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On the coast of the Mediterranean, nestled on the southwest coast of France is Marseille, France's largest commercial ports and one of the most luxurious cities in Europe. Everything in Marseille looks like art--from the architecture to the pristine water sprinkled with boats, to the rock cliffs, and even to the food. It all exudes sumptuous pleasure. With 26 centuries of tradition, Marseille delicately balances modern comfort and leisure with ancient simplicity. Designated as the European Capital of Culture, Marseille is home to a renowned opera house, as well as many historical museums and art galleries. And don't worry--after lounging on quiet beaches and absorbing the culture all day, Marseille won't disappoint you with their nightlife scene, nor do they ignore the kids, with many activities and museums tailored specifically to children.
Photo Credit: Atout France A. Dupont
Photo Credit: Atout France Franck Charel
Photo Credit: Atout France Franck Charel
Photo Credit: Atout France Fabrice Milochau
Photo Credit: Atout France Franck Charel 1
Photo Credit: Atout France Francois-Xavier Prevot
Photo Credit: Atout France Francois-Xavier Prevot
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    I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up visiting Marseille on a car trip that began in Turin. I was able to visit Notre-Dame, the port area and enjoy a delicious Bouillabaisse before heading back.

    Important point in the Mediterranean

    I´ve been there a few hours, but i think its a important and historical point in the mediterranean. Its a big city and from there you can go to many places in cote d ázur...
    João Paulo

    A Big City on the Mediterranean

    I was once fortunate enough to call Marseilles home as a young teenager and have since held it very close to my heart. Like the southern portion of most countries, the south of France represents a whole new cultural environment as the French accents and style of cuisine sort of transition like the weather. The surrounding area is littered with tucked away coves and 'private like' public beaches where, of course, the full body tan is still alive and well. Any day spent in the sun on the French Mediterranean has a luxury like atmosphere to it.

    Turquoise clear water and beach front restaurants seem to sort of suck out the big city hustle and bustle - though the central part of Marseilles is in fact a dense metropolitan area with many different cultures meeting in one place. I found it to be highly influenced by Moroccan and other North African peoples, adding to the already exquisite selection of places to eat.

    I highly recommend taking a boat and visiting Marseilles' more historic and majestic version of San Francisco's Alcatraz Island - Chateau d'If. If and when you choose to take a tour you'll learn a lot about the romantic nature of French literature and even more about the history of this major port city.

    If you're staying for more than a few days, I also suggest visiting the more Provençal region located close by in Aix-en-Provence. The landscape and architecture seem to be preserved in time and the Spring there was amazing.

    Marseille City Pass

    Free public transportation (bus, metro, and tramway), free tours, free admission to all the city's museums, and free tastings, as well as discounts to restaurants, stores, and certain tours.
    Cost: 2-day pass online before the trip costs $40 PP
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    Ancient castles, bacilicas, ports and more, some established well over 2000 years ago.
    Cost: Varies
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    While not great beaches to choose from in Marseille, there are fabulous beaches very close. A variety of watercraft are available to rent and there are lots of options for food, beverages, entertainment, and shopping.
    Cost: Mostly Free
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    Cruise Port of Departure

    Large cruise lines use this as a "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.




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    Marseille Airport [MRS]
    Charles De Gaulle Airport [CDG]