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It doesn't matter when you need to escape, Guanacaste, Costa Rica welcomes you with perfect weather every single month of the year. Although the seasons vary slightly, there's never a bad time to plan your trip to Guanacaste. Kids find an abundance of fun things to do, many of which involve seeing wildlife that you can't even see at your local zoo. The Guanacaste National Park holds 140 species of mammals, over 300 birds, 100 amphibians and reptiles and 10,000 species of insects. It wouldn't be surprising to spot a howler monkey or an armadillo as you meander through the trails. Turtles nest in the Playa Nancite and Las Pumas is the largest private wild cat shelter in Latin America. Safely explore volcanoes and waterfalls, and when you're tired of activities on land, take to the picturesque waters. Sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, and any other kind of water sport you can imagine is better in Guanacaste than you've likely experienced anywhere else. But not all of the fun is geared for the entire family. In need of a bit of romance? Spend the evening horseback riding to Viento Fresco Waterfalls with someone you love or go golfing or get pampered at one of the spas, all amidst beautiful scenery.
Photo Credit: Tom Wilson
Photo Credit: Tom Wilson
Photo Credit: Tom Wilson
Photo Credit: Costa Rica Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Costa Rica Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Costa Rica Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Costa Rica Tourism Board
Photo Credit: Costa Rica Tourism Board
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    Sports and Nature!!

    Guanacaste- Playa Conchal is a very great place if you like practicing sports and/or beeing in touch with nature! Fresh air, warm-happy locals and beautiful landscapes! You can go with your couple, with friends, with your family and even alone. Grab your camera and you will have endless subjects to film and take photos. I didn't find a very wide options of parties and nightlife attractions. They told me visiting the volcano is not a veeeery interesting thing to do. It take a lot of time to reach the place and all you can see is a small smoke. I stayed in a resort with all inclusive food 24/7, with many options of menus!! If you are lucky, few peacefull racoons will entertain you while you're walking at the night.

    incredible experience

    I spent 3 weeks in costa Rica, but in Guanacaste, on the cost in Guiones I started to surf, and I want to do it for the rest of my life.
    In Monteverde Park in the cloudy forest, I saw 2 quetzales, I was so excited, in Guatemala, I've try but I couldn't see it, and there I saw 2, and for me it was important because I think that the QUETZAL is one of the beuatiful bird in the world.
    Thanks Costa Rica...
    We have been to Costa Rica several times and the lush, green scenery of the jungle mixed with the relaxing beaches makes it a fabulous place to visit. The canopy tours (zip line through the jungle) and waterfalls and surfing are all fun activities.The best time to go is November or December. It's fun to drive around and see the volcano Arenal and take a dip in the natural hot springs at Tabacon, see the animal life like wild monkeys at Monte Verde, surf at Tamarindo and snorkel near Conchal. We've been in April when they're coming out of their dry season and it's REALLY hot. I would also recommend eating at Seasons in Tamarindo. The food and service is incredible. Guanacaste is a small airport and it's so easy to get to the fun, beach towns from there. You won't regret vacationing in Costa Rica.

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    Horseback Riding

    Personalized Horseback riding tours through the jungle and beaches of Nosara. The horses are trained for all experience levels.
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