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Phuket, Thailand perfectly combines the diverse and fascinating charm of Asia with the inviting and dazzling scenery of this tropical beach destination. It's everything you could want from a beach vacation with the added bonus of a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience. Your beach vacation will be complete with gorgeous diving opportunities, world-class golfing, cruises, and hikes through tropical forests. And what beach vacation would be complete without a roaring nightlife? Go- go bars, cabarets, discos, and live music keep you hopping until all hours of the night. But Phuket is also extremely family-friendly. Not only is there a wide array of activities (that is, if your child wants to do anything besides play on the white sandy beaches), but Phuket has a reputation for being an extremely safe place for children, as the Indonesians tend to be rather protective of all children they come across.
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    more than just pretty beaches

    Phuket is one of the most touristic places in Thailand, and with that comes a wide range of activities, crowds, hotels and resorts, experiences and challenges. When I visited I decided not to stay at a resort, which to me sounded like entering a bubble where I wouldn't experience the true spirit of the area. I wasn't there to rest and lounge, I was there to explore! I got a hotel in one of the smaller beach towns and from there I explored the area finding amazing sites and beaches, wonderful food locales not typically rendered for tourists, very friendly Thais and some interesting shopping opportunities. If you want a resort experience you can find amazing ones here, but I highly recommend you get out and see the real life outside !

    Not just for 007

    When you have a beautiful modern private villa with its own pool minutes away from the ocean on one of the most gorgeous islands of Thailand, what is there to complain about... nothing. Phuket was everything I could have hoped it would be. We lounged in beach chairs taking naps by the water as we listened to the waves gently lapping at the shore. We ate our first meal on the island at the "White Box restaurant" which had excellent food with a location right on the beach, highly recommend checking it out if you are looking to splurge a little on a good meal.

    With the freedom of a car on the island we were able to get away from some of the tourist beaches and found a mostly deserted stretch (Hat Mai Kho) with picturesque views where we watched as a local used a net basket to catch crabs right on the shore. One of our days on the island we took a trip out to Phang Nga Bay with "Sea Cave Canoe Tour", who took very good care of us and expertly guided us on tours through the bright blue waters, finding uninhabited islands filled with monkeys waiting for tourists to feed them bananas, navigating through the dark bat caves and coves that then open up to lush green landscapes. We even got some shots in front of what locals refer to as James Bond II, a small but tall landmass that is famous for its scenes in a James Bond movie. We jumped off the boats into the warm waters, took tons of photos, was fed a tasty lunch and then dropped off safe and sound at our villa.

    Phuket town itself is quaint, a great stop to do some shopping with its cobblestone streets, a town an artistic vibe and a relaxed culture. A good place to find a small bar to have a few drinks in or a tasty meal with some friends.

    If your looking for a location with amenities, beauty, and a laid back attitude - and lets face, who isn't? Then Phuket is the ideal travel destination for you. I smile just thinking about it.
    Phuket has a lot more to offer its visitors than its natural heritage of sea, sand, sky beach, forest, and world renowned diving sites. The people at there are hospitality has never failed to impress visitors. We will come back again when we have a chance.


    Phuket has a huge range of tours from coach trips to private excursions stopping at places like national parks, temples and areas of interest.
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    Land Activities

    Many think the island is only beaches and jungle, but there is so much more like bungee jumping, rock climbing and go-karts just to name a few great activities.
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    Water Activities

    Sea kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, wake boarding and sailing will keep you wet and happy!
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    Ko Tapu in Phang Nga Bay

    Phang Nga Bay is a bay between Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi known for its limestone rock formations. Most visitors explore the area in a one-day tour, but some larger islands have accommodation available.




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