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Whether you consider yourself an athlete or whether your idea of a workout is sipping cool drinks while riding around in a golf cart, Hilton Head is an athlete's paradise. Hilton Head Island has world-class golf, polo, tennis, and volleyball courses, all surrounded by gorgeous beaches and boardwalks. Often boasting that it's the most family friendly city in the world, Hilton Head Island in North Carolina is home to one of the top ten family beaches in the country. Only 12 miles long and 5 miles wide, Hilton Head still offers more than 250 restaurants, 24 golf courses, and more than 200 shops. Seeking to attract all kinds of visitors, Hilton Head hotels and resorts are designed to fit your budget, whatever that may be. The natural feel to the island and the friendly, relaxed attitude makes this island retreat a fun and calming escape.
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Outdoor and Nature Adventures

Kayaking, nature preserves, hiking & biking to name just a few
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Water Activities

Parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing and surfing in the pristine waters surrounding Hilton Head will keep you very busy.
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Spa Services

Relax and unwind in world-class spas found throughout Hilton Head Island
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Hilton Head Airport [HHH]
Savannah International Airport [SAV]