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Travelers should only visit Paris if they're prepared for romance, history, and rather jealous friends back home. Whether you're walking hand in hand down the Champs-Elysees with someone you love, racing a friend up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower, taking an enchanting boat ride with your family, or treating yourself to pastries at a charming little Parisian cafe, Paris is one of the most memorable cities anyone can hope to visit in their lifetime. The Louvre, The Notre Dame Cathedral and Tuilleries Gardens are all waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Additionally, the operas, ballets, and shopping are among the best in the world. Speaking some French can make the trip a little smoother, but Parisians are used to millions of tourists, so it's definitely not a requirement.
Photo Credit: Atout France Michel Angot
Photo Credit: Amazing Things in the World
Photo Credit: Atout France Michel Angot
Photo Credit: Atout France Benoit Roland
Photo Credit: Atout France Flavien Prioreau
Photo Credit: Atout France Franck Charel
Photo Credit: Atout France Moulin Rouge
Photo Credit: Atout France Fabian Charaffi
Photo Credit: Atout France Jean Francois Tripelon Jarry
Photo Credit: Atout France Michel Angot
Photo Credit: Atout France Fabian Charaffi
Photo Credit: Atout France Maurice Subervie
Photo Credit: Katie Miller
Photo Credit: Atout France Nathalie Baetens
Photo Credit: Katie Miller
Photo Credit: Amazing Things in the World
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    Perfect for food, fun, and relaxing

    What's not to love - fresh bread, cheap wine, and beautiful architecture. I went with my best friend and we visited all of the tourist spots - Notre Dame, the Love Lock bridge, Shakespeare and Co bookstore (my all-time favorite), Angelina's for dessert, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and we stayed at a hostel near Moulin Rouge. It's a great city for wandering the streets, stopping for a quick glass of wine, people-watching, and enjoying all the arts the city has to offer. I didn't expect to love Paris as much as I did and I will be going back!

    A sweet tooth's heaven!

    This was our last stop on our trip around France. We spent a week here and weren't able to see 1/2 of the city. Paris was not as I expected. It was much bigger and intimidating than I had imagined. I longed for the look of a quaint romantic city from the older years. Even though Paris didn't match the picture I had in mind, I loved this city. There is so much to see. So easily accessible. It made for an amazing trip with my love. We visited Disneyland Paris to compare to our Orlando park and we were presently surprised. I have never and will never experience the taste of heaven as I did around the dessert shops in this city. We spent one day walking from bakery to bakery and this was the most amazing part of any trip I've had! One more thing, do not miss their malls/super department stores. I tell you, this is a girl's dream of how beautiful and huge these stores are. This city is amazing.

    Mi Amor

    Paris, a gift to myself for my 30th bday. Honestly the best present ever. It was everything you could possibly dream of and more. The airport is confusing, be warned. But once in the city there is no place that wasnt picturesque. From the cafes filled with the rich aromas of coffee and smooth sounds of chatter, to the history built into every structure. 1 week was not enough time to see everything, so stay as long as possible. I love Paris, and Im sure you will too.

    Oh... Paris!

    In my opinion, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world! It's simply magic! D'Orsay in my favourite museum, love it!!

    The magnificent Paris!

    A very famous city!! Paris is much more what the people talk about it. a charming town, a walk through the streets and we do not stop with the mouth closed because of its incredible beauty. What struck me were the magnificent constructions, classical buildings everywhere, in my opinion the most beautiful city I knew.
    Very well structured, with metro lines covering virtually the entire city, we can get around easily, besides the public bicycles which can be used at any time.
    A modern city, but with an immense cultural content with its museums, cathedrals and monuments.

    The magnificent Paris!
    Mariana Cristina

    So Friendly

    I just recently went to Paris, but before I went heard a lot of negative comments about how unfriendly Parisians were. So untrue! I don't speak French so I paused in front of most signs, just to get the gist of what is being directed and on several occasions, a helpful person asked if they could help. Twice I was walked directly to the place I needed to go. I feel I need to reverse the propaganda that has spread over the last few decades. Most everyone I encountered was friendly, and tried to be helpful.

