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Upon arriving in Kauai, Hawaii, you'll be greeted by warm, friendly locals, locals who have helped to make the aloha spirit not only famous, but enchanting. The problem in Kauai isn't finding something awesome to do, it's in narrowing it all down. Since only 10 percent of Kauai is accessible by road, much of the island will feel delightfully untouched if you explore it on foot. Trails lead to canyons, waterfalls, and natural pools. It's almost a crime to visit Kauai and not scuba dive, snorkel, or fish and you'll know why as soon as you spot the crystal clear, bath-water-warm water. If you thought golfing was fun back on the mainland, picture golfing under a cloudless Hawaiian sky, vibrant green palm trees, spectacular mountains, and a sparkling ocean as your backdrop. Have you ever heard that Eskimos, experts in every kind of snow possible, have over a hundred words for our single word, "snow"? Well, Kauai should have at least 60 words--one for each of their beaches--for our single word, "beach." Some are ideal for leisurely strolls. Others are perfect for camping. And some seem almost inspirationally designed just for children, thanks to their shallow tidal pools. Still others provide the best surfing you've ever experienced. It's the least commercially developed of all of the Hawaiian Islands, so you'll feel like you're in on a secret that the rest of the world hasn't quite caught onto yet.
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Dana Edmunds
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority-Tor Johnson
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    A Beautiful (humorous) Hike to Hanakali'ai Falls

    If you want to get a feel and a visual for this great hike, check out this blog on the spectacular hike to Hanakali'ai Falls


    Truly Paradise

    Kauai is known as the Garden Isle and is well named. The oldest Hawaiian island, it is lush with orchids, flowers, plants and exotic woods. There are waterfalls and rainbows nearly at every turn, during a rain storm. If you are traveling for the bright nightlife, then choose Oahu and Honolulu, but if you enjoy beautiful sunsets over the ocean, trails through lush growth and under waterfalls, then Kauai is your Paradise! If you want a traditional luau, you can find it, or 4 star restaurants with a view, it's all there in Kauai. I highly recommend that you take the helicopter ride over the Hawaiian Grand Canyon or Waimea Canyon, absolutely breathtaking. It will also take you past one of the wettest spots on earth, Mt. Waialeale, with it's continuous waterfalls and rainbows. Then you will pass over the rugged Napali Coast, which is pretty much inaccessible by foot. It's tall mountains and valleys show evidence of the volcanos that formed the island. Be sure to catch a traditional hula by the native Hawaiians, a story played out through a graceful Hawaiian hand language, very enjoyable to watch! You also might enjoy catching a night of locals playing slack key guitar and singing beautiful songs in the original Hawaiian language. Some of the sweetest Pineapple in the world too. Just sit back on your outdoor lanai, and sip a piƱa colada or two and enjoy the views. I took a class on making leis, the necklace made of flowers. It was amazing to me that there were so many fragrant flowers to string in a necklace, Orchids, Plumaria, Gardinias, Pikake are too many to name them all. All heavenly to smell : ) Some other flowers in abundance are Hibiscus, Red, Pink and Blue Ginger, Bird of Paradise, Haleconia, and too many Plumarias to mention! Kauai the Garden Isle has truly earned it's name an reputation as one of the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands. Enjoying the weather? Make it an outdoor spa day with hot stones! Kauai is surrounded by water, so you may also have the opportunity to see whales and other colorful salt water fish. There are plenty of great outdoor activities as well. It's probably most well know for surfing, a sport that was invented in the Hawaiian Islands. You also might enjoy snorkeling, windsurfing or paddling a kayak. The weather is beautiful all year around, and the atmosphere is very laid back, so bring your casual clothes and be ready to have a most enjoyable laid back vacation in Paradise! : ) Highly recommended for Honeymooners as well!
    Like Molokai, Kauai has a wealth of untapped treasure for nature lovers. We like the undeveloped elements of this island as well as the casual, laid-back vibe. Even though it cannot rival the big island or even Maui in terms of fine dining and the party-scene, we feel it is the better destination. Especially for those who value peace and quiet as well as nature activities above most else.
    The only mistake you can make going to Kauai is not staying long enough. Most people only spend a few days but that is not nearly enough. You need a week to explore the whole island. Spend the extra money and take a helicopter ride!
    Kauai is not known for its nightlife. You can check out the hotel bars safely. There are some good restaurants in all price ranges. Don't expect a lot of entertainment here.
    For fine dining, you are pretty much dealing with the hotel restaurants. If it's fine dining you're looking for, try Honolulu or Maui instead

    Waimea Historic Walking Tour

    Take a 2.5 hour walk back through time in the place where Captain Cook first landed in Waimea. Where the agricultural landscape changed from taro to rice to corn, watered by an intricate ditch system with a marvelous history dating back to the time of the legendary menehune.
    Cost: Free
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    Helicopter tours

    90% of Kauai's amazing waterfalls cannot be seen any other way.
    Cost: $214 per person plus fuel surcharge
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    Secret Fall Tour

    A 5 Hour tour featuring a kayak ride to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Hawaii. You can hike around. Lunch and drinks included.
    Cost: $85 per adult; $60 for children 11 & under
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    Mountain Tubing Adventure

    This adventure takes you through areas not accessible other ways. It goes in and out of many tunnels, one of which is almost a mile long! You'll glide along in the underworld with a headlamp to light your way. The total trip length is approximately 3 hours including lunch and the travel time to and from the flume.
    Cost: $102 per floater
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