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A little bit of sugar, a little bit of spice, a little bit of class, and a whole lot of beauty. We're not just talking about you, my friend. We're talking about St. Maarten, a melting pot of all things fabulous, in the heart of the Caribbean. A beautiful blend of European and Caribbean cultures, St. Maarten is both cosmopolitan and laid back. And while a lot of places may boast such split personalities, this island has such uniquely different personalities, it even has two different names--Saint Maarten to some and Saint Martin to others. Part of the island is French luxury and the other part is Dutch relaxation. And both sides are filled with heavenly beaches, warm locals, perfect weather, and a vibrant nightlife. For most, sunbathing never gets old at St. Maarten thanks to shockingly turquoise water and soft white sand. Many of the hotels even have private beaches, complete with cold mixed drinks brought right to your very own beach chair. Additionally, lounging on the beach in St. Maarten can be even more of a treat than you might expect. One beach is just feet away from the airport and offers views of planes landing just above your head. But if you need a little something more, sailing, boating, surfing, snorkeling, diving, and any other number of outdoor adventures are better in St. Maarten than just about anywhere else. Quirky island stores and elegant French boutiques will send you home a bit more stylish than when you left. It's the perfect dynamic, multifaceted environment for the dynamic, multifaceted tourists.
Photo Credit: Jean-Marc Labbe
Photo Credit: St Maarten Tourism Office
Photo Credit: St Maarten Tourism Office
Photo Credit: St Maarten Tourism Office
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Photo Credit: St Maarten Tourism Office
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Photo Credit: Adam Hogan
Photo Credit: Adam Hogan
Photo Credit: Adam Hogan
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    St. Martin by Nicolette B

    Going to the Caribbean can be confusing. Which island do you visit? After having seen many of the islands in the Caribbean, St. Martin sticks out in my mind as one of my favorites for its beauty, pristine blue waters, European feel, safety, and French-speaking population!

    If you've been "Frenchified", ok, I just made that up. No, but seriously, you love to speak French, or just love anything French-inspired, St. Martin is a wonderful and close alternative to France or another French island for Americans on the East Coast. If you're like me, and you like to practice your French language skills while on vacation, St. Martin is for you.

    You must see Orient Bay Beach. STUNNING! Just be ready for some nudists, and many more partially dressed sunbathers. If that's not your cup of tea, just close your eyes, throw on your straw hat, and hide your eyes behind your really juicy novel.
    Absolutely gorgeous! Very laid back and friendly people. Very clean as well.
    St. Martin was a blast. I could have stayed for weeks. It was incredibly relaxing and the beaches were shockingly beautiful. The water was as warm as a bath. The residents and workers were all really fun and friendly. Airport Beach (where airplanes land right above your head) was DEFINITELY worth the trip!

    Orient Beach

    One of the most popular beaches on the island, arguably in the world. This beach is known for its perfect sand, beautiful water and popularity with the tourists and locals. This beach does have clothing optional sections.
    Cost: Just The Cost To Get There
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    Grand Case

    Grand Case became known for its delightful cuisine and wonderful traditional foods years ago. Many of the homes in the area on the main street and along the beach have been transformed into unique eateries where you will enjoy Caribbean, American, Asian, Italian and French cuisines and seafood.
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    Many of the hotels plan a large variety of after dark activities like beach barbeques with local bands. Everyone is welcome whether guests of the hotel or not at most hotels.
    Cost: Varies
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    Maho Beach (Airport Beach)

    Aviation fanatics flock to this beach to watch airplanes land at the adjacent airport. Watch out these airplanes are LOW and loud!


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    Princ. Juliana Airport [SXM]