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San Antonio, Texas is like taking a step through a space-time continuum and entering an earlier, simpler, wilder west. Except this wild west has luxury hotels, fine dining, and running water. The site of The Alamo, Texas' battle fort during its fight for independence from Mexico, SeaWorld and other attractions that will entice the entire family, San Antonio has masterly combined education and fun. Zoos, theme parks, and museums add even more of a family-friendly flare. If you do need a bit of an escape, San Antonio is also home to one of the top ranked golf courses and one of the top ranked spas in the country. A day in San Antonio isn't over until the sun starts coming up again; the nightlife is amped up by dance halls which feature everything from Latin to country-western dancing.

More than Just the Alamo

I was lucky enough to be visiting San Antonio during game 7 of the NBA Finals last year. The town had a special buzz that day, and I could definitely see that these fans were great supporters of their only professional sports team. The thing I was most impressed with is even though the team lost the people in the streets were still civil even though they were disappointed.

The geography of San Antonio is great because of the river that flows through the middle of it. It provides a great setting for having dinner by the river, or just a leisurely stroll while you shop till you drop. The night scene is great although the neighboring city of Austin beats it out by a tad.

The Alamo is obviously a must see attraction in San Antonio, but it is honestly a lot smaller than I imagined. I guess that just shows just how much bravery and courage, those Texans fought with in that historic battle.

If you are visiting San Antonio with your family the water park Schlitterbahn is a must visit as it is probably the best water park in the whole country. Even though you are bringing your kids, you might find yourself having even more fun than they are. It is THE best way to beat the Texas heat.
From the time you get off the plane and see San Antonio airport's blue mosaic wall tiling, you know you're someplace a little bit different. The highway is a little bit treacherous, and the drivers can be a bit rude - but hey! Who said roads made a city? Well, they kinda do here. Never in my life have I seen so many service roads and citizens ready to murder and eat my brains. The city is nice besides all of that however.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Explore the caverns, pan for jewels or leap off the Watchtower. Take the tour or explore on your own.
Cost: Tours start at $18.99 for adults and 10.99 for children 3-11. Watchtower jump is $8.95.
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Theme parks

Seaworld, Six Flags Amusement, San Antonio Zoo and more
Cost: Varies
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Free stuff

The Alamo, missions, River walk, live music, parks and gardens
Cost: Free!
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