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When you step off the plane in Marrakech, Morocco, you'll feel like you were literally transported to another world. You might expect to see Aladdin running through the streets of this exotic and enticing Islamic country. And while many ancient Islamic countries aren't always particularly inviting to tourists, Marrakech welcomes them with warm, open arms. Many locals, in fact, have even turned their homes into charming bed and breakfasts just to accommodate the huge number of guests flocking to this enchanting city. By the time you're ready to leave Marrakech, monumental, glittering gold palaces won't even seem out of the ordinary, and you won't bat an eyelash at a snake charmer casually performing out on the streets. Ancient secret passageways, tombs and mosques are so accessible that they may even begin to seem like normal, every-day excursions.The shopping in Marrakech is unlike any you'll find anywhere else in the world, and while Marrakech has a variety of dining options available, we doubt you'll want to order anything besides the traditional Moroccan food that you'll find everywhere you go. A delightful blend of African and European culture, the entire city breathes with an energy that you'll long for the second you leave.
Photo Credit: Moroccan National Tourist Office
Photo Credit: Moroccan National Tourist Office
Photo Credit: Moroccan National Tourist Office
Photo Credit: Moroccan National Tourist Office
Photo Credit: Moroccan National Tourist Office
Photo Credit: Moroccan National Tourist Office
Photo Credit: Moroccan National Tourist Office
Photo Credit: Moroccan National Tourist Office
Photo Credit: Sarah Hicks
Photo Credit: Sarah Hicks

Different Culture

Marrakech is the most different place that I've ever been! Their culture is very interesting and different! Many streets are bordered with colorful roses, there are some huge sumptuous palaces, and I saw few camels on the street!

A good local food will allow you to taste different spices.

There is a big fair outdoor with snakes enchanted by flutes, hand made carpets, essences, spices and home-decoration objetcs.

The casino has a lot of gambling options. But there's a thing that I didn't like: they allow people smokking at the tables.

If you want just chilling out, there is a palace with an enormous scructure, many swimming pools and others services like massages and spa.

Every year the city host an International Film Festival.

Locals mainly speak arab and french. But they will try their best to help you in english.

Wow! An explosion of culture!

If you will go to Marrakech, get ready. Really!
Luckily for me, I've been there by bike so first I had to cross all Moroc; thanks to that i got used to Maroccan culture, but if you'll get there by airplain you may be shocked.
Once in the main square, Jemaa el-Fnaa you will be overwhelmed by thousands of flavours, tastes and sounds, and an incredibly amount of people. Culturally is the best place where to spend your time.
The medina is very characteristic, even if is not the most beautiful of the country because people inside that tiny roads are driving mopeds, hundreds of mopeds. You can imagine the effect. Anyway it's worth to go to take a look, to the life inside that ancient marked.
The main mosque is the Koutoubia, is the point of meeting of all the people of Marrakech even because it's exaclty in the town center.
In the evening the square becomes an open restaurant, with thousands of different stands where to eat the strangest things, from snails to camel.
Around the city there are places where to do interesting outdoor activities such as desert excursions on camels or jeep.
Marrakech, the city known as the Red city, is the most beautiful city in the world. It’s also the Capital of the Almoravids and the Almohads and the Saadian. Marrakech is a great city built by Imam Yusuf which is the base for the Maghreb. It has a simple square and rectangular area, many mosques, and great scenes. Marrakech is located in South Morocco; it is an Islamic country. It has one hundre

Local Tours

The second oldest imperial city in Morocco. See historical monuments such as Koutoubia, Bahia Palace and the Saadian Tombs as well as the narrow streets of the old Medina and Djemaa El Fna Square.
Cost: Starting at $87.31
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Underground Nightlife

Explore Marrakech's underground nightlife of bars, pubs and clubs with a 30 minute stop at each place!
Cost: From $39.80
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Palaces and Monuments

Visit Koutoubia Minaret, Bahia Palace and the Saadian Tombs.
Cost: Guided tours from 55.21
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