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Lancaster, Pennsylvania is truly a town frozen in time. You'll think you've stepped into the pages of an old movie or stumbled upon a time machine when you catch a glimpse of the simple beauty that Lancaster has managed to maintain. Lancaster, or Pennsylvania Dutch Country, offers visitors a glimpse of 17th century farm life, and not because you can see pictures in museums, but because 17th century farm life and modern farm life isn't really much different here. While the Amish are famous for avoiding modern technology, especially cameras, they make their livings at markets and shops throughout the town. Everything you'll buy is 100% homemade, which means the pies are unbelievable, the produce is freshly picked, and the quilts are better than anything you'll find at a department store. Whether you want to experience a new culture or teach your children to appreciate central air conditioning and x-boxes, you'll never forget your visit to Lancaster, the town where it's not usual to get stuck behind a horse and buggy moseying down the road.
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Photo Credit: Terry Ross
Photo Credit: Terry Ross
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Photo Credit: Terry Ross
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Amish exprience

Visiting Lancaster gives a visitor the opportunity to see the Amish lifestyle, shop for hand-made Amish crafts, savor delicious Amish cooking, take a horse and buggy ride or simply enjoy the more relaxed pace of Amish lifestyle.

And, if you are a chocoholic like me drive 40 minutes and visit Hershey, PA to indulge in all things Hershey.
Landis Valley is a must see. The local potato chip factory tour is nice. Now, there are Amish that let you join them for their dinner meal-very very educational
Lancaster is a really cool experience. It's educational and way more fun than you would think. Plus, the Amish sell some pretty amazing homemade items.
We lived in PA for 10 years and when someone would come from out of state, Lancaster is the place where I would take them. It's some of the most beautiful countryside I've ever seen. Pristine farms, quaint Amish culture and delicious local cuisine make this a place to visit!
Drive through the rolling countryside and absorb the peace and slow pace of life. Make sure to stop at a traditional family restaurant.

Amish Shopping

You will find a totally amazing shopping experience here. Amish goods are world renowned for quality, low price and uniqueness.
Cost: Depends on what you like!
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Local Cuisine

With so many choices of eating you will find it hard to decide what and how much!
Cost: Varies
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The Amish Villages

No trip to Lancaster would be complete without experiencing the "simple" lifestyle of the Amish. Using no modern conveniences they are amazingly productive and happy.
Cost: Some Free Tours
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A short drive from Lancaster is the famous amusement park: Hersheypark.




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