    For the foodies out there don't forget that in addition to restaurants, try the local grocery stores and farmer's market. You can grab some gourmet grub at La Grande Epicerie or buy a baguette with local cheese at the market for a picnic beside the Seine. If you decide to take advantage of the late night hours and evening lights of the Eiffel Tower, pick up dessert from one of the street vendors selling waffles and crepes.

    For a unique place to stay try the Radisson Blu Le Dokhan's Hotel. it is off the beaten path in a quiet neighborhood. This small hotel boasts an elevator the size of a large steamer trunk, and is decorated with the Louis Vuitton trademark pattern to match!

    A yummy dinner off the beaten path is l'entredgeu in the 17th. With a chalkboard menu that is propped up on your table as you consider the evening's meal offerings, it becomes the quintessential Paris experience.

    C'est La Vie

    In Paris, I learned two very important lessons...

    1) stop for coffee at the little cafe on the street and talk talk talk, and when you leave;
    2) stop at the next coffee shop that you're attracted to, and sit & drink your espresso w/lemon, and talk some more!

    You must train yourself to sit, relax, talk, and enjoy your moment....right then & there.

    Paris - Romactic and Culture City

    I have been in Paris two years ago, and I loved, it's a amazing city, many things to do, great cousine, nice weather, good transportation. I want to ome back soon.
    Bruna Luiza


    Paris is practically in my back yard. Only 2,5 hours away. I had been there a few times before but it is only until the last two years I really learnt to appreciate it. Basically everything you imagine about Paris is sort of... true! It is a romantic city and it has lots more to offer!
    The easiest form of transportation is surely not your car! Unless you want to spend most of your day stuck in traffic or being afraid of leaving a roundabout. Public transportation (metro) is great, fast and reliable (and not too expensive). You can also do everything on foot, but if you want to go from the Eiffel Tower to Sacre Coeur, it will be long and time-consuming. By the way, both of those attractions are a must-see! They are nice during the day, but at night they are breathtaking! Next to Sacre Coeur you have Montmartre. Here you can have your portrait made by an artist and have a (rather expensive) drink, but even to walk around is magical!
    If you like to visit a museum, this is the right place as well! There are too many to choose from. Of course everyone knows the Louvre (home of the Mona Lisa) and it is a great museum, but it is so big and if you will only stay in Paris for a few days.. Maybe there are some 'smaller'/'better' options. My personal favorite is Musée d'Orsay. It is the nicest looking museum and has more than enough art for your heart to be pleased! And if you're even in a bigger hurry, I would recommend L'Orangerie. Basically there are just two big rooms here with Monet's masterpieces (if you like taking pictures, you'll have to do it with a small, hidden camera here, there are guards at every corner and they move in quickly if you think of taking some nice pictures).
    At Champs d'Elysées you can shop until you drop. All the big names/brands have their place here. At the end of it you can visit the Arc De Triomphe, also a beauty.
    But there is so much more... (Parks, Notre Dame, Pont Alexandre III,... )
    A must see!

    The Romantic City of Lights

    Paris is one of my preferred cities in the world. And french is a very "belle" and "romantique" language. You can find good things to do in this city to all range of ages. A lot of programs related to art like museums and musicals, a good night life, great cuisine and if you like to discover new non-mainstream/touristic itineraries, you can do it! Just go walking and discovering interesting cafes, markets and shops.

    The Louvre

    Visit perhaps the world's most famous art museum. From Rembrandt to Monet, this museum houses amazing works.
    Cost: From 10 Euro per person
    Visit Website

    Eiffel Tower

    See the sight that makes Paris truly unique. Ride to the second level or the very top.
    Cost: From 6.5 Euro per person
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    Shopping at le Champs Elysees

    Shop at the location known for holding the future of fashion and rising designers, all while admiring the architectural wonders that make Champs Elysees famous.
    Cost: FREE (Until You Start Shopping!)

    Beauval Zoo

    Originally opened as an aviary in 1980, the Beauval Zoo has grown to include over 4,000 animals.

    Amusement Parks

    Parc Asterix and Disneyland Paris are two major theme parks close to Paris.




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