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Portland is a little like a delicious crock pot meal. You’re not quite sure what goes into it, all you know is that it tastes fantastic. It’s eccentric. It’s mellow. It’s trendy. It’s vintage. It’s a little bit of everything. While it’s surrounded by inspirational natural beauties, most of the noteworthy shopping, restaurants and activities are nestled together within walking distance. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but you’ll leave your friends simply with envy when they see the quirky and original new and vintage items that you’ll find on the streets of Portland. And if you’re the kind of person who’ll travel somewhere purely for the food, you will not be let down in Portland. The seafood is so off-the-boat-fresh that it’ll make you wonder if you’ve ever actually eaten seafood before. While numerous museums and free activities make Portland rather family friendly, the nightlife and rich home brews keep adults happy, as well.
Photo Credit: Travel Portland
Photo Credit: Travel Portland
Photo Credit: Travel Portland
Photo Credit: Travel Portland
Photo Credit: Travel Portland Torsten Kjellstrand
Photo Credit: Travel Portland
Photo Credit: Travel Portland
Photo Credit: Travel Portland
Photo Credit: Travel Portland Torsten Kjellstrand
Photo Credit: Oregon Zoo Michael Durham
Photo Credit: Travel Portland
Photo Credit: Travel Portland
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Photo Credit: Travel Portland Rob Finch
Photo Credit: Travel Portland
Photo Credit: Travel Portland Rob Finch
Photo Credit: Travel Portland

Food and Drink Paradise

Portland has a small city feel with some larger city amenities like variety of hotels, city tram, interesting restaurants and unique sight-seeing options. Even if you don't stay at The Nines hotel, take a moment to look around at the fun decorations and public spaces.

After seeing in the waterfalls, picturesque scenery and the Rose Test Garden, take a moment to relax at the Lan Su Chinese Garden. It has a serene quality with several rooms designed in an Asian style.

When it comes time for dinner make reservations at Andina a Peruvian restaurant in the Pearl District. It was started by family with roots in South America. Every dish is made with love (and some spice!).

Of course you cannot leave without sampling some Voodoo Donuts and local beer. Not necessarily together....

Everyday an Adventure!

I live 20 minutes from Portland, and go there quite often. You would think by now, I am so used to the city that it's lost it's thrill. Incorrect. Every time I head across the river I find new hole in the wall pizza, tea, or nic-nak shops and I never cease to be amazed by all the local breweries, great concerts & shows going on, or how much they love to recycle! The unique culture of Portland is one for the record books! After all the slogan of the city is "Keep Portland Weird."

If you're not into the "off the beaten path"scene quite as much, the Pearl District in Portland is the place to be! Wonderful up-scale bars, coffee shops, shopping & fine dining to be found there.

The Dream Of The 90s Is Alive In Portland...

Okay, so if I don't move to San Francisco, I would move to Portland! It has the same vibe as San Fran, but less of a 'hustle and bustle' energy that you get from a big city. Portland is super chill. There is plenty of shopping, tons of restaurants, and an active night life. Be sure to check out Powell's book store (where I discovered a new David Sedaris that I didn't know existed! Score!), and be sure to plan a trip to Alberta Street for THEE BEST breakfast you will ever have in your life!

Kinda like Portlandia!

Portland houses a quirky, friendly bunch, and is one of the top green/vegan/vegetarian cities! We're not all like our Portlandia counterparts but we do have our moments!
Visit Powell's city of books, a city block devoted to books! Then head on over to the Saturday Market where you buy some amazing clothes, jewelry, artisan chocolate and baked goods, get a cool henna tattoo, and receive a free hug or two! When you start to get hungry make your way over to Voodoo Doughnuts where you will be in doughnut heaven! Try a Bacon Maple, Captain My Captain, Voodoo Doll, Diablos Rex, Miami Vice Berry, or just a plain ol' doughnut!
Visit the Oregon Zoo, Rose Garden, or Children's Museum.
If you have a love of the out doors head over to Multnomah falls and hike to the top, or go wind surfing on the Columbia river below!
You can't go wrong with a vacation to Portland!
Portland is a big little city with easy access to the outdoors. Experience the city and all things local - local art (Pearl District), local organic food (many many restaurants and farmer's markets, local music (multiple venues - find live music any night of the week), and local microbreweries. After a few days exploring the city by bike (most streets have dedicated bike trails) or by public transportation (downtown is fareless), visit the Oregon coast (an hour west of Portland), Mt Hood (an hour east of Portland), or hike or fish the Columbia River gorge (Multnomah Falls is 45 minutes east of downtown.) The city itself is full of parks and trails for hiking, walking, and running. Portland is not to be missed.
There's a lot more culture in Portland than people may think. From art to music to food, there's plenty for everyone, even for those who aren't into those types of things. The mountains are an hour away, the ocean is an hour away and in between, there is forest, rivers and lakes.
Fantastic scenery, close to the mountain and beaches, great shopping, NO sales tax, terrific food scene. Portland has everything! Not to mention all the microbreweries, independent coffee sellers, food trucks and year long schedule of festivals. It''s the best!
I went to Portland in the summer. Hiking and camping around the area is amazing. The people are pretty laid back and friendly. There are weekend markets to visit filled with glass work, jewelry, and clothing; all by local artists. And if you like beer....well Portland is called "Beervana". Brewfests seem to be everywhere. Enjoy!
Mountains, waterfalls, hiking, biking, nightlife, and a romantic getaway for nature loving couples. Oh and the beaches are wonderful for everything except swimming. The water is freezing year round.
Portland Oregon
Portland, Oregon is a great city located in the Pacific Northwest where you can experience a combination of city life and outdoors experiences. It offers a wide variety of malls, and boutiques. If you have an appreciation for the arts, Portland offers art in many forms all over the city: galleries, museums, theaters, concert halls etc. Portland also offers great variety of resta


Gardens, Museums, Zoos, Mansions...there is something for everyone
Cost: Free & Up
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Day trips

No trip to Portland is complete until you get out of town and explore the rich natural beauty surrounding the city in every direction
Cost: Car and Gas
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Brew 'n View Movie Theaters, upscale bowling, Karaoke and even an adult spelling bee among many activities.
Cost: Varies
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