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When you're driving along the shoreline, winding through the scenic, vibrantly green hills with a constant view of the perfect, sparkling Pacific Ocean as the orange sun peaks its way above the water, lighting up the sky with the most brilliant colors you've ever seen in nature, you'll begin to plan when you can possible take your next trip to Maui. As you squish the soothing, warm sand between your toes and soak up the rejuvenating rays of the sun while looking out on an endless expanse of blue ocean, you'll forget about the life you left behind at home. And while you watch enormous whales splash high out of the water, you'll wonder how you've got so long without taking in the magic that is Maui, Hawaii. Maui offers everything you could possibly want out of an island escape, and so much more that you never even knew you needed.
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau-Linda
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Ron Garnett
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
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    Maui's Top 5

    It’s hard to believe that Maui and over 100 of its fellow islands are a part of the 50 United States. If you’re looking for culture, beauty, relaxation and activity in one paradise island, look no further. Maui offers the perfectly tantalizing combination of leisure and adventure. You’ll board your flight home as rejuvenated as ever, and ready to book your next trip back.

    1. The road to Hana redefines the phrase “hairpin turns”, but the scenery and activities along the way make this one of the best road trips.
    2. Fly high in the sky and witness paradise by helicopter.
    3. Head to Japengo for the best sushi in North America. Period.
    4. Catch sunrise and start the day off right hiking Haleakala Crater.
    5. Beach-hang here, there and everywhere. Ka’anapali beach is one of many great options.

    Happy jaunting!

    Mandy Moran, CWE Candidate 2013

    Hawaiian experience

    Maui was the first Hawaiian island I ever visited. And that was this last summer. Getting there in an improvised trip that same morning was the best thing that could have ever happened. Maui has it all for Nature lovers, adventurers and explorers: culture, stunning sunrises (Haleakala and the beaches!!) and sunsets, warm waters, good surf (careful with the sharks and do not use wet suits if possible!), super friendly locals (I just could not not love them! So outgoing and welcoming!), astonishing views (North, East [Hana Road], South, West, inland, beaches), great freediving, diving and snorkelling; a wide variety of activities to do while respecting Nature... Falls, hikes... I just can't stop!!

    If you want to enjoy an experience like no other, getting lost and exploring, suddenly being one inch away from sea turtles, swimming with eagle rays, hanging out with chameleons, jumping off cliffs, hang out with the best welcoming locals or watching typical Hawaiian culture traditions, while in a laid-back environment: Maui is your place.

    Respect and ENJOY!
    Ruth Damaris

    Come for the Sun stay for the Food

    Sun much sun and beach, you really cannot go wrong. You need at least a week to get in the requisite snorkel, surf, luau, nap, drive to Hana, beach, etc. All worthy endeavors but don't forget to to explore the interior of the island.

    They have a Lavender Farm (or is it a huge garden?) with a cafe, souvenir shop and an interactive activity for kids. Something different and very picturesque when the purple flowers are in bloom. There is also a goat farm, The Surfing Goat Dairy that sells interesting flavors of goat cheese. My personal favs are Mango Supreme and Rolling Green with chives and garlic. (they ship too!) Perfect if you want to pick up a loaf of bread and have a picnic while you are there. If you shop at T. Komoda General store you can also pickup a donuts on a stick for dessert!

    While on an island try the ceviche and Mai Tai's at Mama's Fish House. This huge restaurant embraces the Polynesian aesthetics so just roll with it and if you stay for dinner, order the Traditional Hawaiian meal. If you are looking for something less "ethnic" try the Hali'imaile General Store. This meal will rival what you find in any big city, yet they have a casual, family-welcome attitude.

    As you cruise around the island make a stop at Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop. This is casual comfort food, fit for foodies. Their fried salad and various hand-held pies are worth a visit.

    The Ultimate Maui Roadtrip

    What's not to love about this Island? Seriously? Instead of trying to convince you to come here, I'll share an epic road trip that made my most recent trip.

