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A magical land, nestled in the middle of the desert, called Las Vegas, Nevada is home to every kind of entertainment imaginable. Casinos are the major attraction in Las Vegas, whether you visit some of the old favorites or some of the posh new high rises. For some, the classic slots can provide hours of entertainment, while others are entranced by invigorating games of black jack, craps or Texas hold ‘em. World-class shows abound in Vegas, from pop legends to Broadway classics to magicians to hypnotists. And though Vegas certainly lives up to its reputation when it comes to liberal entertainment, it’s surprisingly family-friendly. The Bellagio show and the Treasure Island pirate show provide free entertainment on the street and many casinos have built indoor and outdoor amusement parks and rollercoasters. And one of the best things about Las Vegas is how easy it is on any budget. Food, hotels, and shopping ranges from practically free to exorbitant so that every person has the chance to proudly say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”
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Photo Credit: 2012 Las Vegas CVB
Photo Credit: 2012 Las Vegas CVB
Photo Credit: 2012 Las Vegas CVB
Photo Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau
Photo Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau


Even if not into gambling, Las Vegas is a place you must visit... JUST TO SEE IT once. The night lights and representation of various cities, the excess and nightlife is like nowhere else. For nightlife lovers or not, Vegas, I say, you should go!!
Ruth Damaris

What Happens in Vegas...

Have to see it to believe it! So much to do. Playground for adults.

Vegas Native Gives the Serious Skinny On The City

If you're looking for a local's advice on what to do in Las Vegas, this review is for you. I was born and raised in the city of sin, so let me tell you what to look for, what to avoid, and how to make the best of your time in this bizarre and wonderful place.


In a single day, you can have a blackout-style adventure that rivals, "The Hangover," see the most mind-boggling shows in the world, laze by the casino pools, lose all your money then win it back, dine at the restaurants of celebrity chefs, and let loose at the world's greatest nightclubs.

That's the classic vision of Vegas that most people have. It's a stereotype because it's accurate!

For newbies to Vegas I always recommend starting at the MGM Grand and scurrying downstairs to Fat Tuesdays. Get a 'yard' in the flavor of your preference (yes, this is a yard-long adult beverage that requires a shoulder strap. Take turns carrying and sharing with your friends), then spend about two hours wandering North on the strip, seeing the Planet Hollywood mall, Eiffel Tower, Bellagio Fountains, City Center, and finally the volcano at the Mirage.

Now that your feet are all tired out, go the the Cirque du Soleil show inside the Mirage. It's called LOVE and it's based on Beatles music. Personally, I'm not a big Beatles fan, but this is the most incredible visual feast I've ever seen. You will not be disappointed.

Ahh, it's become late and you need to get your party on. The hot and popular clubs come and go in this town as often as Carrot Top and Blue Man Group move venues (that's Vegas speak for a lot), and different clubs are popular on different nights of the week. So, my recommendation is to go to any concierge under 30 and ask, "if YOU were to go to a club tonight, where would you go that's not a part of your hotel?" They will smile and tell you.

Now that it's morning... wait, huh? How did it become morning? Where am I? How did this happen? Exactly. Welcome to Vegas.

Orient yourself and head to one of the many hotel pools or better yet, Wet n' Wild, the water park. As you catch some sun, determine which of these activities would best suit you:

For the Best City Views:
Inside MIX in Mandalay Bay, at Ghost Bar in the Palms, or atop the Stratosphere Tower they're all great and give you that, 'woo hoo I'm in Vegas!' feeling. If you go up the Stratosphere and you are a Jauntarista, you are sinning unless you ride the Big Shot. It's a roller-coaster style ride that launches you about 161 feet straight up, then drops you in freefall. Multiple times. For bonus points, jump off of the tower in a controlled free fall. Yes, you can do that.

For Romance:
Uhhh... you've got the wrong city. Well, there is the Eiffel Tower and the Venetian has a canal ride where they'll sing opera to you... if you don't mind having your photograph taken by 20 strangers on the bank of the canals.

For the Casinos & Gambling:
Duh. Bellagio, Wynn, and City Center are tip top.

For the Arts:
Head to Freemont Street. Vegas is constantly trying to make this area the 'Arts' district. On the first Friday of every month there's a festival that takes place scattered amongst the hipster bars that are downtown. It's creatively called, 'First Friday.' See the Freemont Street Experience while there. It's a pretty amazing neon roof built between the classic mobster Casinos. You can also zipline between the casinos and if that's your thing, there is an entire zipline center in the Southeast of the city. Beware the weirdos and don't wander too far from Freemont Street or well-lit places. It's not the best area.

World Class. Forum Shops at Caesars, the Bellagio, Fashion Show Mall, Bellz Factory Outlet Stores, Planet Hollywood. It's virtually impossible to be in this city and not find shopping.


Now I'll tell you why I still return to Vegas frequently: The outdoor life is unparalleled. I know that sounds weird, but it's seriously world-class.

