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We've all grown up hearing the old clichés: Those who don't know history are bound to repeat it. Learn from your elders. There's bats in the belfry. And while we have no idea what the last one means, the first two may have been aptly coined after a visit to Lima Peru, a city truly rich in ancient history.
Photo Credit: Promo Peru
Photo Credit: Promo Peru
Photo Credit: Promo Peru
Photo Credit: Promo Peru
Photo Credit: Promo Peru
Photo Credit: Promo Peru
Photo Credit: Promo Peru

Lima has so much offer!

The first thing you'll notice about Lima is the stark contrast between the multi colored shacks stacked high on the hills on out-skirts of town, compared to the grand colonial edifices of the central plaza. In Lima, the spectrum of activities, sights and cuisine are equally broad and diverse. During our stay in Peru's frenetic capital city, we enjoyed it all, from museums, shopping and nightlife, to water activities, a visit to the zoo and mouthwatering eats all along the way.

The modern city of Lima is a curious mix of slum areas intermingled with impressive colonial structures in the city center. Somewhere in between, we stayed with my old friend who's family warmly welcomed us and showed us around of the sprawling city. Although Lima is generally the gateway to Peru's main attractions, it's a worthwhile stop. The Plaza de Armas (or Plaza Mayor) is home to impressive Palaces, the Cathedral and other restored colonial structures, resplendent with floral gardens and fountains. This historic center of the city is also the birthplace of Lima and a must-see for any visitor.

Metropolitan Lima is a metropolis of almost 8.5 million people! One cannot avoid the chaotic transit of Lima, so embrace it and get up close and personal with the peruvian people. A crowded bus ride can deliver you to a day on the coast where life is a little more serene. Along with some new friends, we enjoyed a day trip to the beachfront promenade. We marveled at Incan artifacts at the local museum, followed by sipping Inca cola on the playa until sunset.

Lima can get hot and humid so a trip to the local water-park was a welcomed treat. The nearby zoo was also quite remarkable. Unlike other zoos, here you get up-close and personal with toucans, cheetahs and monkeys. We practically spent the whole day there, fascinated by the animals, and partly because a curious monkey ended up with our keys - we patiently waited for him to relinquish his new toy.

Lima has been declared the gastronomical capital of the America - what does that mean? Really. Good. Food. There's no shortage of culinary delights in this city. Of all the dishes you must get to know, Ceviche is surely number one. We ducked into a beachside cafe and delighted in the fresh, raw fish dish, marinated in citrus juices with chili peppers and other tongue-tingling spices. I seriously couldn't get enough! It's no wonder Ceviche is Peru's most popular dish. I recommend trying some chicha morada, a refreshing corn and clove drink, or a creamy, spicy potato dish called Papas a la Huancaína. From humble street stands to upscale restaurants, the dynamic and wide range of Peruvian cuisine is unparalleled.

Such a fascinating city that has so much to offer any traveler. Lima is a city where the old meets the new in an exciting and delicious way and I can't wait to get back!

Great City - Not so Great Cuisine

Loved Peru! Lima is obviously the country's hub - lots to do, good people, good fun. It's not the easiest city (or country) for a vegetarian to navigate. The local cuisine involves a lot of chicken.

La Ciudad de los Reyes...The City of the Kings

I had the opportunity of living in this city for 8 amazing years. The diversity of its It's people, their culture, museums, galleries, night life, bars, events, Centro Historico and more all make up the City of the Kings. And their cuisine!! Ah, so tasty, spicy, varied, daring and simply to die for has made Lima the Gastronomical Capital of the Americas (and I would add World).

The weather in Lima tends to be grey, humid and very cold during the winter and grey and humid during the summer. During the summer I never knew if the sun would actually shine until it was noon. During the winter I would most likely escape to the mountains which are just a 40 minute drive and where the sun is always shining.

Such events as the bull and cock fights attract Peruvians and visitors alike and one must be prepared to see a lot of blood. Other events one can enjoy are Mistura, the largest cultural and gastronomic feast in Peru and Lima's Fashion Show Week as well as exhibits, shows, musicals.

La ruta del Pacifico

I'm going to Lima in next month. There is a particular culinary. I will also visit the Inca's ruins in Machu Picchu. I hope a marvellous experience there.

Short but great!

Unfortunately I was able to spend only a weekend on this beautiful city but it has so many places to go, and so much stories to tell us that I am definitively coming back.
This is one of the few places in Latin America where you can still see the culture on every turn.

Peruvian Cooking Class

Love the food? Then learn how to cook some of it! Prepare and cook some authentic Peruvian food that you'll be able to cook for your friends and family back home.
Cost: From $45
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Magic Water Circuit

A run down park has been transformed into a fun show! Take an evening and stop by to see the water and light show. There are tons of fountains that lift high in the air along with fun lights and music. Fun for the whole family!
Cost: 1.50
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Inglesia de San Francisco

An old church with rich history. The building houses many tombs and artifacts along with a library. Take a tour guide take you around and teach you about all that the building has to offer!
Cost: $2 Entrance Fee
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