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A serious city of excess, Houston fits right into the "Everything's Bigger in Texas" mantra of its home-state. Once swampland, Houston is now the fourth largest city in the United States. Packed full of delicious food, theme parks, music and theater performances, and towering architecture, Houston offers so much that they've had to open up an underground to fit it all. A 6.5 mile underground city provides even more attractions, especially for those wanting to escape the Texas sun for a while. Ethnically diverse, fashionably forward, and historically fascinating, Houston is a destination with so much to do, you'll never fit it all in to one trip.
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Photo Credit: Greater Houston CVB
Photo Credit: Greater Houston CVB
Photo Credit: Greater Houston CVB
Photo Credit: Greater Houston CVB
Photo Credit: Greater Houston CVB
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Not a Must See

Although I did enjoy the people in Houston, I would not make it a travel destination. If you are considering Texas, I would suggest going to Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio over Houston. It is much more of a city where people live and work, than one to tour. There are places to shop and I enjoyed the food, but there is not much else to visit besides NASA.

Houston, we don't have a problem. Buuuut I think I could have a better time elsewhere.
For me, its normal to find the worst ppl a city can have but when I went to Houston it seemed impossible. The food was absolutely to die for and the ppl was just as great.
It takes a special kind of person to truly appreciate Houston. I spent a lot of time there in my 20s and even though I was young and energetic, the place disagreed with me. Too crowded, too hostile and way, way too hot. The bright spots were the museums and the zoo!
Eat at the Taqeria Arandas. Best pan dulce in the city.
My mom's side of the family lives in Houston, so I used to take trips there growing up. There's lots of places to shop and you should check out some banh mi(vietnamese and french sandwiches) restaurants while you're there!
Oh my Lord, I thought Dallas traffic was bad.....it's not good...unless you are in Houston! This is kind of a miserable place...after a 3-block walk to the car I was drenched with sweat from the humidity. My glasses fogged up every time I went into a building and every building seems to keep the setting on deep freeze. Ick.

NASA's Johnson Space Center

As the Official Visitor Center for NASA's Johnson Space Center, Space Center Houston is the only place on Earth that gives guests an out-of-this-world journey through human adventures in space.
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Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is made up of many moving parts with over 6,000 animals and over 1.84 million guests each year who experience the incredible variety of animals and ecosystems.
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Theatre Under the Stars

Professional, different, romantic, kid-friendly are just some of the great features of this venue.
Cost: $35.50 and up depending on the show
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The Rothko Chapel

The Rothko Chapel, founded by Houston philanthropists John and Dominique de Menil, was dedicated in 1971 as an intimate sanctuary available to people of every belief. A tranquil meditative environment inspired by the mural canvases of Russian born American painter Mark Rothko (1903-1970), the Chapel welcomes over 60,000 visitors each year, people of every faith and from all parts of the world.
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Children's Museum

5 star rated! Exhibits, show (pet and animal), science and much more.
Cost: $8 PP and Free family nights on Thursdays
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Home to Rockets basketball, Astros baseball, Oilers football and much more.
Cost: Varies By Sport
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George Bush Intercontinental Airport [IAH]
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