    Right off the plane, hop in the car and head strait for Haleakala. When you get to the top, you're body will be confused. You're in tropical Hawaii, but the temperature will be nice and cool. Stare into the volcano crater, or survey the entire Island from 10,000 feet! If you've packed hiking gear, trek down into the crater for few hours, or even stay overnight! The habitat is truly unique. You'll walk through forest, and feel like you're on the surface of Mars... all in the same day!

    From Haleakala, get ready to travel the road to Hana (but do it in reverse!) The popular way to do this trek is by approaching it from the North. But, if you approach it from the South, you'll drive the most treacherous section without all the traffic. Make sure you stop at the Oheo Pools (use your national park pass from Haleakala) and in the town of Hana. There are probably a dozen good waterfalls and swimming holes along the drive. So, pack your trunks and towel!

    Once you've left Hana and are approaching the North end of the island, make sure to walk to Twin Falls. Yes, the fruit stand is a tourist trap, but swimming in these waterfall pools is definitely worth it!

    Grab food in Paia and watch the huge waves at Jaws, before cutting back through the center of your island on the way to Lahaina. In Lahaina, soak in the sunsets, stroll through Banyan Tree park, and visit the Maui Brewing company. Jump off black rock into the ocean, and snorkel in Honolua bay.

    Your trip around the island is almost complete! Wind around the Northwest tip and walk down to the Nakalele blowhole, and stop for banana bread at any one of the stands along the rest of the road. (Warning, the road is quite narrow on this section of the Island). You've just completed the most epic road trip Maui has to offer! Now, go relax on the beach the rest of the time you're here :)

    Maui is by far my favorite island in Hawaii. There are so many attractions that make this island the best. Napili bay is such a beautiful beach, it has clear water, wildlife, and rocks to climb on. Napili bay is also very quiet and not overly crowded. Visiting the Banyan Tree is a great family adventure, especially for young kids. Another stunning beach is Kaanapali. It is also home to a lot of wildlife and great surfing. Mt. Haleakala is a really fun hike; it shows a different side of the island. Everyone in Maui is very friendly; they treat you like family without hesitation, the only thing i didn't like about Maui is how crowded some of the beaches get. My Favorite part of the vacation was being able to kick back and relax. Maui is a great family friendly vacation spot.
    absolutely loved the sand and sun - the food and the people are awesome!
    Have drinks or dinner at sunset at Five Palms in Kihei - great outdoor ambiance to encourage romance
    Molokai is our favorite Hawaiian island, but Maui has some truly surprising and delightful assets. The first thing that struck me as we looked for a good place to set down our beach towels was the awesome lack of overcrowding. Maui's beaches actually offer some room to spread out, enjoy the sun and have a conversation that won't be overheard by a few hundred strangers. Once we'd had or fill of sunshine, we enjoyed hiking the area, bike tours and, of course, a trip to see the sunset over Haleakala volcano. Best of all, we drove "the road to Hana" and were filled with delight at the overabundance of nature...waterfalls and forests, oh my! If you go, check out Lahaina, an old whaling town with shops and quaint art galleries.
    The Haleakala volcano is awesome. Take the bike ride down. You can go from 45 degrees and fog to 82 degrees and sun.
    I took a trip out here a few years ago, and must say, this was my favorite island out of all of them. It's more laid back, definitely has some amazing scenery and beaches! The restaurants and night life were great. I would also check out Haleakala Volcano and do a bike tour down it if you are adventurous! A great family fun vacation that everyone will be sure to enjoy!

    Attend a Luau

    A visit to Hawaii would not be complete without experiencing an authentic Hawaiian Luau. On Maui there is a great selection to choose from.
    Cost: "Drums of the Pacific Luau-Adults (over 20) $105.00/Teens 13-20 $61.00 Children 6-12 $49.00 "
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    One of Hawaii's oldest and most historic cities. Sights, shopping and much more.
    Cost: Varies
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    Road to Hana and Beyond

    One of the most popular day trips on Maui is the Road to Hana and Beyond. Experience going from tropical rain forest with over 400" of rain yearly to the other side of the island with less than 12" per year.
    Cost: Tours: Adults $109/Children $66
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