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There is a time for spontaneity. But let's be honest. Sometimes we need a bit of research to help us make big decisions. It's okay. Puerto Vallarta won't judge you. In fact, they'll give you all the research you could possibly need. Puerto Vallarta has been voted the friendliest city in the world, the best place to retire globally, and the best Mexican vacation destination (beating the world famous Cancun and Los Cabos). This Mexican Riviera town offers more than just warm sand and sparkling beaches. It offers lush mountainsides; traditional plazas; a vibrant arts scene; romance. Whether you're looking to get married, honeymoon, or simply celebrate love, Puerto Vallarta is a fairytale nestled in the Sierra Madres.
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM Ricardo Espinosa
Photo Credit: CPTM
Photo Credit: Sean Thorndike
Photo Credit: Frank Conway
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    Real Vallarta

    My mother and her family is from Puerto Vallarta, so luckily for me I've been going to this gem since I was literally a baby. I can say that P.V. is an amazing beautiful oasis with lots to offer!
    I've grown up going almost once a year. There is definitely a lot of children activity, fairs, the beach, waterparks.
    The nightlife is fun, you definitely have a bar or club to go to here!
    I've traveled P.V. pretty much my whole life and I know a different side from the tourists. The people here are friendly and extremely nice, the food to die for you can literally walk outside someone's home and that is their little business with the best tacos in town! There is a lot tourists can do as well! from water activities to something deep down in the forest! The rivers are nice and fresh and the beach is a relaxing oasis with warm waters! *Fun Fact: Predator was filmed here*
    I would say there is a little bit of everything here. A bit of paradise. Also a lot of retired people live here.
    I would highly suggest you go to P.V. it has the fun nightlife of Cancun but still has its culture in tact if you decide to explore you will love it here!

    More Than The Sea

    Puerto Vallarta can offer activities for everyone. There are all-inclusive, on-beach properties, private villas in town, plus ti is a cruise ship stop. However you visit, you can get what you want out of this town.

    Activities to try include an ATV ride to a Tequila factory to learn about how the local liqueur is made, scuba and snorkeling, plus just lazing away on the beach. I admit, I have tried them all and found them all just as inviting. For nature lovers you can tour the local fauna and some hotels have a problem that allows you to help set baby sea turtles free into the ocean. As the day wraps up, take a moment to watch the sunset over the ocean. Very romantic!

    If you are an early eater (or believe one always has room for two dinners) try Barcelona Tapas in town. Not local food but very good. There are only about 20 seats in the whole place so arriving as soon as they open should get you a seat.

    Tip: Some hotels on the beach allow local boat owners to come right up to swimmers and offer rides to groups for the day.

    Discover Puerto Vallarta

    My partner and I stayed in Puerto Vallarta's Old Town, an idyllic spot with tree-shaded cobblestone streets and quaint coffee shops. This area was also within walking distance to Playa los Muertos, one of the more popular beaches in Puerto Vallarta, and was in the vicinity of many fantastic eateries. We appreciated the laid-back charm of the Old Town, but had no trouble catching local buses to other Puerto Vallarta destinations.

    We easily filled our days in Puerto Vallarta as there was something to satisfy any traveling personality. Our adventuresome spirits were satiated during a snorkeling trip to Los Arcos and a zip-line canopy tour through the jungle. Many afternoons were spent meandering along the Malecón, a great stretch of walkway featuring endless restaurants, nightclubs, and street performers. In the evenings, after savoring majestic sunsets and homemade tamales from local vendors, we simply enjoyed people watching and sitting by the warm waters of Bahía de Banderas.


    Botanical Gardens

    Take in the 3,000 different types of plants and view of the Sierra Madre Mountains at the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens.
    Cost: From $4
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    Go Fishing

    Warm weather and very little rain, the weather is practically perfect for a day out on the water doing battle with Marlin, Tuna, and other large (and tasty) deep water fish!
    Cost: Varies
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    WIth good weather all but guaranteed, your tee time isn't likely to get rained on, And you can play on Jack Nicolaus designed courses like Vista Vallarta!
    Cost: Varies
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