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When a city has been around for more than 2,000 years, it's bound to be jam-packed with things to do. There's so much to do in Frankfurt, that you'll never see it all, but the city's public transportation makes it easy to skip from adventure to adventure. For the history buff, museums and memorials range from German to Jewish to World War II history. For the shopping pros, entire streets are dedicated to pedestrian shopping. And for the art connoisseur, both ancient and modern architecture abound, while the art museums, theaters and opera houses are world famous. Historical and cosmopolitan, Frankfurt is memorable for just about every vacationer.
Photo Credit: GNTB Jochen Keute
Photo Credit: GNTB Jochen Keute
Photo Credit: GNTB Eric Eichberger
Photo Credit: GNTB Jim McDonald
Photo Credit: GNTB Jochen Keute
Photo Credit: GNTB Jochen Keute
Photo Credit: GNTB Jim McDonald

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Frankfurt is a great hub and I adore the city. I lived there for 2 years, so when I return to Germany, I enjoy a visit to Frankfurt as it's the stomping ground I know, but when traveling with others, I prefer Berlin or Munich. My favorite = modern art museum!


Having lived and work in Frankfurt almost one and a half years I would recommend the city to everyone looking for a nice weekend-break! Start your day with a nice breakfast at Cafe Karin and continue for a nice walk at the Main, where you will soon get to see the new European Central Bank. Do some shopping in the Zeil or one of the nearby Shopping Malls. Absolutely must see is the Roemer: Frankfurts old town "skyline" which hosts as well the yearly Christmas Market. Drink some Apfelwein and try the green sauce with your Schnitzel! In the evenings you can choose between a more alternative night out in Sachenhausen, or the elegant Club 101 with an amazing over view over Frankfurt.

Shopping and night life!!!!

Frankfurt is the most important business cites in Germany. This is obviously not a beautiful city in my view there are some nice bounding in old town but it is charming. There are so many things to offer such as, shipping at zeil street and geothe street( so you can find everything you want to buy here), clubbing at living, Gibson and velvet. Frankfurt has multicultural people so you can find a good original food everywhere. There is Main river separate 2 part do the city so you can walk around the river which is so romantic if you come in the right time there are a few festival along the river all year long. It is a gateway to Europe and the world coz Frankfurt have a big train station and 2nd biggest airport in Europe .
Germany is one of the friendliest countries you can possibly visit. The people are amazing and so welcoming. Had the best time in one of the pubs there. And the beer is out of this world! Will never forget it as long as I live. Would visit again anytime!

Main Tower

One of many exciting places to visit. This 54 story tower observation deck offers an unobstructed view for miles
Cost: Euros: Adult Adult 5; Senior (65+)/Student/Child 3.50; Family 13.50
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Boat Trips & Cruises

See the sights from the many waterways and rivers.
Cost: Varies
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Live music, including lots of jazz, theatre head the list. Dining galore with traditional German fare and many other kinds.
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