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What do Audrey Hepburn and Caesar Augustus have in common? I'll give you a hint...I'm not referring to their trendsetting fashion sense. Both Audrey and Caesar recognized the wonder, beauty, and passion of a Roman holiday. There are a number of must-see tourist spots that you won't find anywhere else in the world like St. Peter's Basilica, the Colosseum, the Forum and the Pantheon. But there's a reason that they say to "do as the Romans do." Romans know that a great way to relax is to stop by a charming cafe for an espresso and Romans know that carbohydrates are not the enemy. Because there's no way that pasta and pizza that tastes THIS good could be anything other than your friend. And while the shopping in Rome may not be a friend to your bank account, it sure is a friend to your wardrobe. Via Borgognona is the lucky home to Prada, Valentino, Gucci, and Fendi. So while you may not find bargains in Rome, you will find quality. Finally, if you aren't convinced of the sheer beauty of a Roman vacation, some of the most famous art--sculptures, architecture, paintings, and mosaics is scattered throughout the city.
Photo Credit: De Agostini Picture Library
Photo Credit: Lora Petersen
Photo Credit: De Agostini Picture Library
Photo Credit: Vito Arcomano
Photo Credit: Vito Arcomano
Photo Credit: Lora Petersen
Photo Credit: Vito Arcomano
Photo Credit: Vito Arcomano
Photo Credit: Vito Arcomano

Roaming Around Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it can’t be toured in a day either. The city is a monstrous museum of epic proportion. If you’re finding that you will need more time to see it all, stand at the elegant Trevi Fountain and flip a coin over your shoulder and make the wish!

My second time around I spent double the amount of days as my first trip to enjoy the historic sites such as the Coliseum and the Pantheon, open air markets, and piazzas rich in color and flavors. Be sure to take a pit stop at an open-air café for a wood fire roasted artichoke, cappers, and smoky three cheese pizza.

One would be silly to miss out on a stroll across the cobblestones to visit the Sistine Chapel. Grab a map from your hotel or download one online and pop in and out of shops and museums dotted throughout the inner city walkways as the sun sets and the city illuminates in an orange hue. A picturesque Vatican City and all its allure is best enjoyed in the early morning or at sunset as the day winds to an end.

After the long day of weaving around the city, you’ll need to take a seat and people watch with a mouth watering dessert of thick Gelato or warm cappuccino. The nights are unbelievable as the city illuminates and the volume turns up a notch. Grab your buds and taste the night life, head out for a dance at the discos and sample the adult libations. There is something for everyone in the city of Rome.

Rome sweet Rome

Of all the capitals I’ve been to, Rome is one of my favourites.
It’s hard to describe why without falling into just listing the (touristic) highlights, because everything is beautiful, majestic and spectacular and there is so much of it. But honestly, Rome deserves more than that. So I am not going to list anything.

From the highway you can’t even see Rome. The city built on 7 hills is hidden like a treasure in the serene landscape and from this point nothing indicates the liveliness and energy of this radiant and fast paced city. Even drinking a coffee is fast: standing at the bar, no time to waste.

Rome awakes all your senses with its fabulous smells of the Italian Cuisine, its grand architecture, its colourful shops and cheerful noisiness. Rome surprises, there’s always something more stunning around the corner. Yes, Rome makes me smile. When I speak of Rome, I can almost feel the heat of the sizzling streets gently touching my cheeks. In my mind I see the brilliant images of the Piazza Navona and the Fontana di Trevi; names that can only be pronounced with a smile.

Wandering the streets of Rome makes me feel rich. The city keeps amazing and invites its visitors to soak up the grandeur of yester-year. Once, this was the home of the emperors and in many places you can actually feel the echoes of the past.

Whether you're looking for a stimulating sightseeing break or a luxurious holiday, Rome has it all. This city combines light-heartedness with grandeur, vivacity with history, luxury and abundance.

The Eternal City

If you like history, than I am sure you will enjoy staying in Rome. The ancient history is every where! There are old buildings and monuments in every corner. Be prepared to take lots of photos.

Another thing very good about Rome is the local cuisine. Pizza, pasta, ice screen are some of the foods that you have to eat. They are so delicious.

Here are some of the places you can visit: Coliseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Vatican City, etc

I left my heart in Rome

The first time I visited Rome I went for 3 weeks and, according to a dear friend from Rome, I had seen less than a third of what this amazing city had to offer! What? I didn't quite understand what he meant until years later I lived there and realized that Rome is just one of those cities in which you will always have something different to see. No matter how many times you visit, it is always different.

Everything I had studied and read about in text books came to live as I walked its streets. Everywhere you walk to there's a monument or landmark to visit, photograph, absorb, gaze; St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, the Castel Sant'Angelo, the myriad of fountains, the street cafes, restaurants, bars and the list goes on and on.

And as the title says, I left my heart in Rome ....where I hope it will be waiting for me to go back to...

One of the Best Europe has to Offer

Rome is a beautiful destination for any tourist. As it was once the center of the world it has incredible history and plenty of sights to see. The Vatican Museum is probably my favorite Museum in the world as it has thousands of sculptures and paintings. The beauty of Renaissance paintings especially the Sistine Chapel will leave you breathless.

Italians sure know the finer things in life, the architecture and food make this an excellent place to spend a honeymoon or anniversary, but that probably goes without saying. A nice dinner with some Italian wine, topped off with some gelato by the Piazza Navona could turn any guy into a Casanova.

There are a great number of sights to see in Rome by just stumbling upon them as you roam the city. (no pun intended) My advice though is while you are seeing these sights it is important to not get ripped off by anybody who might think you are a sucker. The price of food and attractions can vary greatly in Rome so it might be helpful to go off the beaten path when it comes to dining out.


for me Rome is the most beautiful town in the world!


for me Rome is the most beautiful town in the world!

Awesome Sightseeing

Rome has some of the best sightseeing; without even paying to get in to any museums, you can see so much! I highly recommend getting the Roma Pass if you're there for a short period of time (approx. 3 days). The atmosphere of Rome is awesome. The best part is just walking around taking it in!

Rome, history benith your feet

If you're the kind of person that is looking for an historical trip then go to Rome! Here you can find the most important archeological, historical and cultural sites of Europe and of all the world.
You can easily find accomodations and other kind of activities such as nigh tours, pubs and fine cousine or bus tours!
Walking on the most known city center will let you feel like the ancient Romans.
This was like stepping into a whole new world in my mind. The amazing architecture, the ancient paintings, the writings that had been preserved for so many years... it is incredible, like a fantasy land. I had seen everything in pictures, but it was a million times better!


The Vatican, or Holy See, is contained within the sovereign city-state of Vatican City. It is important to understand the difference between Vatican City and the Holy See, which is technically the seat of the Bishop of Rome, more commonly referred to as the Pope.
Cost: Mostly Free
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The Roman Colosseum is a tremendous amphitheater, the embodiment of both the grandeur and cruelty of the great Roman Empire. Seating 50,000 spectators, the Colosseum hosted gladiator exhibitions, fights between animals, prisoner executions and even naval battles.
Cost: Standard ticket 18 Euros and is good for 2 days and includes admission to the Palatine Hill and Museum and the Roman Forum
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Museums in Rome provide both residents and visitors alike with unparalleled experiences in art, history, and archaeology.
Cost: BIGLIETTO 4 MUSEI-4 museum package-good for 3 days for 6.50 Euros
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