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Good ol' St. Louis is everything you could possibly need because there are a lot of different St. Louises to choose from. There's the kid's St. Louis, the sports lover's St. Louis, the drinker's St. Louis, and the art connoisseur's St. Louis. There are countless family-friendly activities, many of which are free! ESPN Magazine named St. Louis the "Ultimate Sports City" thanks to the adoring fans and championship baseball, football, hockey, and basketball teams, and even the St. Louis Aces World Team Tennis. There's no beer drinkers in St. Louis. This city, primarily founded by Germans and Irish, quickly became home to microbreweries and pubs, which makes life exponentially more interesting today. And you might be surprised to find the this Missouri city houses art ranging from Picasso to Monet to Warhol. A city that is home to the famous Gateway Arch, St. Louis Cathedral and the Anheuser-Busch factory clearly has something for everyone.
St. Louis is a beautiful place. It's so green; there are trees everywhere. There is something for everyone. Whether you are city or country folk, St. Louis is the place for you. There are so many sports here. There is Blues hockey, Cardinals baseball, and Rams football. Not far from St. Louis is this beautiful place called Lake of the Ozarks. During the month of August there is a speed boat race. It's so peaceful. To just take a boat out on the lake, drinking virgin pina coladas, and having the wind blow against your face is just paradise. the food is amazing! These people definitely know how to cook. If you're looking for a day with roller costars, Six Flags is just a short drive away. There are so many positives in St. Louis; for example the people are extremely nice. I was 14 when i went. I went with my mom, my aunt, my brother's dad, and my big brother. My older brother was 19 at the time, and we went during the month of August.
If you're a sports fan, St. Louis is your city. Rams football, Blues hockey, and Cardinals baseball all wrapped into one.
There are great bars in this city, especially down on Laclede's Landing. Morgan Street Brewery is the best, in my opinion, of all of them. There are three different bars/clubs in one building. There is something for everyone.
Just a short drive away is Six Flags if you're looking for a day at a theme park. The view from the Arch is a site to see. Just a short trip on the Metrolink will take you to some great shopping at the Galleria.
If you're looking to watch some sports on the tube, Maggie O'Brien's is the place to be. I LOVE this place. What a wonderful atmosphere for watching the game. Great food and drinks, too!
St. Louis has it all with the Cardinals being the main attraction for us! We don't stay in downtown St. Louis but in a surburb 15-20 minutes from Busch Stadium, either Chesterfield or Mehlville. The people there are super nice from the hotel staff to the convenience store clerks. We've never had one minute's problem while there and hate to leave when it's time to come home. We feel at home and are so comfortable there. We love it so much that in fact, if it weren't for the New Madrid fault, we would move there in a heartbeat! If you want to visit a place that has anything you could possibly want to do, St. Louis is it!
A town that has it all. Culture wise...a treasure trove. Not to mention the arch. Truly the heart of the Midwest.

Gateway Arch

Take a 630-foot ride to the top of this world-famous stainless steel monument for the finest view in the Gateway City.
Cost: Adults $16, Children $5
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Six Flags St. Louis

Visitors can loop the loop on Batman the Ride, soar at speeds of up to 62 mph on the Screaming Eagle wooden coaster and get soaked on the whitewater rapids adventure of Thunder River.
Cost: Online special-everyone pays kids price $36.99
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Gateway Arch Riverboats

One-hour sightseeing cruises daily on the mighty Mississippi River
Cost: $14 Per Person
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Saint Louis Zoo

Ranked amongst the top zoos in America, the Saint Louis Zoo has more than 19,000 of 655 species. Admission is free, but some attractions have fees. The best bet is the Safari Pass for $10.




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