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They say that rubbing Buddha's belly can bring good luck. And with any luck, Buddha will send you straight to Hong Kong, China. In Hong Kong, you'll find all you could ever want in the shopping, dining and nightlife scenes. The massive skyscrapers contrast brilliantly with the rolling mountains and traditional markets. Hong Kong offers limitless entertainment for adults and children; it is home, after all, to Hong Kong Disneyland. And, on top of that, the unique culture and history is oozing from every pore.
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Photo Credit: Discover Hong Kong

Evolution and culture

Hong is a place that you can meet two extremes. By side a strong oriental culture and another side (Central) there is constructs modern, advanced technology, incredible buildings.
A city famous for shopping. has great tourist attractions, museums, parks, monuments, walk of fame and several options to go out at night, such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs.
You can find people from all over the world in Hong Kong, is a place where many cultures mix.
Mariana Cristina

7 million hearbeats

Want some big city life experience? This is the place! The city is vital and even more vivid at nights! Enjoy great restaurants with tasty food from any Asia's country or even Europe. Eat on the ground or up in the sky. Just don't be too surprised if you have to wait for some 20-30 min in the queue. It is very busy and overpopulated city where people love to eat out, you know.. Depending on your desires city can bring you anywhere. Want some culture? 1001 Buddha's temple & Biggest Buddha in Asia are great places to go. More entertainment for kids? Get tickets for Disneyland! Something from local life and things? Go to bird market and please your ears with hundred bird choir. Or jump on an old grandpa- the tram- and go down to dried good's market and sneak a peak in market where they sell things for deceased.
Enjoyed stretching your neck to see where is the end of buildings and the sapphire blue sky starts? Then you definitely gonna love the musical lightening show on coast side stage as well going up, up, up to the Peak. There is splendid view to the city and somehow 100 store skyscrapers don't look so enormous and big anymore.. If you're gambling type than horse race or bidding at auction might be the new interesting experience for you. Or you can always reach so called small LA in Asia or Macau withing 2h with ferry. At night for sure you have to go to LKF- the bar and club street. But remember to be very patient when you are squeezing through the crowd or waiting in a queue again.
When you get tired of city & busyness you can always take off to any of many beaches or go hiking around the islands. Rare places where there are no people, but plenty of peace and relaxation. Asians somehow don't enjoy much these type of outdoor activities. You can have even more fun on yacht parties or enjoy water skiing, wind boarding, surfing etc.
Shopping? Just anywhere! Wanna more local/ China stuff? Mong Kok shopping street is the place!
Wanna stay longer and do some business? of course this IS the place! Networking events every second day, too many buyers, partners and competitors to have & it's all at once.
Some interesting stuff you just might want to know: The weird building architecture is just because of fen shui or dragons. Locals really don't want to disturb their flight. If you see that floors or apartments with number that includes 4 is missing, then know it is just because of superstition, because the other meaning of it is "death".

International Love Affair

I have been living in Shenzhen, China for work for the past six months, and as geography buffs know, it is very close to Hong Kong. Since coming to Shenzhen, I've had an ongoing love affair with Hong Kong that can never be topped! I go to Hong Kong at least once every other month for my fill of adventure. The light show near Victoria Bay is beautiful, the view from Victoria Peak is breathtaking, and the culture is unique in a way that most Westerners and Chinese have not gotten the opportunity to understand and appreciate.

Having been a British-owned island for 100 years, the attitude, main language, and cultural values are completely different from those of mainland Chinese. The city is a bustling business hub with tons of bars, shops and hotels, but it takes no more than one hour to escape the "business jungle" to the real thing!

The mountains and beaches in Hong Kong are the most splendid that I have ever had an opportunity to indulge in... not to mention the waterfalls that only most locals get the chance to take in! The sites and activities are amazing, from mountains to beaches, junk boat trips to hiking in the forest, Hong Kong's natural scenery is the best!
We had so many adventures in Hong Kong. I understand that Tiger Balm Garden is no longer there, but my little children loved the strange, very Oriental creatures depicted there. We took the air tram across the sea to the marine life park and the junks in the water below us were absolutely breathtaking. From the landing at the airport which was a heartstopper to the final day in Hong Kong, was amazing....the shopping, the food, the people, the atmosphere.... The only thing we did not like was the HUMIDITY...never saw anything like it before or since.
Hong Kong is such a busy city, and people are always in a rush somewhere, but the local culture is great.

Discover Hong Kong by Rail

See Hong Kong from the cultural hub to its far-flung rural locations while traveling in comfort.
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"The Peak, featuring spectacular views, Victoria Harbor with stunning views, the nightly A Symphony of Lights show."
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By day or night, harbor, culture, islands and so much more. It's well worth it to take a day to enjoy a guided tour of the city.
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Local Cuisine

Check out this USA Today reporter's local cuisine experience and recommendations!
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Ocean Park

Ocean Park, situated on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, is an educational theme park. The park covers more than 870,000 square metres of land and features a diverse selection of world-class marine attractions, thrill rides and shows divided between three areas: Lowland, Headland and Tai Shue Wan.
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Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland offers a world-class, unique family entertainment experience inspired by the original Disneyland in California. It features some of the best and classic attractions and entertainment from other Disney parks around the world but made more relevant for the guests in this region.
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