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Some places have the audacity to want it all, but let's be honest, who are they kidding? You can't have a cosmopolitan city with all of the shopping, dining, and arts you could possibly want AND nationally recognized teams in just about every possible sport AND immaculate natural beauty all in one place. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Seattle dreamt it and Seattle has achieved it. It's like the kid in school who was good at everything. The one you wanted to hate, but just couldn't, because, well, being his friend made your life a whole lot more pleasant. And life is more pleasant in Seattle, Washington. Seattle has everything you could want from a city--trend setting food (the likes of which you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else), family friendly museums, and, of course, plenty of shopping. But where most cities sacrifice nature for cement, Seattle is still surrounded by lush forests (including the United States' only temporal rainforest) and canoe-ready lakes. The fresh air is not only revitalizing, it creates a perfect venue for outdoor markets and open air festivals.
Photo Credit: Katie Miller
Photo Credit: Katie Miller

Be ready for rain or shine!

A great place to explore! Along with all the great history to learn of, in the heart of the city is quite a selection of music venues, great diverse restaurants, shopping galore, a hopping night life and stadiums for the professional sports fanatics to catch a game.
One favorite to check out is The Needle and Thread in Capitol Hill, this was once a speakeasy and is still as hidden. The food is great and the beverages, all ingredients prepared fresh in front of you, are sure to delight.
Do you need to wander the great outdoors? Hop on the ferry and venture to the Olympic National Park via Bainbridge Island. Or, head down and surmount the southern volcanoes, Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens. Whichever direction you choose, a day trip will give you enough of a taste to want to see more!


Seattle has it all except good weather! Bring your rain gear, and head out. Watch the "fish throwing" at Pikes Market along with amazing food. You can visit 3-5 restaurants during happy hour and enjoy dollar oysters, chowders and feast yourself in appetizers.
Pikes Market is a good day trip...visit the floral market, shop for crafts, and eat, eat, eat! and, oh yes, the coffee...Starbucks and Seattles best on every corner will keep you wired so you can shop, walk, sightsee!

Hello Seattle, I Am An Albatross...

Okay, so I gave Seattle 4 out of 5 stars, instead of 5 only because I didn't get to spend that much time there. What I did see, I loved! The market place was fantastic. Fresh fruit, veggie, and fish stands are everywhere, and little shops and artist booths line the streets. A few 'must dos': Have some Mac and Cheese at Beecher's (you won't be disappointed), grab a coffee at the first Starbucks, and make your contribution to the Gum Wall!

Two people - Two different expectations - One destination

As one who always looks forward to her next stamp on her passport, eyebrows always raise when I tell people, "we honeymooned in Seattle". It took 9 months after our wedding to go on our honeymoon because we couldn't agree on a destination, and when it came down to it: He loves relaxing getaways built around culinary experiences. I need to be outdoors, always doing something and eating only as a means to survive.

Seattle HAS IT ALL! The best of both worlds for any couple who likes to do different things; where some of the best restaurants in the country are located, along with every outdoor activity you can imagine. From climbing to rafting, biking and running, you can spend the morning working up an appetite and the afternoon tasting local wine and eating incredible dinners. It is a place where you can camp or spa. Seattle is a city of endless possibilities.

Bright Sunshiny Day

Throw on your rain jacket, slap on your rain boots and pop up your umbrella. It seems like every time I have been to Seattle the skies have opened up and given me a little shower. Don’t get me wrong I have also been there on beautiful sunny days but be prepared for a little spritz from the sky! If it happens to be sunny be sure to go up the Space Needle during the day but if it’s cloudy and rainy I would suggest going up at night to see the city twinkle. Both are equally beautiful. Seattle has great history! A fun way to learn all the history is through an Underground Tour. Also, be sure to check out Pike Place Market early in the morning and the very first Starbuck’s. But don’t be too disappointed if the line up for the Starbucks is a mile long!
Seattle is a great place to visit. I wouldnt want to live there as I dont think i would enjoy rain that much, but the people are friendly, there are really good restaurants and places to go visit. Of course you will have to go visit Pikes market.... but make sure you visit the stadiums and the surrounding bars. It is a great time and the stadiums are very different from what i am used to
The mountains, the ocean, what isn't there to like? Seattle is like the lone beacon in an otherwise empty region. The entire state of Washington is beautiful, but Seattle's architecture adds to the geography. The landmarks are great, as well as the dining and nightlife. Seattle is a truly hip place - heck, even the buses are different (they're naturally responsible)!
As the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle has become one of the most attractive places for entrepreneur as well as for the tourist. Overtime, the city keeps changing its appearance, and it seems to become a symbol of modern architecture in the State of Washington as well as in the U.S. Its economic also play an important role in the U.S, in fact, the city of Seattle is where many succe

Seattle Space Needle

Built in 1962, the Space Needle served as the symbol of that year's World's Fair. It has since become the symbol of Seattle, and one of the most recognizable structures in the world.
Cost: Adults $18, Children $11
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Food Tours

Savor Seattle Food Tours is the #1 ranked attraction and food tour in Seattle! We offer award-winning culinary tours that explore the exciting history, culture, food, and top chefs of Seattle.
Cost: Starting at $39
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The Puget Sound region is home to many award-winning museums and world-renowned artists.
Cost: Most Under $10. Some have free days each month.
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Cruise Port of Departure

Large cruise lines use this as a "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.

Planning Tip

Another great destination to visit while in Seattle is Olympic National Park. It's a beautiful drive from Seattle and another destination on Jauntaroo.




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