Hiking & Rock Climbing:
Only 30 minutes West of town, Red Rock Canyon has 4000+ established climbing routes and miles of incredible trails that weave in and out of sandstone cliffs thousands of feet tall. No wonder it's a worldwide mecca for earth's best climbers! There is also Mt. Charleston, Mt. Potosi, Valley of Fire, Christmas Tree Pass, and the list goes on.

Lakes & Water:
Lake Mead, formed by the Hoover Dam, is 40 minutes Southeast of town. See Lake Las Vegas on your way there. The boating and fishing are pretty darned good. You've also got Lake Mohave to the South, which has phenomenal sailing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding.

More Active/Outdoors:
Golfing GALORE. Mountain biking HEAVEN. Skiing is accessible at Mt. Charleston, but Big Bear and Utah slopes are within a 4 hour drive.

Within a Short Drive:
National Parks include: Grand Canyon, Zion, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley. Cities include: Los Angeles (4 hrs), San Diego (5hrs), Phoenix (5hrs), and Salt Lake City (6hrs... ugh not that close, but you can stop by the Jauntaroo office if you make the haul).

Here are a few ways to scam the system:

Free/Cheap Drinks:
Intercept a cocktail waitress a few dozen feet in front of her 'rounds' by sitting down at the penny or nickel slots. Put in a buck and when she passes you yelling, "Cocktails!" put in your order. Be cool and tip her when she returns.

Free Clubs/Skip the Line:
This one takes some moxie to pull off, but it works whether you are female or male. See, all clubs want more women inside. Please don't get offended, that's just how it works. So, use this to your advantage. Approach random attractive female strangers and say, "Hey! We have VIP access to (insert club name here). You look fun, want to come in with us?" Your goal is to get more women than men. The higher ratio the better. Once you have an entourage, go to the front of the line. Say, "Hey, everyone here wants to party now or we're going to (other club name) where we have VIP access. But I want to bring everyone in here... is there anything you can do for us?" If you've selected the right people, they will let you in with everyone. If not, a $100 bill goes a long way to persuade. Men should be prepared to pay regardless (with the exception of you, the organizer). Side benefit? You're now the most popular person in the club!

Free Transportation:
Take a hotel shuttle from the airport even if you aren't staying there.

It won't be hard, but please ENJOY YOUR TIME IN VEGAS!!
This is absolutely one of my favorite places to go. There is nothing like Las Vegas. I would have to say that the two best parts of Vegas are the lights at night and the shopping!!! At the Shopping Promenade you can find everything from sundries to designer clothing. Some items are more expensive than others but in the end, it is always worth buying. This is definitely a place you must see. Las Vegas is filled with everything you can think of!
las vegas is a great place but not for as much for families. i enjoyed it because it was such a different place and the hotels not too much mention the people. las vegas is a world of excitement its sort sort of like its own little whorl. coming from utah, it was an amazing change, but it might be tough to come with a family because. jordan cutrer
crazy fun!!
This is every adults dream play land! What McDonalds playland is for kids Las Vegas is for adults. There is always something going on no matter what time of day or night and you can always find something to spark your interests. Really enjoyed every trip made to this playground!
They dont call this sin city for nothin! This place has all the things that can get you in trouble, or if you want to just relax and take in a show or two it is great too. Nowadays you can get cheap hotel rates and the shows are getting cheaper. The Aria is a great and new hotel which i try and stay at and i love going to the Cirque de Soleil Shows.
I'll be honest...I don't really gamble or drink, and I still LOVE Vegas. The shopping and nightlife is awesome no matter what you like.
i love the magic and excitement of Las Vegas - the city that never sleeps!


Virtually every casino boasts top headliners from theater, dance, comedy, magic to circus acts. Among the best in the world.
Cost: Deep discounted show prices to high end performances
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Water parks, dam tours, and thrill rides are just the beginning of things to do.
Cost: Varies
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Every level of dining is available. Inexpensive, delicious buffets to over the top dining experiences.
Cost: Varies
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Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is an engineering wonder of the world just 35 miles southeast of Las Vegas. This historic man-made creation tamed the mighty Colorado River and created North America's largest man-made lake, Lake Mead. The 726-foot-high, arch-gravity dam is 660 feet thick and forever changed the face of the western United States.

Free Activities in Las Vegas

• Volcano at the Mirage: Erupting nightly every hour between 7 and 11 p.m., this pyrotechnic display offers a lot of bang for no bucks. You'll experience explosion after explosion timed to an accompanying soundtrack. • Fountains of Bellagio: Water, light and music combine to thrill onlookers as choreographed Bellagio fountains dance in perfect timing to inspiring music. The dynamics of the display change often, so you can visit repeatedly. • The Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo: Admire the Flamingo hotel's pink namesake mascot, as well as koi, ducks, turtles and swans. • Silverton’s Mermaid Show: At various times Thursdays through Sundays, live "mermaids" drop into a 117,000- gallon aquarium for a swim with stingrays, sharks and thousands of gorgeous, tropical fish.
Cost: FREE




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