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Whether you're used to being surrounded by glamour and wealth or if these are simply the things you dream of, Monte Carlo is the destination of kings, princes, celebrities,! It's no wonder royalty like the Grimaldis, Princess Grace and Prince Albert II chose Monaco as their homes. It's synonymous with sun, champagne, and extravagant living. The sprawling ocean view makes Monaco feel wide open, but it's still full of wonderous attractions. The majestic Monte Carlo Casino and Opera House is the perfect representation of the lavish environment waiting for you in Monaco. The rest of this Mediterranean oasis is filled with ancient fortresses, cathedrals, and royal palaces. Even the museums in Monaco have a touch of nobility, as much of the displays in the world-famous Oceanographic Museum were collected by Prince Albert himself. In Monaco, prepare to eat indulgently, live sumptuously, and be treated like the king or queen that you are. Just don't get mad at us if you go home expecting your boss to refer to you as "your highness."
Photo Credit: Monaco Press Centre Photos
Photo Credit: Amazing Things in the World
Photo Credit: Monaco Press Centre Photos
Photo Credit: Atout France R Cast
Photo Credit: Monaco Press Centre Photos
Photo Credit: Monaco Press Centre Photos
Photo Credit: Monaco Press Centre Photos
Photo Credit: Monaco Press Centre Photos
Photo Credit: Monaco Press Centre Photos
Photo Credit: Atout France R Cast
Photo Credit: Monaco Press Centre Photos

Don't expect to save any money in the capital of luxury

First, Monaco is a beautiful and unique place, quaint but cosmopolitan, a perfect mixture of history and luxury. That being said, it is very expensive and does not have an airport (45 minute bus to Nice Airport). The hot season is May-September when it is warmest. The city itself is very small, but offers many sights and landmarks crammed into only 2 square miles. The beach is beautiful but it is artificial and made of small pebbles which makes it somewhat uncomfortable to lay on. The main sights are the old town (Monaco-Ville), the Prince's Palace, and the Casino Monte Carlo. For those looking to break the casino, the famous one is gorgeous but the tables are expensive (and limited, there usually only 10 open) not to mention it is the only casino I've been to with a cover charge. The nightclubs are fun, but like everything in Monaco, overly expensive (€17 for a Heineken, no thank you). The bar scene is more reasonably priced and mostly concentrated in the port area. Also there is ample shopping and great Franco-Italian restaurants scattered all over the tiny country. If you're lucky, as I was on multiple occasions, you may catch a celebrity or two walking around as the entire French Riviera is a playground for the rich and famous. The best time to go is during the Monaco Grand Prix in May and contemporaneous with the Cannes Film Festival just an hour and a half train ride down the coast.

Source: Studied abroad in Monaco for 4 months.
This place was amazing. Definitely a wonderful cultural experience. I dont like going out so that didnt really fit for me


Art, Cannes, French Riviera, Open Air Markets and much more
Cost: From $70
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Rentals for Getting Around

Bikes, motorcycles, sports cars, luxury cars, yachts
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Monte Carlo Casino

More than a place to gamble, it houses a world class opera house and fantastic gardens.
Cost: Technically Free . ..
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