Machu Picchu

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Whether you're a historian, an adventurer, a romantic, or maybe simply trying to cross one more thing off of your bucket list, Machu Picchu, Peru is truly one of the world's most treasured sites. This nearly 600-year-old surreal granite masterpiece nestled in the jungles of Peru was once an Inca center of worship. Massive staircases lead to sacred temples and tombs in this structure that is almost incomprehensibly man-made. And that is perhaps the reason for its mysticism. It seems like an impossible creation set amongst a natural wonderland of tropical forests and picturesque mountains. Visitors can choose how they want to experience Machu Picchu as it can be visited via train, bus, helicopter, or even a four day hike along the Inca Trail.
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    Excellent Day Trip

    Getting to and from Machu Picchu is an enjoyable experience - it's a hidden gem. However, the ruins themselves are quite crowded. Best advice: get there early. Lots of tourists want to see this area too! I had a homestay a couple cities away: was a definite highlight of the trip!


    Breathtaking silence, wild smelling nature,breezing and clear air, steep paths; the night arrives and we start our adventure from a typical familiar village called Agua Calientes.... after an amazing nightwalk along the inca trail something sensational happens; the hearts increase their rythms, the breaths become more and more excited, a whirl of emotions explodes: suddenly a sunrise glimmer appears and a warming sunray passes through Puerta del Sol to welcome us at one of the most marvellous show of the world covered by a warmy foggy blanket till then: Machu Picchu, The Old Mountain in Quechua terms.
    This Worldwide Cultural Heritage Site makes you feel small, alone but in harmony with everyone and everything admiring a unique place at 2,348mts at the sea level with a special energy involving you in all of it.
    Thinking that in XV century a group of people built its village over there using an advanced hydropower system of channels and an architectural building structures and more or less at the same time European people were discovering America: that's fantastic don't you think so?
    We would not like to go back, walking round the ruines, touching the stones you can feel a divine atmosphere giving a high value to the great experience you are living. It is something mysterious, fascinating you will never forget.

    You will believe in magic

    Visiting Machu Picchu transformed my life. Never had I experienced a day so full of awe and wonder as the one when I hiked this marvel of the world. I am short for words to describe exactly what happened because I don't think I could use a letter combination that depicts the potency of Machu Picchu's enchantment. The only thing I can say to others is: "just go".

    Sacred Valley and Beyond

    Try a "cultural" trek to get to Machu Picchu. I did the Lares Trek, where I encountered no other trekkers (unlike the Inca Trail) and was able to see traditional Quechua people - these are the living descendants of the Incas.
    Spend plenty of time in the Sacred Valley. There are incredible ruins to see in addition to Machu Picchu, such as the Salt Ruins (Salierinas) and Moray. You can get around the Sacred Valley easily by hailing a "combi" - it's just like a highway carpool, and it's how the locals get around. I don't know Spanish and it wasn't a problem. Eat a fried trout and hit the markets in Urumbumba, hardly anyone does that. The little towns of the Sacred Valley really clear out at night when the tourists have left, and you can get a more authentic pulse on the places you're seeing during the day. You can get to authentic markets in Chincheroo a few days a week and also witness traditional Incan weaving. There were no other "gringos" in those places, and it really gave my time in the Sacred Valley a complete feel.

    Breathtaking views

    The site is well signed and the path to the top is quite interesting with amazing views of the mountains including the Andes as well as llamas on the way. The pueblo (the small town) of Machu Picchu is pitoresque with many options of accomodations and unexpensive restaurants. Try the relaxing hot waters of a nearby Hot Springs. Prepare yourself to visit MP early in the morning to have an incredible glance of a beautiful sunrise.
    Only the entrance fee to the archaeological site is a bit expensive.
    One of those adventures that everyone who enjoys traveling must do.
    The travel to Macchu Picchu, an ancient Inca Ruin in Cuzco, Peru, is an unforgettable experience for all who love nature, green mountains, and the challenge of figuring out how the Incas could lift such humongous rocks to form a small city at the peak of a 2000 ft. high mountain.

    The City

    Machu Picchu was built around the year 1450 AD, and it only thrived for approximately 100 years. Once abandoned, the site survived only within the knowledge of locals who knew about its existence.
    Cost: About $50 to enter
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    Hike the Inca Trail

    The Inca Trail takes about 4 days for the whole trail is arguably the best hike in the Americas, and among the most adventurous and rewarding. The famed ruins of Machu Picchu are your ending point.
    Cost: Various options. Standard 4 day starts at $490 per person
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    Andes Mountains

    Andes Mountains in Peru provide a myriad of attractions, from historical ruins, to charming mountain towns.
    Cost: Varies
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