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San Francisco is one of those cities whose energy you miss as soon as you leave. And for anyone who has ever ridden on a cable car around the rolling San Francisco streets, you know that there's something magical and memorable about this mode of public transportation. The shopping is eclectic, ranging from quirky street venders to upscale chains. A visit to Alcatraz, the island prison that held infamous criminals like Al Capone, a stop at Ghirardelli's Square for the most delicious sundae you'll ever experience, a bike ride along the Golden Gate Bridge or a lunch break at any of the local restaurants for clam chowder in a bread bowl are only a few of the memorable options waiting for you in this historic city.
Photo Credit: San Francisco Travel Assn Cam Balcioglu
Photo Credit: San Francisco Travel Assn Cam Balcioglu
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Photo Credit: San Francisco Travel Assn Tom Bross
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Not Just The Golden Gate Bridge

The best way to see the city is on foot or to jump on one of the seventeen trolley cable cars built in the 1920’s and 30’s that will sure to give you a flash back into the history of San Francisco. Walk barefoot in the cool green grass and admire the famous Victorian style Painted Ladies at Alamo Square. On your way back towards the water grab yourself some culinary delights. Get your camera ready for the clear fogless view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Around the corner you’ll get a glimpse of Fort Mason:; the ever wonderful Cliff House for a delectable drink then take in the misty ocean views. After a little walk head over to the Golden Gate Park Conservatory of flowers, the oldest Victorian Green House. Find your way to Fisherman's Warf for a smell of the loud and stinking sea lion colony sun bathing on the rocks. You’ll have enough of the stench and want to wander to higher ground up to Telegraph Hill and North Beach. Stroll down China town and enjoy some traditional Asian cuisine. Pop up to Nob Hill for a quick tour of the Cable Car Museum and then back on a trolley that will take you down the hill to The Cannery for some world famous Ghirardelli Chocolate ice cream. Plan the next day for almighty Alcatraz, but not before a night out on the town for some local craft brew with a view. Pick up a boiled crab sautéed in garlic butter marinade or an artichoke salad medley and dig in to the San Francisco treats.

The west coast NYC.

San Francisco is what I like to call "the west coast NYC." This city masters the balance between a big city experience and a down to earth atmosphere. The local music scene is still booming and the rich culture is evident as you walk through the Haight-Ashbury district. You can almost feel what it was like to live the summer of love; wandering through gypsy shops on the first level of brightly colored town-homes, collecting records at Amoeba Music, constantly having all your senses stimulated by the street art, or the smells traveling from a Thai vendor on the corner. If you happen to find yourself wandering on the Golden Gate Bridge, take a moment to marvel at how the city pans out before you on both sides. San Francisco truly has the best of both worlds - cable cars and a busy bustling in the downtown center reminiscent of New York City, and a welcoming love all community.


San Francisco was our first stop on a trip though California. My expectations were high... And after leaving SF 3 days later, I have to say it was worth it! A wonderful city. The city has such a nice vibe, you'd wish you could stay there forever! From Haight Street to the Golden Gate Bridge, it all looks so nice. I think if I would have to choose one city in USA, it would be that one.

Simply the Best City in America

No disrespect to New York City, but the city by the bay is truly remarkable. It is a place that everytime I visit I fall more in love. It has everything from, hippies, to techies, to foodies. Whatever you dig you can find it in San Francisco. Very little more should be said because a traveler needs to find San Francisco for themselves, they are sure to have a great time. Just bring a jacket!

If You're Going To San Francisco...

I LOVE this city! I always thought that if I moved out of the mitten, I'd head to the east coast. Not anymore! San Francisco is my favorite city in the US! Warm weather, BEAUTIFUL victorian style buildings, and parks everywhere packed with people. There is a saying in Toledo, Spain that says 'everywhere you go is uphill'. Well, San Fran is to the US as Toledo is to Spain! Be sure to bring your waking shoes!

One of the gems on the West Coast of the United States

By day or night you will fall in love with all this city has to offer: Fisherman's Wharf, SOMA, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island...I find it's people are among the most progressive in the United States.

Culturally rich and always ready!

Next to New York, San Francisco can be listed as a city that never sleeps. With a gorgeous bay, multiple social cultures, and exquisite nightlife taste you will not be disappointed!

While tucked away in the northern shore of California, San Francisco offers you the best of outdoor adventures. The city boarders on the colder mountainous regions of the north west while still offering the "California Vibe" that stays true to social progress, active lifestyles, and cultural diversity.

You can easily hike the many parks of San Francisco and take advantage of it's diverse terrain, an element lacking in eastern cities. The city itself feels very safe and is bike and animal friendly. It is more pedestrian friendly then Los Angeles with a more polite driving etiquette as well. With a robust taxi culture you can fly into San Francisco and easily take the city by foot.

San Francisco is known for it's political progress in the LGBT sector with famed districts offering a Red Light style clubbing area. As a gay friendly city you can count on diversity being prized and safe for all travelers. Political influence is strong in this city so if you are inclined to historical progress and groundbreaking conversations with strangers, this is the place.

San Francisco is also home to many technology giants. With a community of leaders you can count on exceptional history, museums, and architecture. The architecture seen in San Francisco is unrivaled in the United States. It offers its own flavor that is unique in the bay in comparison to any other major US city. Being a giant of industry, it is not as kindhearted on the budget as other nearby cities such as Portland though with proper planning or sightseeing, you can travel on a dime.

Because the city rests in the bay the weather tends to be cool all year round. While it may boast a California state address, most travelers will not be seen in bikini clad attire. Bring a sweater to this one!

The city of freedom

I fell in love with this city and its soul.
"If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. If you're going to San Francisco you're gonna meet some gentle people there"
Seriously the best city in the USA. Best of every other city all wrapped into one
i always love to visit Northern California - love pier 39 and the ferry house! fresh seafood and farmers markets!

Alcatraz Tours

Tour the Famous Alcatraz Prison
Cost: From $26 per person
Visit Website

Trolley Ride and San Francisco Cable Car Museum

San Francisco Cable Car Museum provides free admission. Visitors watch the machinery which winds the 11 miles of steel driving the cars about town. You'll want to hop on a cable car if you haven't already, and while they're not free, the cost is only $5 to board the only American national historic landmark which moves.
Cost: From $5 per person; museum if FREE

Fisherman's Wharf

Tour the famous square, shop and dine on fresh seafood and enjoy the sight of hundreds of sea lions
Cost: FREE

Free Activities in San Francisco

• Golden Gate Bridge: The most iconic landmark in the city is yours to explore up close. It's absolutely free to walk across the bridge and stretch your legs. Free parking is available but limited. • Chinatown and North Beach: Immerse yourself in the city's tremendous multicultural mix by strolling the streets of Chinatown or North Beach. Exotic Chinatown holds 24 blocks of colorful surprises, from food markets to museums. Walking through lovely North Beach, the Italian part of San Francisco, gives the sense of being in Europe. A hill in this neighborhood also holds Coit Tower, with its signature city views. • Wells Fargo History Museum: In the financial district, the museum traces the timeline and activities of the frenzied Gold Rush era with artifacts shiny and rare.
Cost: FREE




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