of Tourism
Photo Credit: USVI Department of Tourism
Photo Credit: USVI Department of Tourism
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    St. Thomas is wonderfulI went for two weeks in january of 2013 and I never ran out of super awesome things to do and experience! The amazing waters and super friendly locals give off amazing island charm that will inspire your traveling spirit and make you never want to leave! Everyone speaks english (with a hint of french Jamaican accent) so its super easy for you to communicate and get around with out the hassle of language barriers. For the american visitors this is a U.S. territory so you don't need a passport however you can take a ferry or small plane to British virgin Islands if you do have one. Puerto Rico is less then twenty miles away so its easily accessible if you wanted to venture off! Wether you want to stay in a luxury resort or a cute little cottage there is opportunity for everyone its great for families or romantic getaways! The beaches are by far one of the best in the world! The Island is relatively small so its easy to get to everything (about 30 min). Though airfare is cheap the cost of food is expensive so I would book an all inclusive resort or do what I did and go to the locals grocery store. The reefs are absolutely amazing, some of the best I've ever seen you just have to go to the lesser known spots I would talk to the locals they are super friendly and more than willing to help. It is actually really safe environment except for certain spots like all Islands. The shopping is fantastic because of lack of taxes and duties they have vast selections of jewelry stores and designer stores as well as the local shops. Street vendors are the best kind of food to get because its cheap and delicious! The roads are confusing and easy to get lost so I would suggest bringing a map and renting a car but they do have "taxies" just about everywhere you go and don't hesitate to stop to ask for directions everyone is willing! One more thing about the driving is they drive on the left side of the road!
    St. Thomas is such a beautiful place! I visited St. Thomas back in 2009 in the springtime. The weather was quite warm around then, not too hot, but comfortable. One of the most popular things to do in St. Thomas is snorkeling. That is one of things I did when I visited that I enjoyed the most! There are so many exotic fish you may have never seen. Also the water is crystal clear so you can see all the way to the bottom! The people are very friendly and welcoming. It is a lovely place for family vacations because it is very kid friendly. In St. Thomas they have a variety of different little shops you can visit. It is also a great place for beautiful hikes, and strolls on the beach. St. Thomas is a wonderful place I'm sure lots of people would enjoy.
    Take the ferry to St Johns for the day. New beaches there.

    Swim with Sharks

    Join real sharks in the shark corral at Coral World Ocean Park. Interact with these beautiful creatures in a safe environment.
    Cost: $50.99 for Park admission including 30 minutes with the ocean's greatest predator!
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    Snorkel in beautiful waters or combine it with Kayaking and hiking on various tours. Do not miss a chance to observe the marine life surrounding this beautiful island.
    Cost: Varies
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    Board a modern sailboat or a classic wooden boat and spend a day you will never forget. Try a sunset cruise and see one of the most amazing views you will see on earth.
    Cost: from $60 PP
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    Cyril E. King Airport [STT]