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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is quite an enigma. It's the city of brotherly love, but it's also Rocky Balboa's tough battleground. It's practically a walking history book set amongst both a shockingly vibrant tree-filled backdrop and a gritty, skyscraper-filled metropolitan. The beauty of it all is that Philadelphia can be whatever kind of vacation you want it to be. Don't be scared away because you remember drooling into your books during history class. Learning about history in Philadelphia is like sitting in on a lecture from that cool professor in a 1980s comedy, you know the one who raps his lectures. See the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Valley Forge for yourself instead of just in pictures. Brazen, in your face, and a just a titch sassy, even Philadelphia's museums are places like the Please Touch Museum, where kids are not only allowed to, but encouraged to touch everything in sight. The food, especially cheese steaks and water ice, is unique and can't quite be duplicated anywhere else, although plenty try. Your vacation to Philly will not only leave you with memories, it'll leave you with an entirely different attitude.
Photo Credit: Sam LeVan
Photo Credit: Mike Munchel
Photo Credit: Sam LeVan
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Photo Credit: Sam LeVan
Photo Credit: Sam LeVan
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Photo Credit: Sam LeVan

One of my Favorite American Cities

Philadelphia might get a little bit lost in the shuffle when it comes to visiting the East Coast, because of Boston, New York and DC but this city should not be overlooked. The city is very international as it has flags of variety of countries hanging up around town. There is historical sights all around you as it probably had one of the most central roles in early American history.

If I had to recommend three things that are a must in Philly. (Although they are all touristy)

1.) Visit Independence Hall
2.) Run up the Rocky Steps
3.) Last but most the most important, DEVOUR A PHILLY CHEESESTEAK

AMAZING CITY!!! I'll return next year!

I've been here for 1 month and it was one of the cities with most things to do and places to go!!! Definitely a city you have to go to know the american roots of United States of America (most of the foundations of USA happened HERE).
From a happy peruvian tourist :)
Fabio Sergio
Car was broken into outside of the Franklin Institute and everything stolen.
Worse was replacing retainers at the orthodontist. LOTS of people watched and did NOTHING.
Philadelphia has to be one of my favorite locations on Earth. I'm lucky enough to live nearby. There's so much culture, so much to do, so many diverse locations of the city to enjoy. I recommend checking out some of the museums, and if you can, stop by South Street. Chinatown is fun to explore as well.
Great vacation.
Loved walking through the city.

The Liberty Bell

First ordered in 1751 for the State house, the Liberty Bell has always been a symbol for freedom. In the late 1800s, the bell traveled around the county to fairs and expositions in an effort to heal the wounds of the Civil War. In 1915, the bell came home to Philadelphia, where it now silently reminds us of the blessings of liberty.
Cost: Free
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The Philadelphia Art Museum

Whether you are into Renaissance master pieces, Art Deco or works by the celebrated late nineteenth-century French sculptor Auguste Rodin, The Philadelphia Art Museum has something for everyone. Don't forget to take the time to jog up those famous "Rocky" stairs!
Cost: "Main Building, Includes Perelman Building-Members: Free at all times,Adults $16, Seniors (65+) $14, Students (with ID) $12, Children (excluding groups) 13–18 $12, 12 & under Free

Longwood Gardens

Often referred to as the world's premier horticultural showplace, Longwood Gardens is comprised of 1,077 acres of natural woodlands, beautiful gardens, conservatories and dancing fountains. You will experience 11,000 different types of plants and a variety of beautiful trees. If you have children, you won't want to miss the children's gardens where you will find 11 fountains offering relief from the heat on a hot summer day. Christmas is a special time to visit Longwood Gardens with carillon concerts, poinsettias and thousands of white lights. If you visit in the summer, you might be lucky enough to catch a summer concert, a lighted fountain show or maybe even fireworks.
Cost: Adults: $18 Seniors:(62+) $15 Students( 5-18): $8 Children (under 4): free"
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Philadelphia Zoo

Claiming to be "America's First Zoo" and home to more than 1,300 rare and endangered animals, the Philadelphia Zoo is a 42 acre Victoria garden with a habitat highlights including the Rare Animal Conservation Center, the PECO Primate Reserve with Western lowland gorillas, the First Niagara Big Cat Falls and the McNeil Avian Center.




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