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If Santa and his elves are any indication, the coolest people hang out up north. And you can't get more north than Reykjavik, Iceland. It is, in fact, the world's northernmost capital and is Iceland's cultural hub. With a trendsetting art and music scene and an extravagant nightlife, you'll be shocked by the cosmopolitan and thrilling lifestyle of the Icelandic people. And in Reykjavik, shoppers will hear the single greatest words in the shopper's dictionary--tax free! But Reykjavik is family-friendly, too. It has a variety of activities for kids of all ages--outdoor pools (don't worry, they're heated!), museums, hikes, and activities involving Iceland's Viking tradition.
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism
Photo Credit: Iceland Tourism

A Land of Lost Reality

Iceland is a dreamscape, a land of changing scenery, a place where you can imagine fantastical beasts, woodland creatures and abominable snowmen. We landed in Reykjavik but didn't get a chance to explore the city until the end of our journey; renting a car we hit the road to travel around the entire island along what they call the "ring road". Around every corner we came across a new adventure whether it was a shooting geyser, a glacier, or a roadside rushing waterfall. Every few miles it felt like the landscape was changing from dark black mountains of volcanic ash, to miles of white glaciers, moss green covered rocks that looked like marshmallows you could jump sky-high on, or a barren cold desert that stretched to the horizon.

Along the road we camped where we could, stayed in hostels and tried our hardest to see a live puffin, sadly that did not happen - but gives us reason to head back for another visit. The people were really friendly, a big bear of a man even opened up his closed camping lodge to give us a warm place to stay the night. On our last day of our visit, we ended it right by splurging on the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa where we enjoyed the relaxing mineral rich waters.

When we got back to Reykjavik it was like finding a small town in a big city. With great food, good music and outdoor adventure offerings its a place made for people with all tastes. A country, a city you need to visit.

Beautiful and unique city

Reykjavik is a perfect mix of a vibrant city in a "small town" environment. The local music scene is incredible, with no shortage of unique bands and creativity. Style here varies between "hipster" and "European chic" and everyone seems to be friendly and welcoming to tourists. Most people you meet are likely musicians or artists in their spare time, so there is no shortage of interesting things to see and do here. If you want to get out of the city and explore nature, there are too many options to consider. Hiking is incredible around the country, and in a short drive you can visit glaciers, volcanoes, or whale-watching tours. It is an incredible island, with a magical culture that should not just be seen in a long layover to Europe.

Reykjavik and the real nature!

Reykjiavik is the best place where to start your trips around a super-interesting country. Both if you want to follow your own path or if you want to go with organized trips.
The Icelandic capital is an incredibly interesting city where you can find a lot of pubs or bars and the town center is really characteristic with a modern and beautiful church.
Close to he city you can find the best SPA that you will ever see in your life: the blue lagoon, a natural termal site open to the public with a lot of swimming pool where to relax.
Approximately 50Km east you can see Geyser and Stokkur, the most famous geysers in the world, in the track of the ring road where you can find many others interesting natural sites.
Easy to find where to sleep and where to eat something tasty!

A land of gnomes, trolls and fermented shark

Imagine how happy I was that the landscapes evoked by Sigur Ros in their videos and music wasn't a stretch of imagination. This country is absolutely dream-like! The air is crisp and quiet, and the landscape seems timeless, as if the chaos and confusion of the rest of the world is illusory and fleeting.

My girlfriend and I stayed at the KEX hostel in Reykjavik. The location of this hostel is perfect, and the vibe of the place is really cool, really laid back. The central room has huge windows overlooking the bay, a perfect place to drink coffee and have breakfast. It converts into a full fledged restaurant and bar at night, where the locals actually like to come and wine and dine. A very fashionable, hip crowd comes in, and we got to enjoy a really stellar jazz band one night.

The city of Reykjavik is extremely tiny; we covered it's central metropolitan area in under two hours, stopping to take pictures and such. But getting out of the city, well... that's where the real fun begins. We rented a car and circumvented the "Golden Triangle," which is a series of interconnecting roads which bring you to several major tourist sites, including the Geysir geyser and the beautiful Haifoss and Gulfoss.

I also highly recommend going white water rafting. We went with an amazing company called Arctic Adventures, which included cliff jumping in addition to some awesome rafting. They take you out in a big ol' school bus, and when the trip is done (during which several people were knocked off the boat from the rapids,) they treat you to a nice home cooked dinner at their lodge, complete with draft beer.

At the end of our road trip through the Golden Triangle, we stayed at the HI hostel in Vik, which is renowned for its black sand beaches. The area around the small town deserves some exploration, as there are beautiful basalt column formations right on the ocean. But be careful, as though they may appear to look rock-climber friendly, the rocks are very sensitive, and will give way under a normal person's weight. I also climbed high into the mountains, as I was pretty sure I could see the island where Sigur Ros shot the epic finale for their music video "Glosoli." Vik is a beautiful little town, and is directly beneath the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, which looms like a brutal storm so close to the crisp, albeit hospitable coastal climate. Iceland is a land of extreme juxtaposition, and is well worth the trip.

Blue Lagoon

A unique geothermal spa in a lava field south of Reykjavik. The geothermal seawater is fed directly from deep wells, and the water stays warm and inviting year round at 100 -110 degrees F.
Cost: Transportation and spa from $55
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Whale Watching

A very popular activity! Adventurous travelers can even sign up for special whale watching safaris offering to let you swim with the whales!
Cost: From 48 Euros
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South Iceland at Leisure

See the main attractions in the South, the National Park, the famous Great Geyser area with numerous hot springs and geysers, the waterfall Gullfoss, the South shore, the waterfalls, the glacier and beautiful black beaches and at the end of the tour visit the famous Blue Lagoon.
Cost: From 312 Euros
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