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The only problem concerning things to do in London is where to start and how to fit it all in. History and style. Class and beauty. London is a once in a lifetime experience. Tour monuments and buildings you've only ever read about in history class; and see art you've only see in books. Drink beer by the pint. Visit the London Eye, a giant Ferris Wheel that gives you a view of the entire city in all its glory. Shop at some of the world's most famous stores and come home the envy of all your friends. Catch some of the finest theater in the world. And give in to your secret obsession with the royals (don't deny it) by stopping by Buckingham Palace.
Photo Credit: Visit London
Photo Credit: Visit London
Photo Credit: Visit London
Photo Credit: Visit London
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Out of all of the beautiful Eureopean cities we've experienced, London takes the cake! The breathtaking architecture of the old buildings, to the diversity of people, to the vast varieties of food, this place is pure excitement. The weather was perfect to venture around the city by Tube and foot. We hung around the parks and local food markets. Notting Hill was so cool. I could write for days about this city. I describe this place as Europe's New York City but prettier! 10/10 on any scale!

The land of the Queen

A luxurious city, with its great momumentos, museums, cathedrals, all full of refinement. Famous for tourist attractions, beautiful places to shoot, and also to sit and have a coffee or tea watching the Londoners passing through their clothing.
Mariana Cristina

The City!

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. You will find a diversity of race, tongues and cultures. You will visit wonderful places and meet a wonderful people who are truly gentlemen and ladies.

I am fascinated with this city! The efficiency of the public transport, the security, the infra structure and all kinds of entertainment it offers is incomparable.

Take as many pictures as you can, but also,turn it off to take some time to pay attention on what is under your feet, our above your head, or around you, because in every corner, street or bridge you will find a piece of history and architectonic details that many tourists do not realize they are there. Please, do not forget to drink your tee everyday at 17:00 and do not forget to read your newspaper in the subway.

Here are some of the places you can visit: Westminster Abbey, London Eye, the Big Bang, the aquarium, the Buckingham palace, the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, Regent's Park, the Wembley Stadium, the Oxford Street, the Trafalgar Square, the Madame Tussaud's Museum, the Hyde Park, St. James's Park, etc.

Great city!

London is hectic. London is big. London is busy. But above all it is a great city, one you will remember! London Tower, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, House of Parliament, museums, London Bridge,... so many famous landmarks. And on top of that you can go on a complete shopping spree and take a rest in one of the famous parks. Be sure to check out Covent Garden and Camden! 2 worlds apart!

Much a do about London

So many places, museums, monuments, parks, shows, neighborhoods to visit that I have had to go back to more than once. And, each time there has been something different and new to experience, live and enjoy.

Also, take advantage of the literally takes you almost anywhere in London.

Lara B.

Historically this city interests me, although it has much to offer in other respects. I tend not to concentrate on the touristy things to do, but this being said I did have to visit The London Dungeon. I'm not sorry, I loved it. Then there's the Underground which makes getting all over London so easy, and even in winter the streets are not difficult to pedestrian the city somewhat.
The buildings are just beautiful; the shopping is entertaining...Harrods, Hamleys, the whole of Soho!!
We were lucky enough to catch the Phantom of the Opera at His Majesty's during one of our visits, which was unforgettable. Of course there's all the Palaces and Castles and Royal-paraphernalia which is unlike any other country.

Swinging London!

London wages a full war on all your senses, leaving nothing to chance or imagination. Jump on a red double decker bus and get wonderfully lost in all of it's magic.

A Historical Must See Kept Up-to-Date

The English have successfully managed to hold on to a few of their iconic traditions such as: the hackney carriage (taxi cab), the double decker bus, and driving on the right side of the road - all while continuing to set worldwide trends in fashion and music. London is also a cultural melting pot, meaning you might find your next favorite restaurant in a small hole in the wall off of some side street and your next new favorite boutique right next door.

