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Thanks to sparkling beaches, sprawling golden sand and year-long warm weather, Fort Lauderdale has always been a top vacation spot. However, today's Fort Lauderdale is likely to be rather different from the Fort Lauderdale that you may remember. The city was recently revamped to add a bit more class to the already relaxed beach environment. Different areas of the city are tailored to meet your various needs and interests. Fort Lauderdale has your upscale shopping and dining, your nightlife with plenty of bars and free entertainment, and your kid friendly beaches, outdoor adventures, and museums. All surrounded by the sweet, salty breeze of the Atlantic Ocean.
Photo Credit: Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB
Photo Credit: Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB
Photo Credit: Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB
Photo Credit: Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB
Photo Credit: Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB
Photo Credit: Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB
Photo Credit: Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB
Photo Credit: Image courtesy of AlanMaltz

Love being the center of attention

I had a Blast from visiting all the shops on south beach to jus relaxing at the beach, to night life partying I ate surf and turf at a cute little restaurant on the strip, and its jus like the videos “EVERYONE IS A BALLER” lol but seriously I had a blast I went helmet diving which was really guan and really scary at the smalltime but it was the best experience of my life :)

I live where you vacation

Paradise a few miles away. FT Lauderdale has some of the longest and cleanest beaches I've seen on the Atlantic Coast. Sunrise is beautiful! Las Olas and River Walk offer lots to do once the sun goes down.

Ft. Lauderdale

Even though it is but a 40 minute car drive from downtown Miami it is a world apart. Why? I am still trying to figure this one out. It is mainly known for it's beaches that you can enjoy all year round.

I guess what surprises me the most about Ft. Lauderdale is that even though it is very close to Miami, time here is more "American" than "Latin". So, if they say 5 minutes it's 5 minutes. Not 15, 30 or even 60 minutes like I have had done to me in Miami.
great placve for families or spring breakers. been going to ftl for 20 years. there are 5 beaches within 5 minutes. you are only short distance from the airport. great variety for places to stay.
Wonderful place for warmth and relaxation!!!
Beaches and lots of fun!
This place is prfebt for dwimminf,walking the besch.Great areafor unbathing, and many carnivals and areas open for fun,
Have dinner and then enkpy the xasuno or some Karaoke,/ You are close to Tampa Bay tp also enjoy what this city has to offer .
If you're bringing the kids, you have to make a stop at Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlour & Restaurant (featured on Food Network) they will serve you in a kitchen sink looking bowl contraption! The have the largest Collection of rural American memorabilia. A little south of Lauderdale but just an all around enjoyable place. If interested in the Arts, you can go to Museum of Arts which have anything from Sharks to Aliens, paintings to sculptures, dinners, receptions and even have a 3D Imax theater! (Check schedule) For shopping, check out Las Olas Boulevard. This trendy boulevard has numerous individually owned boutiques and restaurants, including sidewalk cafes. Depending when you travel, you might even catch the winterfest boat parade!
I love Fort Lauderdale- lying on the beach all day is great, there's some great (slightly sketchy) spas, some great shopping, swimming, tanning... I do not think it is such a good place for kids though, there are some kids activities but nothing too family friendly there. My advice is leave your kids at home and go lie on the beach all day soaking up the sun in the middle of December!
Lots to see and do along the Ft. Lauderdale beach both day and night.

The Jungle Queen

Discover the city by boat! Travel in style with this guided tour of the city.
Cost: Adults $17.50/Children $12.75
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Miles of blue wave beaches line the Fort Lauderdale coast. One of the most family friendly beach areas in all of Florida, plan to spend plenty of time on the beach.
Cost: Free
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Golf, snorkel, fish, watch professional baseball, hockey and football and much more.
Cost: Varies
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Everglades Holiday Park

Made even more popular from the TV show, "Gator Boys," Everglades Holiday Park is the real deal. Take airboat rides and see the wildlife of Florida's Everglades. Of course, see the Gator Boys show as well!

Wilton Drive

Wilton Drive is the heart of Fort Lauderdale's gay neighborhood. You'll find a number of shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs all within walking distance.

Port of Departure

Large cruise lines use this as a major "Port of Departure" or beginning of itineraries.




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Ft. Lauderdale International Airport [FLL]
Miami International Airport [MIA]