Nadi, Fiji

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If you've ever dreamed about sitting across from someone you love, gazing across a vast blue ocean at a brilliant sunset while ocean breeze cools your sun-warmed skin, the delightful little Fiji town of Nadi has everything you could want from a romantic destination. Resorts are scattered along the coast provide intimate, stunning ocean views along with spa services to pamper you and make you feel like royalty. Horseback rides along the beach, sunset cruises, tropical gardens and private beaches are just a few options available. It will feel like the stars are aligning in Nadi just for you so that your wedding, honeymoon, or blossoming love will get a fairytale setting. If you start to feel a bit adventurous, Nadi--as well as many nearby islands--provide offshore swimming, diving, surfing, snorkeling and other water sports. Absorb uniquely Fijian culture while participating in traditional ceremonies and feasts, or get a little more involved by dancing or pig-hunting with native villagers. And parents, while you may be tempted to leave the kids at home, Nadi is also extremely family friendly thanks to the safe, friendly Fijian culture. Many resorts even offer kids clubs and babysitting, as well as pools and waterslides. And while many visitors feel inclined to live the life of luxury while in Nadi, it's also a popular destination for budget-minded backpackers, so you can visit this paradise without breaking the bank.
Photo Credit: Fiji Visitors Bureau
Photo Credit: Fiji Visitors Bureau
Photo Credit: Fiji Visitors Bureau
Photo Credit: Fiji Visitors Bureau
Photo Credit: Fiji Visitors Bureau
Photo Credit: Fiji Visitors Bureau
Photo Credit: Fiji Visitors Bureau

Ride with the Locals

We hopped on a local bus bound for Suva one morning. Since local buses stop anywhere and everywhere, we were able to get on and off at our leisure and did not have to stick to a predetermined schedule. It was a wonderful way to see rural Fiji. Allow three hours each way for transportation, especially if you want to jump off at some of the fruit and handicraft stands along the highway.

It's all about the local fruit market

Check out the local fruit market in the center of Nadi Town and spot some ever-before-seen, mind blowing fruits while experiencing unscathed Fijian culture.
We visited Fijian islands in 2005, and were amazed at the rugged beauty of the mountains, and the explosion of color in the postcard-perfect sunsets! The voyage to out islands was the most relaxing and enjoyable things we've done. I cannot say enough great things about Fiji, and wish to return very soon.

Local Cruises

Snorkeling, whales, dinner, romantic are among the many cruise options.
Cost: Starting at $58.26
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Beaches, coral reefs, volcanic peaks are just some of the sights to take your breath away with their beauty. There are many ways to see them.
Cost: Varies
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Mountain bike, jet boats, horseback riding throughout spectacular Fiji
Cost: Varies
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