Panama Canal

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In a modern world where it's pretty tough to be shocked and awed, Panama Canal is still staggering. Watch some of the largest ships you've ever seen pass through the canal, sometimes with only inches to spare on either side. It's one of the most astounding made-made wonders of the world. But there's more to do in Panama than just gawk. It has some of the best fishing in the world, thanks to being in the center of two oceans. And the mountains, forests and rivers make for fantastic outdoor adventures. And if you know anything about the way that Latin's like to party, you'll know that it'd be impossible to be disappointed by the nightlife in Panama City. Not only are there clubs and casinos galore, Panama is host to Carnival, a festival where dancers prance in the streets in extravagant costumes and neighboring towns compete with one another to be more outrageous than the others. In a place where old tradition overlaps with modern wonders, Panama is a vacation spot unlike anywhere else in the world.
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Photo Credit: Cecilia Rodríguez
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Photo Credit: Visit Panama
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Last year I went to a friend's wedding in Panama and went back to visit the Canal. I enjoyed a nice lunch with friends at the Canal's restaurant and watched as the ships "crossed" over. It is amazing to see that men were able to envision and build this so that ships could cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean! It was fun to be able to have an almost face to face conversation with cruise ship passengers as the cruise ship was being lowered.

Interesting facts: Payment must be paid in full before entering the Canal and about 18 ships use the Canal daily.

The Panama Canal is just the start...

While the Panama Canal is an amazing, must-see innovation while in Panama, it is just the start! At the Miraflores Visitor Center you can learn about the structure and watch the massive boats travel through the locks. Just don't forget to spend time exploring the rest of the country– experience the jungle, the beach and the culture that make this country unique. From the San Blas islands (pristine, undeveloped islands) to Bocas del Toro (parties, surfers, international tourists, beaches) and Boquete (jungle), it's hard to stay put at the Canal.

Visit the Panama Canal

The place to see the Canal is at the Miraflores Visitors Center. The Center includes a beautiful observation deck from which you can watch one of the most amazing man-made wonders ever created.
Cost: From $10 Per person
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Panama City

Panama City is a thriving metropolis! It even has a Hard Rock Cafe and a Haagen Dazs Creamery!
Cost: Free
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Bus Tours

View the city from the upper level of the Hop On-Hop Off bus tours.
Cost: $29.00
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Learn about the history of Panama in the museums that bring you along on a grand trip through time, ever since the Spanish conquest.
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There are a wide variety of places to eat in Panama City. The Spanish influence is strong, but not the only type of great restaurants.
Cost: Varies
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Panama City is known as a "shopper's paradise". The city has large shopping districts as well as modern shopping malls
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Old City Ruins

Visit the old city ruins dating back to 1519.
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