Navigating by taxi is definitely recommended over trying the bus or metro. There's much to see in this old city and taking a taxi gives you a much better look at the the past and how it's changed over the centuries to become what is now London. Plus, there's a chance that you might get caught out in the rain and being in a wet underground tunnel on vacation just isn't ideal. You never know when it's going to rain, so plan for weather and your experience won't be dampened. Much of the best art is inspired by the grey sky that keeps people inside and willing to stay creative.

My advice: Shop and admire the architecture by day, and experience a speakeasy or art cinema by night. For the younger adults, London is world renowned for its eclectic nightlife and underground progressive nightclubs.

Western Culture: 101

My stay in London came just after the 2012 Olympics, and the city was in fine form. Central London was sparkling clean, and vibrantly alive with people from all walks of life.

I used AirBNB for accommodation; For less than forty pounds, I found a room in Redbridge, which was a bit of a trek from central London, but worth it for what I saved in price. The tube is very convenient, but only runs until midnight, which is a bit of a problem if one is inclined towards the nightlife, as yours truly is.

Highlights include: Twelfth Night at the Globe Theatre. My lady and I waited in line for over two hours to get tickets, but for five pounds each, we were up front in a perfect reproduction of what the Globe looked like during Elizabethan times. (The original Globe burned down, and was believed to have been built a little more inland, over which a bar now stands.) Mark Rylance led a stellar cast, and the show was truly memorable. Fashion week was also in full swing while we were there. After a little fence hopping, we had a great time there as well, although we weren't able to get into any of the actual shows.

The most memorable experience I have had to this day!

I had the amazing opportunity of studying abroad in London my junior year of college. The opportunity changed my life forever. I always was a fan of London and England in general as my neighbor grew up in England and her accent drew me even more to one day going to see London for myself. When I say there are endless amounts of things for you to experience, I am not joking. The shopping will make your wallets empty within a half hour, no lie. Primark is a Forever 21 on steroids, and you will know what I am talking about when you go there yourself! a MUST! The nightlife....the BEST! Never a dull moment. Tons of nightclubs, casual pubs, and everyone was so friendly. Definitely a different scene the here in the United States and I absolutely loved it. Also, there are tons of plays to go see if you are interested in that. The parks are absolutely gorgeous to just go there and walk around or sit and read a book. Anyone can tell you how amazing it is to see the Buckingham Palace and the other famous places like Abbey Road. I used to always hear about it but hearing about it and SEEING them is a completely different feeling, its really amazing. And there are always tour busses happening everyday that it is SO easy to hop on one and see all the sites. One of my favorite things to do on the weekends was go to the markets. Camden Market and Portobello Market we my top 2 favorite markets. They have everything from amazing pastries and cuisine, to clothing, antiques and more! To this day I still rave about London and how I wish I could go back and live there. Definitely a place that opened my eyes and made me realize all that there is in the world to explore!

London Pass

Admission to 55 attractions. PLUS no waiting, skip the lines! Includes Windsor Castle, Tower of London, cruises and much more!
Cost: Adults $70/child $46
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Leicester Square

Located in the heart of London's West End, this busy square is within easy walking distance to many of London's top theaters and the people watching and nightlife delights.
Cost: Free (Until You Start Shopping!)
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The boutiques and unique shops in London have a spectacular choice of gifts and comestibles to suit every taste and budget.
Cost: Totally Up To You!
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Free Activities in London

• Free Museums: Art lovers enjoy the Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the best art and design museums on the globe, and the Tate Modern which houses an extensive collection of international contemporary and modern art. History buffs get a thrill from visiting the Museum of London, a veritable exploration of the city through the ages, or the British Museum, home to treasures including Egyptian mummies and the Rosetta Stone. • Historic Sites: Visit Horse Guards Parade to witness the daily Changing of the Guards ceremony, at 11:00 a.m. Mondays-Saturdays and 10:00 a.m. on Sundays. Make an effort to see Queen's House, a villa originally appointed by King James I for Anne of Denmark, his wife. The home is a marvel in itself, but also serves as an exhibit for historical paintings and a maritime art collection.
Cost: FREE




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