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If Cinderella had a hankering for white sandy beaches and wanted a bit of a tan, we know exactly where she'd go. To a land where fairytale palaces and beaches serendipitously coexist--Lisbon, Portugal. We almost don't want to tell you just how amazing Lisbon, Portugal really is, because as of now, it's a surprisingly undiscovered little gem. Especially surprising since Lisbon is the city that launched some of the world's most famous discoverers. Lisbon is the kind of place that deserves bragging rights, but it keeps quietly humble about its qualities. Not only is it naturally and architecturally beautiful, not only does it have near-perfect weather all year long, and not only is it full of romance, nightlife, and attractions that the whole family can enjoy, Lisbon is one of the easiest, most affordable vacations you'll ever take. Western Europe's least expensive capitol, it's also the closest European capitol to the United States and only a couple of hours from other major European capitols. And as if the friendly locals, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and sprawling castles dotting the countryside aren't enough--Lisbon is also home to warm, sandy beaches. Other cities would be jealous of this paradisaical destination if they didn't want to use it as their vacation escape destination themselves.
Photo Credit: Turismo de Lisboa
Photo Credit: Turismo de Lisboa
Photo Credit: Turismo de Lisboa
Photo Credit: Turismo de Lisboa
Photo Credit: Turismo de Lisboa
Photo Credit: Turismo de Lisboa
Photo Credit: Turismo de Lisboa
Photo Credit: Turismo de Lisboa
Photo Credit: Turismo de Lisboa
Photo Credit: Turismo de Lisboa

Lisbon, one of the oldest cities in the world!

A weekend was not enough to see everything this city has to offer as we also headed to Cascais, Estoril, Sintra and Algarve to visit. It was a very cold December when we drove 6 hours from Madrid to Lisbon. Arriving there at night we were able to enjoy how the city was all lit up and decorated for the Christmas holiday. We walked from our hotel to Barrio Alto to enjoy the different bar scene. During the day we walked all over town taking pictures of people, monuments, buildings and drove around the seaport area before heading toward Cascais and the other places we wanted to visit.

Another city I would like to return and visit.

Portuguese Capital

Lisbon is a very important place in Europe. Its the door of Europe. Historically is very old town with lots of things to do. The food is great, the peolpe are nice, the city is very beautiful, you have the Chiado, Belém, Sintra is wonderful small town near and you have to go there, Belém is a important place, because of the history of Camões and the age of gold for the Portuguese people when they went to discover Africa, and America. You have cascais, troia, and caparica very nice beaches and places to stay and feel the sun. I think Lisbon is very nice, but in Portugal you have other places to visit and with great things to see and taste. Alentejo is wonderful, with great wine, and food. Porto is a wonderful city in the north, full of culture, arts, important universities, the peolpe are very nice too, very afective and the food is great. You have the Douro river, great landscapes, a very nice wine and its a world heritage. And of course Guimaraes the place were Portugal born.
João Paulo

Lisbon is Europe's little secret!

Gothic cathedrals, majestic monasteries and quaint houses are all part of the colorful cityscape, but the real delights of discovery lie in wandering the narrow lanes of Lisbon’s lovely backstreets. The city mesmerizes with cobbled streets, and antique cable cars, taking you back to a different era.

Vintage trams like Tram 28, take passengers on a scenic trip from the city center at sea level up through the narrow maze of streets towards St. George Castle. This ride on the antique cable car was my personal favorite for sightseeing, it's a wild ride! Those things are old but they can fly! On top of the highest hill in Lisbon sits St. George’s Castle. It has the best views of the charming city. Any traveler to Lisbon needs to make some time to get lost and take in the monuments of the city and relish in the splendid fountains and architecture. No detail in the city is over-looked. Elaborate wall paintings from tiles decorate halls of palaces, churches, public buildings, private homes, staircases and fountains. Even street signs on houses are made from decorative tiles and the mosaic sidewalks are unreal! It's the small things that make the capital city of Portugal so charming.

The Belem Tower is erected along the seaside that once saw the celebrated return of Vasco da Gama. In fact Lisbon has been the port city of many famous and important voyages. In the age of discovery, all the famous explorers dropped anchor at Belem, this is the spot where Magellan and da Gama once prepared for their New World voyages. Today you can lounge by the sea and take in beautiful and pristine beaches. The beachfront promenade of Estoril is quite pleasant.

The sublime sight of the Pena Palace is only a train ride away. Now this is a sight to behold! Not far from Lisbon is the splendid countryside of the Sintra Valley. Sintra still maintain its royal aspect of the past when kings and queens of Portugal found Sintra their eden on earth. The real draw for me was our visit to the marvelous fairy tale castle called the Pena palace. This was once a royal summer residence and you can see why. The lavender, lemon and rose-tinted turrets and battlements of this magical Palace rises up from a thickly wooded peak in the romantic mountainous region of Sintra. The glorious palace is an extravagant exhibition of grande and thoughtful architectural combinations. The sight is breathtaking. I could spend an entire day here, climbing the towers, wandering the grounds, and taking in the views from this castle. I even found out that this palace might have been the home of my 25th great-grandmother!

With fairytale castles rising above enchanted woodlands, and pristine beaches along the famed coasts where discoverers launched their voyages. My visit was rich in history, and beauty and took my breath away with splendid views at every turn. Lisbon is a picturesque port city, characterized by romantic cobblestone streets, mosaic sidewalks, rolling hills, pastel houses and castles by the sea. It delivered far more than I ever expected!

One of the best cities in Europe

Lisbon is for sure one of the best cities in Europe! Extremely friendly people, great food, lots to see and the beach is nearby too! Visit Belem from where you will see the famous Vasco de Gama Bridge and 25th of April bridge to get a little San Francisco feeling and take a ride on the Tram 28, Lisbon will not disappoint you no matter how many times you go return to this city.
Wether you're single , a couple or got kids, this is one of the best places to visit, history is so real and rich, we visited some castles with all original furnishings that were fantastic! We must have gone to at least two of them. The horse carriage museum is spectacular to say the least. The portuguese cuisine is delicious no matter what you order, but i highly recommend the seafood! Going out at night is a no brainer..every place is just happening, wether you want a highly vibrant atmoshpere, or a more laid back suave evening, this place has everything!!

Cant Wait To Go Back!

Lisbon Card

Free or discounted entrance to all major Lisbon museums, sights & tours
Cost: 24 hour pass 17 Euros
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Double-Decker Bus Tours

These buses are doing a tour through Lisbon and Belem, with a hop-on , hop-off system
Cost: $22.79 Adults, $11.42 Child
Visit Website

Santa Justa Elevator

A 45-meter high, Neogothic structure that connects the lowest and highest points of the city. The upper terrace is reached by spiral staircases and provides staggering views of the area.
Cost: 1.50 Euros
Visit Website

Port of Departure

Large cruise lines use this as a "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.




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