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Quite frankly, nothing can prepare you for how shockingly beautiful the land and architecture are in this country. The Czech Republic is one of the most highly concentrated countries, jam packed with interesting cities. With some cities founded during the Middle Ages, Czech Republic has 12 sites recognized on the World Heritage List, more than any other country in the world. Tour some of the 2,000+ preserved castles or one of the famous religious monuments. With an shocking number of galleries, museums, and theaters, Czech Republic is as multifaceted a country as they come.

Symbol of Elegance and Culture

If you want to have a concrete idea of how a modern time can live together with the past, that's Prague.
This City is a melting pot of various architectural styles from art nuveau, to baroc, cubism, gotic, neoclassicism, new modern one and each corner, each existing building can prove it. You are absorbed by all its beauty and its own empirial existance.
Here you can feel a romantic atmosphere involving Theaters, Music Halls,Café, Bistrot, Restaurant mainly in the typical and peculiar Malà Strana area from one side and a nostalgic recall shown into the faces of old local people from the other side. Kafka expresses these conflicts and contrasts in his own works and you can not avoid to visit his own home and his museum to better understand the developments and changes of the City.
Everything is done with elegance as confirmed by the famous "women of prague" sold in some shops and decorated with beautiful and feminin dresses. Prague: the right place to have a break from our own daily life, to coddle and be coddled even with tasteful food and a delicious glass of local bier.

Nobody dislikes this place.

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who have traveled to Prague. I have never known anyone who dislikes the city. It is large, the buildings are grand and ornate, the plazas are active and fully stocked with restaurants and museums; it is truly a fully encompassing city. The city was never destroyed in the World Wars so it has maintained its striking architectural culture and it is very unique.

In addition to this, they have a museum for everything, ranging from history to music to S & M play. It's a pretty interesting collection. One thing to be AWARE of, however, is that the Czech crown has a pretty impressive exchange rate to most other currencies. You will usually get a lot of crowns for one piece of another currency. Do not let that think you can live like a king in Prague. The prices of their food and activities are hiked up to account for their low exchange rate. As a result, you will most likely be paying around the same for any food activities in Prague, as you would in any other European city.

It's not a big deal, just don't go throwing around your crowns unless you really want to. In the old portion of town look for Bagel shops, they're amazing and cannot be beat.

The pearl of east

With architecture quite unlike anywhere else on earth, Prague is beautiful enough to look at from the ground – one of the best things to do in Prague is a jaunt through the Old Town (Stare Mesto). I think this is the reason why Prague is called the pearl of east. You can also enjoy its extensive nightlife.

The culture in Prague is very disseminated. In every corner you will find information about concerts being performed in several places in the city.

In the train station, in the shops and on the streets is easy to find someone who speaks English, so I did not have any communication issues during my staying in Prague.

Here are some places I suggest you to go: The Church Lady Beforety, the St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Powder Tower, the Astronomical clock, the Old Town Bridge Tower, the The Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle and the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Unforgetable experience

While visiting Prague I felt like I was back in time. The cobbled stone streets just added to this effect. I walked everywhere and tried to visit as much as possible. There is so much to see! Prague Castle and within it St. Vitus Cathedral - an extraordinary Gothic piece of architecture - where I was able to also enjoy Organ playing!! Charles Bridge where you can see an amazing gentleman playing all types of music on crystal looking glasses. Old Town (where the Astronomical Clock is), Mala Strana, New Town, Jewish Town.

If you enjoy the nightlife there are many different places to visit.

I strongly recommend a day visit to Karlovy Vary - the Spa haven in the Czech Republic. The tour I rode in took about 2 and 1/2 hours as we stopped along the way in a few towns.

Strange and beautiful city

Going to Prague its an adventure. It looks like you are in the past. The architecture, the arts, the strange peolple around... you have to be careful sometimes but i think its a very nice place to go, full of things to see, full of bars and people.The great old bridges and the Hradcany castle, the vlatava river, the kafka influence and the wonderful astronomical clock and at night some places become very interesting and very diferent... You gotta go
João Paulo

Beautiful and Bustling

I absolutely loved my time in Prague - breathtaking views, fairly easy to get around, the locals were friendly. If I remember correctly, things were pretty affordable too. The nightlife is also really fun. Awesome city!


Being robbed on my first day. Really expensive places around town. Strange people everywhere. Dirty city.
I'm sorry but just DON'T.

Stunning Architecture and Full of History

I went to Prague in June 2013. Although it rained for almost the entire trip, even the bleak weather couldn't dampen the beauty of this city. It is often referred to as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and I couldn't agree more. It's mainly because of the very old and preserved architecture including the Prague Castle, St. Nicholas Church and the Charles Bridge.

One of the best things about Prague is that the food and drink are so cheap! You can go out for a really nice dinner at around $10 per entree and glasses of beer and wine at a bar run for about $1 each (yeah, really..). I also highly recommend going on the World War 2 Tour. The tour guide was so informative, not only about World War 2 History, but history in Prague in general.


Whether you want to feel the hustle and bustle of a busy city or take a step back in time, Prague is the place for you! When you walk through the old town you truly feel as though you have stepped back in time. The old town square is filled with little shops and delicious restaurants, something for everyone. I really enjoyed all the street performers.
One thing to keep in mind, the people are some of the most welcoming. I found that wherever you went people were kind and a lot of people spoke English. Definitely somewhere I’d love to re visit. I fell in love with the atmosphere, the people, and the food!
A trip to Prague is like traveling back in time. The architecture and museums are amazing, and there are some fun second-hand stores. Beware of the gypsies, however!

Festivals and Events

Witches to poets, beer to potent wine: there's an event for every taste
Cost: Free & Up
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Museums & Attractions

View a side of Prague many miss. Old world culture meets modern art. Aquariums, beaches and zoos.
Cost: Varies
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For a different experience visit the black light emporia along with comedy, dance and other specialties.
Cost: Varies
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Prague Zoo

The zoo spans 111 acres and houses over 4,000 animals of 670 species from all around the world.




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