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Medellin, located in western Colombia, mixes tradition with expansion. Nature with metropolis. A booming hub for business and medical travel, Medellin is also a cultural epicenter--filled with museums, historical monuments, and phenomenal outdoor art. Even Medellin's parks are an expert blend of the natural outdoors and modern buildings, complete with enclosed interactive experiences. Adventure sports abound in Medellin thanks to nearby rivers and the nightlife leaves nothing behind. Experience the ambiance and unique culture of this South American urban hot spot.
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Medellin - for the Adventurous

Medellin is a gem. Even six years ago it was dangerous to travel here, but government intervention in the drug war has rendered it safe. Try arepa bread with everything, it's incredible. And you must try the "chocolate con queso" - you dip bread with cheese into your hot chocolate, melting the cheese for an out-of-this-world taste!
This city is extremely poor and spread out, rendering some areas of town a bit unsafe, so a little pre-planning goes a long way. Visit the Botero, a renowned Colombian artist, is a national hero; you can view many of his works throughout the city if you're into arts and history. Tango at local clubs for a taste of the nightlife. Visit the Benedictine monestary outside of town for an authentic experience away from the city. The surrounding lush, green, mountainous jungle will blow you away.


MedellĂ­n has a lively theater scene that ranges from the classical to the experimental, with more than 10 theaters and even more groups that work without a permanent home.
Cost: Varies
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Fun for Kids

Visit the many parks and museums with the kids or leave the older ones to spend hours enthralled by their experiences with science, amusements and water parks
Cost: Around $4
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Includes a palatial building transformed into a shopping mall with 200 stores mostly selling clothes and shoes. Also a huge, bustling undercover market with more than 2500 stalls, selling mostly food, originally established years ago to remove hawkers from the streets.
Cost: Free Until You Start Shopping
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The wind currents in Medellin are very good for paragliding and the landscape is beautiful with green valleys.
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[COP] Colombian Peso


Jose Marie Cordova Airport [MDE]