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You can get there by land, water, or air, but however you get to Montreal, you're in for a vibrant metropolis full of personality, flare, and culture. Not only does Montreal uniquely blend French and North American flavor, it's home to residents from 80 different countries. Though Montreal provides countless winter adventures, let's be honest, red, frozen faces in the dead of winter isn't fun for everyone. For the slightly more high maintenance among us, Montreal has an entire underground city complete with housing, dining, shopping, and even a subway. Montreal is an especially great vacation spot for families, because of the variety of entertaining and interactive activities that will leave kids delightfully exhausted everyday. And for adults, the nightlife keeps things sizzling all year long.
Photo Credit: Canadian Tourism Commission
Photo Credit: Canadian Tourism Commission
Photo Credit: Canadian Tourism Commission
Photo Credit: Canadian Tourism Commission
Photo Credit: Canadian Tourism Commission
Photo Credit: Canadian Tourism Commission

Old World Romance in North America

With a strong French influence, it is easy to get lost in the European Old World romance this city has to offer. We found the food incredible and easy to find the 'off the beaten path' places to go once we started asking locals at the Jean-Talon Fresh Food Market.
It is a city that is easy to get to from the US, less expensive as Western Europe and you can get a similar 'local' experience.
Montreal is beautiful, there is lots to do and see, the city has history, there is a good energy, and the food is delicious. Definitely worth seeing and going back to.


A cousin of mine and I drove to Montreal from NYC to spend a two day weekend during the summer. We toured around the city and visited different monuments and landmarks. What really caught our attention was the amount of hospitals we saw during our visit. I have never seen that many.
My husband and I had a blast in Montreal. We are hockey fans, so we ate at Bleu Blanc Rouge, a restaurant owned by hockey player Guy Lafleur.
The architecture in the downtown area is phenomenal. This is truly a beautiful city.
If you go, make sure to eat some authentic poutine. It is good in Ontario, but better in Quebec!
Anyone who visits Montreal must head to the headquarters of Cirque to Soleil and see one of their signature shows. Definitely worth the trip...also Montreal is truly a walking city (spring/summer/fall months) get out there and have fun :)
If you are going to Montreal, be sure to have some of the local cuisine: Montreal
smoked meat, Fresh Montreal bagels, Chicken Gyros and Orange Julep.

The city itself is amazing, but the "fun" doesn't pop out at you. You must go looking for it. Bars at night are really where its at in the downtown. During the day, perhaps go to some art galleries or wander around Parc la Fontaine.

The shopping in Montreal is great. The warehouse strip starts from pricey and goes down to cheap cheap- and you can find great pieces in either side.

I think Montreal is a great place to live or for a partying road trip with bagels in the morning to cure your hangover.

Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tours

Hop on Hop off bus tour, boat tour, there are many to choose from!
Cost: Bus tour starts at $51.05
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Museums, Old city, "mountain" recreation, Notre Dame Basilica built in the 1600s, there is so much to see!
Cost: Varies
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Underground City

Among all the shopping options is this web of train stations, restaurants, department stores and hotels all connected underground.
Cost: Free Until You Start Shopping
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