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Close your eyes. Imagine wiggling your toes in soft, sun-warmed white sand. Look through your over-sized sunglasses across the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, then shift your view to the vibrantly forested mountains just beyond the towering cosmopolitan skyscrapers encasing this heavenly beach. And finally look upward to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. You, my friend, are in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You can pack your Rio vacation with fascinating, unique, Rio de Janeiro original sites and activities or sink yourself into the soft sand and spend your time soaking up the sun on the pristine beaches. And in the evenings, you can party like a Brazilian. Even if you aren't lucky enough to be in Rio during Carnival, a celebration that makes every other party you've ever been to look like a fourth grade slumber party, the nightlife in Rio is, likewise, unlike anything you've ever experienced anywhere else. Culture, beauty, passion, and relaxation await you in Rio.
Photo Credit: Amazing Things in the World
Photo Credit: Amazing Things in the World
Photo Credit: Amazing Things in the World
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Eu amo o Rio de Janeiro!

I spent my youth in Rio, the most happy and colorful city in the world! Cariocas (people who were born in Rio) are positive and joyful, easy-going and friendly! Rio's athmosphere is really great!

The wonderful City

Rio is located in southeast of Brazil, which is the richest and the most dynamic region in the entire country.

Rio is also known as the post-card of Brazil due to its beautiful nature composed by mountains, beaches, forests and beautiful women. The intense cultural events provide an exceptional variety of entertainment to the local population and also to the tourists.

Do you like music? There is Bossa Nova! Do you like dancing? There is Samba! Do you like sports? There is soccer!

Rio has everything you need to have a lot of fun!

One of the best cities in the world!

Rio is an amazing city!! You can find beautiful beaches, practice a lot of sports, enjoy the nightlife with a huge options of dance clubs, bars or eating in delicious restaurants. You also can find a wide roll of cultural activities like going to concerts, tradicional places like Lapa, few museums and pacified "favelas".

You must go to some classical places like Cristo Redentor, Sugarloaf cable car and the famous beach with a lot of "girls from Ipanema"!

As every big city in the world, you can find everything you want, for all size of budgets and preferences.

New York City meets Miami in South America

If NYC and Miami were to have a love child then Rio de Janeiro would be it. Mash up the electricity of the NYC streets with Miami's beach vibe, sprinkle a handful of jaw dropping mountains along the coast line, toss in some cultural flair, and you have Rio! Visitors must swing by the bustling Lapa district on a Friday evening to experience the definition of nightlife.


One of the most popular holiday destinations in the world , the city of Rio de Janeiro , as well as lavish charm and friendliness hides delightful curiosities worth the conference , especially for those who want to know more about the wonderful city :

Rio de Janeiro
- The city is located in the southeastern region of Brazil , the richest and most dynamic in the country , home to the largest consumer market in Latin America . The Rio de Janeiro is considered the postcard of Brazil , having an engaging charm , different types of climates and scenery.
- The coastal state has the length of 636km and is an incomparable beauty , providing the realization of water sports as well as various leisure activities by the sea and the beaches and tropical islands of Angra dos Reis , the beauty of Paraty, the dunes in Cabo Frio , tourism resort in Arraial do Cabo , among others .
- The consultancy Euromonitor International reported in January 2010 that Rio de Janeiro is the main tourist destination in the Southern Hemisphere " Top City Destinations " ( list of 100 counties that received more foreign tourists ) the city appears in 40th place ahead Berlin , Tokyo, Athens, among others .
- The city of Rio de Janeiro was voted ' Happiest City in the World " by Forbes Magazine in 2009 .

City Happier World
- Rio de Janeiro is not always occupied status wonderful city , has long been considered a shy, small town , only with the arrival of the royal family in 1808 who gained recognition as metropolis.
- The Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil from 1763 to 1960 , lost this status in 1961 with the construction of Brasília .
- In August 2004 the wonderful Rio de Janeiro won a deserved tribute of 200 million kilometers away on Mars . The NASA scientist , Paul Souza made ​​sure to baptize one Martian rock of Sugarloaf.
- The Monument of Christ the Redeemer was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World in July 2007 .

Christ the Redeemer
- The Sugar Loaf is a monolith ( single rock ) and 395 meters high formed more than 610 million years .
- Archipelago : In Guanabara Bay there are about 100 islands . Among the most famous are Paqueta and Governor's Island .

Guanabara Bay
- The city was voted the best destination in South America second competition of the World Travel Awards 2009 . Ipanema got the title " The best beach in the continent."
- The site AskMen which has about 5 million readers Copacabana elected as the most beautiful beach in the world .
- A survey prepared by site " The Blue Sky Explorer " chose among 19 competitors on six continents , the sky of Rio de Janeiro as the bluest sky in the world according to the criteria of the NPL - The National Physical Laboratory .
- Copacabana means " lookout Blue " in Quechua . In Bolivia there is a town with the same name .

Copacabana Beach
- Undoubtedly , the Rio de Janeiro is the main tourist destination in the Southern Hemisphere .


Everything you can imagine!

Rio is just amazing. Watching tv shows, movies and documentaries, you get an idea of how Rio and Brazil is. Once you get there, you realize that EVERYTHING is TRUE and even greater.

I've visited the Christ, Sugarloaf, Ipanema, Copacabana and, the greatest Disco Ever, Barra Music. This is the best place to party and learn about other cultures. It was all part of the 6th World Youth congress so we stayed and the Rain Forrest camping (no 5 star hotels) and I will not change anything from that experience.

I am definitively going back.

Rio Maravilha

This is a great place to go.
It will good for every kind of person, because there's everything to do! Beautiful beaches, very good waves for surfing, the best visual, a God thanks sunset, and the night is crazy, with all kind of music.
Very good place for skate and longboard skating to.

Christ the Redeemer

The statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado was a gift to the city from France. It stands 100 ft (30 m) and has a chapel at the base of the statue that can hold 150 people. The statue can be seen from many of Rio's neighborhoods.
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Ipanema Beach

No discussion of tropical beaches in Brazil is complete without legendary Ipanema Beach in all its elegant and glamorous glory.
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Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the most enduring Rio de Janeiro images. Forged by Mother Nature some 600 million years ago, this granite and quartz mountain rises high above Rio with cable cars providing access to the top.
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