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Sandra Bullock once said, "I love New Orleans. I love the way it looks. I love the way it feels." And while this destination has been through its fair share of struggles, New Orleans has emerged even stronger and more culturally intoxicating than before. With people, food, music, and passion that just cannot be found anywhere else in the world, New Orleans is the kind of vacation that just can't be duplicated. Museums spotlight the culture and history of New Orleans, but both can be experienced simply by walking the streets. Strike up a conversation with a local about Saints football or gumbo, and you'll get an instant lesson in all things New Orleans.The live music and nightlife alone draw millions of visitors every year. But perhaps the best thing about New Orleans is the exhilarating feel of it all that just cannot be put into words.
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Special Place!!

I've only been here once and I yearn for this place all the time. It holds a special place in my heart as a very unique city that nothing can compete with. I love the rich culture and history. I find the weather enjoyable, as a Southerner myself. Plenty of opportunities of sight-seeing and people watching.

I love the food and I love the overall atmosphere of the place.

Get Out of the Quarter and see the city

New Orleans is one of those cities that can hardly be explained. For having gone through so much, it has rebounded incredibly and one may doubt whether it ever suffered at all. While Mardi Gras and the associated partying is a must see for the casual traveler, outside of the French Quarter, the city has so much to offer. Near Tulane University, the bar scene now rivals that of Bourbon Street on the weekends, though resembles more of a college town than a tourist trap. Nightclubs have sprung up in the Garden District catering to the growing rave scene. Magazine Street has reemerged as an incredible bohemian neighborhood with a small town vibe and incredible food. I still suggested staying Downtown or in the Quarter, but to see the real New Orleans, one must take the streetcar west down St. Charles Avenue and stretch your legs around the Uptown neighborhood. Quaint restaurants serving up family-sized portions of the best Cajun and Creole food money can buy dot the area, and one can find themselves looking at some of the most beautiful antebellum mansions in the South. Lastly, catch a Saints game if you visit in football season, the Superdome has been extensively renovated and the fans are a hoot. Who Dat!

Favorite City in America!

I visited New Orleans with 3 other Cajun virgins, who'd never been to Louisiana before. We went mid-August, and it was H-O-T. The type of hot I'm not used to as a Midwesterner. You get used to it quickly, and realize how much time you're saving by not having to do your makeup and luckily, everywhere you go has the AC blasting.
We spent all our time in the French Quarter, and could have used more than a week. Our hotel was off Canal, perfect walking distance to Bourban Street and Frenchman. The party on Bourban Street NEVER ends... Although we did notice an extreme difference in the early part of the week (Monday-Tuesday), than we do in the later (we arrived on a Wednesday).
The cuisine is unlike any other. Be brave and try things you wouldn't normally try, because you're not going to get this kind of flavor anywhere else! The best way to see the city is on foot... Or perhaps one of the bicycle taxis. The locals are incredibly friendly and will point you in the direction of anything you could ever wish for. There are a number of tours that were worthwhile to our group, one at night on bikes, the other at night thru Jackson Square.
Enjoy every minute in New Orleans! You're going to miss it when you're gone!!

One of a Kind

New Orleans is a special kind of city. It is one that holds the spirit of Jazz, and some incredible history. I highly recommend taking some sort of tour to hear incredible stories of Andrew Jackson holding down New Orleans with the help of pirates, hear some stories of the buildings, and how the city is still recovering post Katrina. The tour I took with American Photo Safari was amazing and I learned how to take better pictures.

There is much more to New Orleans than Bourbon Street, but it still is a must visit for anyone visiting for the first time. If you venture off this street a bit however and ask some locals where to go you can find some amazing Jazz clubs and feel the energy of a city that is one of a kind.

New Orleans also has some delicious food especially if you love it spicy. The cajun jambalaya or crawfish is delicious, and the po boy is a New Orleans staple.

Although the city is not perfect, it has a great character and uniqueness. Take in some of the weird, feel the passionate energy of Jazz music, and let yourself immerse in a truly great culture.

Do Ya Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans...

I have been to New Orleans twice so far, and will definitely go back for many more visits. The best part of New Orleans (other than the beignets, of course!) is the music scene! There is music everywhere you go: jazz combos at dinner, street musicians at every turn, night clubs with horn bands. It's paradise! Once you do the 'tourist thing' in the French Quarter (bring plenty of spending cash for all of the shopping you'll want to do), catch a cab at night to Tipitina's, a famous music venue. Don't forget a banana for a midnight snack! (
From the gorgeous architecture to the nightlife on Bourbon St to the trolley through the Garden District, every trip to this exciting city seems better than the last. The fine dining, the music and the beautiful hotels are a destination that I always want to go to as a couple. There are things you can do without a date, but, for myself, there is just no other way to go.
If you love crawfish....go to New Orleans to eat some, it seems every restaurant serves it 8 different ways, each more delicious than the last. If you love will love chicory coffee in New Orleans. If you love romantic wrought iron balconies and gates and horse-drawn carriages, spend a day (or 2!) walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans. If you love blues or zydeco....go see some live at some fabulous dive bar in New Orleans! I adore all of these things about this great town....take your tourist dollars to where they will do some good as this community still struggles to re-bound post Katrina!


In the Festival Capital of the World there are dozens of festivals that celebrate the unique food, music and multicultural heritage all year-long.
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French Quarter

Stay in one of the best hotels in the US, dine on amazing cuisine, enjoy the music and don't miss Bourbon Street!
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New Orleans music is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. Don't miss it!
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Audubon Zoo

Part of the Audubon Nature Institute, the zoo is located in historic Uptown New Orleans and features the well-known Louisiana Swamp and Jaguar Jungle habitats.

Port of Departure

Large cruise lines use this as a "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.

Free Activities in New Orleans

• Street Performers: The streets are perfect for people-watching, especially on Bourbon Street. You'll also come across several distractions at nearby Jackson Square, where street performers - including mimes, dancers, brass bands and artists - entertain onlookers. • Live Music and Dancing: Enjoy live music and free oysters are offered every Friday at Le Bon Temps Roule music club. Revel in free dancing at the clubs on music-rich Frenchmen Street, where most nightlife spots don't require a cover charge, and genres span the spectrum from jazz and rock to electronica and reggae. • Satchmo Summer Festival: Over three days near the end of each summer the festival celebrates Louis Armstrong with jazz concerts, films and arts markets. • Beautiful Parks: To escape the heat, take in the shade of century-old oak trees in City Park or Audubon Park.
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