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Located west of Russia on the Baltic Sea, Estonia is a blend of culture, history and relaxation. Festivals celebrate music, film and historical advancements. The eclectic landscapes range from sparkling lakes to deserted beaches to massive forests (50% of the country is made up of forests, in fact). Camping, hiking, and exploring the lakes, swamps, and forests is all free and make memorable activities and the plant and animal life is astounding. After a long day of exploring this fascinating destination, you can relax at one of the many spas and retreats, famous for mud wraps, chocolate massages, and salt treatments. And parents, don't worry, many of the spas include play areas and water parks so that your children can have fun, too. That is, if they aren't more interested in the kid-friendly spa treatments offered at the spas.
Photo Credit: Toomas Tuul
Photo Credit: Jaak Nilson
Photo Credit: Enterprise Estonia-Estonian Tourist Board
Photo Credit: Kaarel Mikkin
Photo Credit: The Estonian National Opera
Photo Credit: Jarek Joepera
Photo Credit: Enterprise Estonia-Estonian Tourist Board
Photo Credit: Tiit Motus
Photo Credit: Jaak Nilson
Photo Credit: Kaarel Mikkin
Photo Credit: Enterprise Estonia-Estonian Tourist Board
Photo Credit: Jaak Nilson
Photo Credit: Enterprise Estonia-Estonian Tourist Board
Photo Credit: Jaak Nilson
Photo Credit: Toomas Tuul
Photo Credit: Paavo Eensalu

A northern pearl

Tallin is amazing and surprising. Beautiful with snow in winter and also in summer. Its charms are at all seasons different.
Estonia also have a lot to offer in term of tourism. Pearls are everywhere in this country and Tallin is one of its best jewelry.

Walking on the frozen sea is a must to do ! Enjoying winter in Tallin is a great way to really live a northern winter with white snow and blue sky. The people are so nice and welcoming there that everything would enchant you travel.

Going Old School

I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days in Tallin. The people are outgoing and friendly. Clearly tourism is the main revenue and they embrace it with relish. I recommend you do the same. Visit the Old Town area, the medieval-looking city center with a variety of places to pick up souvenirs. You can get the kitschy stuff found at most store or venture to St. Catherine's Passage to pick up work by local artisans. There are potters, textiles, clothing, and much more. If you are sticking with kitschy please visit the bar dedicated solely to Depche Mode. All DM all the time.

There are also a few interesting places to eat, including Restaurant Ö and Balthasar with garlic infused beer and local "delicacies" but no matter what, try the local beer Saku. A refreshing pilsner that is quite tasty.

When leaving the Old Town area make a stop at the Viru Hotel for tour of the old KGB headquarters. The guides treat the tour like theater so sit back and enjoy the show!

Tip: If you are coming from Helskini, take the daily ferry. The Finish people come over for the day to stock up on cheap beer so the 1 hour ride in a large cruise ship is like a pre-party. Very festive!

A day in Tallin

Tallin is a very nice mediaval town and the capital city of Estonia. Very good and cheap local food available in many different authentic restaurants. Must do: climb the stairs up in the church to have the great overview over the whole city.Generally the city doesnt same very dangerous but be a bit careful specially at night.

Self Guided Tours

Discover some of Estonia's rich cultural heritage & history on your own at your pace.
Cost: Free
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Nature All Around

Visit the diverse Estonian landscapes, including empty beaches, deep forests, crystal clear lakes and rivers, enchanting swamps and rich flora and fauna.
Cost: Varies by Transportation Cost
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Local Events & Festivals

Festivals, theatre, music, international renown choirs and much more.
Cost: Varies
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