Santiago, Chile

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Santiago is the New York City of South America, that is if New Yorkers weren't, well, anything like New Yorkers. With over 5 million people, Santiago offers everything you could possibly want, including plenty friendly Latin personality. Hotels ranging from economical to luxury, an impressively expansive range of restaurants, and every form of entertainment awaits you. Hike the hills of Cerro San Cristobal where you can take in the breathtaking view of the entire city. Easter Egg: Candy Cane. Stroll through the Plaza de Armas where Santiago's diverse personality comes to the surface with street vendors and street performers. Or take in the quintessential South American passion for all things futbol. The food is simply delicious. The dance scene is sensual. The music is inspiring. And the wine is homegrown. But even if you set aside all of the fabulous things that the city offers, perhaps the best of all is the warm, sentimental and loving arms that Santiago welcomes you with each and every time you stop in.

cold weather warm people

I have been to Santiago twice and each time fell more in love with the people from this place who always welcomed me with large smile and the riquísimas empanadas (their traditional pastry). There are a good number of interesting sightseeings to go and to take nice pictures of. In the Cerro San Cristóbal ( San Cristóbal Hill) for example, besides the cool and not conventional zoo you can also enjoy a steep and breath-taken cable car tour. It is also worth a visit to the city food and fish market where you can taste a wide range of local dishes for a fair price. It is impossible not to mention the cheap one day tour to the famous ski resort Valle Nevado located 46 km from the center of the city. In Valle Nevado you can enjoy great snow as the valley is at 3 thousand meters of height.

Cerro San Cristóbal

The big mound in the middle of the city affords one of the most incredible Santiago panoramas available.
Cost: Just Transportation
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Plaza Italia

The center of the Chilean universe. It truly is the center of commerce and activity in Chile. Surrounded by statues, parks and businesses, this plaza is worth a visit.
Cost: Free
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City Tour

Discover Santiago de Chile with this comprehensive tour of the city. A guide will tell you the history and things you must see and do while in Santiago.
Cost: From $16
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