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While there's not a lot to complain about in Miami, you may find that you don't have much time to catch some sleep during your vacation to this Florida destination. A city where the day is just beginning when the sun goes down, Miami is filled to the brim with anything and everything you could possibly desire. Land and water adventures? Miami's got it. Exotic dining and eclectic shopping? Got it. Glass-bottom boats? Got it. A nightlife with music and dancing that could rival anywhere in the world? You guessed it--Miami's got it. And last but not least, Miami is home to a slew of beautiful beaches for recreation and relaxation. With so much to do and see in Miami, you won't be able to see it all, but thankfully Miami makes it nice and easy for you by offering land, sea, and air tours.
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    It is more than just beaches

    Having lived in Miami for 4 years, the city tends to lend itself too much to pop culture. While South Beach is hip and a must-see for any visitor, the city has much more to offer. You can't miss the Hispanic flair, its absolutely everywhere. But before you go looking for tacos and enchiladas, remember that Miami is traditionally a Cuban-influenced city. If you've never tried Cuban food, go out and get some (Versailles on 8th Street is my personal favorite). Expect low prices, and big, family-sized portions of Afro-Caribbean specialties. For any architecture buffs, Coral Gables, where I live, is a diamond in the rough. The Biltmore Hotel exemplifies 1920s Mediterranean-revival architecture and the mimosa brunch is quite the spread (as it should be for $75 per person).

    For a non-South Beach nightlife scene, the Wynwood Arts District has become a hipster mecca with alternative dance clubs lining Biscayne Boulevard (check out Bardot or the Electric Pickle). More dive-style bars (such as Sandbar or Mr. Moes) can be found in historic Coconut Grove, a hangout for locals and college students, while upscale yuppie bars are all over the Brickell neighborhood. Keep in mind Miami drink prices on average are much higher than anywhere else in the South. So when a dive bar charges to $7 for a beer, don't lose your head.

    If you absolutely need the beach (which most Miami tourists do), check out Key Biscayne. It is a $1.75 trip over a short causeway, but the atmosphere is much nicer and more relaxing than Miami Beach and includes a really cool early-1800s lighthouse. On the way back, get your cameras ready because the view of Downtown is one of the most underrated in the city.

    For a good time call...

    Agh, Miami! With sun kissed beaches, bodies, and boardwalks this city may just be the perfect place to vacation. An American gem, Miami is home to white sands and crystal blue water. The city is built off of Art Deco masterpieces which means staying on Miami Beach gives you a flashback in time. Be it in a luxury hotel or quaint bed and breakfast, you will be in the company of international travelers looking to get away from it all.

    For food and drink Miami is home to a large island population that brings their local palate to the table. You can experience fine dining of unique cuisine at one of the many beach-side restaurants that offer day and night entertainment. When you order a drink in Miami, much like New Orleans, they only come in one size: fish bowl. Grab a cocktail while you watch some of the finest eye candy show off their summer suits on the famed beaches.

    Often seen as a backdrop to music videos, Miami is home to some of the largest college parties and beach events in the country. During summer season, you can expect thousands of visitors that make it a point to party beach side with an array of free concerts or dance parties at the most robust nightclubs on the east coast. While tourism is always peaking in Miami, in the "off" summer season you can easily jump on one of the many cruise lines that depart from Miami's international ports and visit the neighboring Caribbean islands or South America.

    Miami is a family destination that hosts a plethora of art, world class museums and dining, parks, and beaches. It is also known as a destination for singles that love meeting an international crowd with bars, beaches, and night/day clubs. It is home to the largest LGBT crowd in the Southern states which makes safety a top priority for minorities. Much like Los Angeles, the city is largely bi-lingual (English/Spanish) and can be home to those that feel more comfortable in a bi-lingual setting. This is a city that never sleeps and the weather to accommodate the lifestyle all year round.

    TIP: Try snorkeling on the reefs - it's good for any water skill level and will show you a diverse array of life straight out of fairy tales!

    Bienvenido a MIAMI!

    The H20, the Heat, the Humidity are what makes Miami feel so right. There is one long season year-round: it is hot or less hot. Very seldom does one feel cold. The warm weather allows visitors to enjoy the ocean all year round and basque in the warm sun. But beware....Miami's weather may vary within a 10 minute drive. Yes, it may be sunny where you are but raining just 10 minutes away. So be ready for anything!

    As for things to do....there is always something going on. And as someone out there once said....what happens in Miami never happened!!

    Welcome To Miami, Benvenuto A Miami...

    Miami is a beautiful city with a vibrant night life. Be prepared for long days soaking in the sun on the beach, and late nights at the club!

    Culture, Beach, Parties....

    While the culture in Miami can initially feel different from most of the US (love of fashion, Latin influence in all corners, and a bit of flashy-fun), the city will quickly grow on you. The beach on South Beach is incredible if you love lounging in still, warm, water with a fun and active crowd. The Cuban food is to die for. The nightlife lives up to its reputation. If you desire to escape the beaches, nature and culture surround this city.

    Beloved Miami

    Miami have everything that you need to have a great time!
    If ou whant to go to the have! place ever!
    ....great will find all kind of great food!
    ...cultural places......they have!!!
    Named and you will find there!
    I love the atmosphere, interesting sights and shopping,the only downside is the prices. But it is vacation.
    Miami has some great clubs to go out on South Beach. The beaches there are very nice and clean. They weren't that crowded when I was there in late summer. Stop by Bayside area for some great food.
    This is a totally subjective viewpoint, but after several trips to Miami over the years, I'm less-than-enamored with the place. For me, it's too loud, too crowded and too developed, however, for younger folks, Miami is probably "the" place to be! Best attribute? The beaches for sure.
    Miami's Jungle Island (interactive zoological park) is perfect for families. You can find penguins, exotic birds, monkeys and even lemurs. For a small price they'll even let you play with the lemurs! Awesome unforgettable experience. If you're looking for romance, try Moon over Miami air tour, a hot air balloon ride...or just stroll the streets and cafes of Cocowalk in the Coconut Grove. If you're part of the young crowd then go to South Beach for clubbing, fashion & shopping or just have a drink on Ocean Drive. Major shopping at the Dolphin Mall inland by the airport.

    Water Activities

    Kayaking, snorkeling, jet-skiing, parasailing and more
    Cost: Varies By Activity
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    Waterway Cruises

    See Miami from the water on these cruises through the city.
    Cost: Starting at $25.99
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    Thanks to chefs like Nobu Matsuhisa and Michelle Bernstein, Miami is becoming an epicure's paradise. Sample the fare at the Top 10.
    Cost: Varies
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    Port of Departure

    Large cruise lines use this as a major "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.




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