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A mix of city, countryside, and shoreline, Dublin is one of the most beautiful, interesting cities in the world. Although the adult crowd will find a lot to love about Dublin, the city also boasts countless kid-friendly tours and interactive fun. Who knows whether authors like James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, and Jonathan Swift chose to call Dublin their home because of the sheer beauty of the Irish countryside or if the life-changing beer may have had anything to do with it. Regardless, Dublin's history and culture--complete with ancient castles and cathedrals-- are both splendid backdrops for the vibrant nightlife with a personality all its own.
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: AMC Photography
Photo Credit: Tom Wilson
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: The Guinness Storehouse
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: The Jameson Distillery
Photo Credit: The Guinness Storehouse
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: Tom Wilson
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland
Photo Credit: Fáilte Ireland

Talk about small town feel.

So here's the deal...Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland, but all the major sites and even some of the hidden gems are all within walking distance from one another. Dublin is an amazing city for that fact alone. You can walk everywhere and see everything.

You can go see St. Patrick's Cathedral then walk across the city over to the Guinness Factory to see a tour of an awesome beer factory. At the top of this factory is a bar that has a 360 degree window so that you can drink your complimentary beer while enjoying the view of the ENTIRE city of Dublin.

Beyond that you have Trinity College where you can see the amazing Book of Kels, (an old text of the gospel). It's a truly gorgeous piece of work, consisting of old artistic methods. You can also go to my personal favorite...the Leprechaun Museum, where you can take a journey through a building with each room representing a different part of Irish folk lore. From the giant's room, to the fairy hill, to the gnome's woods. It's just a fun experience and you can even fit in a giant's chair!

I recommend Dublin to anyone interested in the Irish culture. The people are amazingly hospitable and any hostel or hotel you stay at will go out of its way to help you come up with an amazing itinerary for your time in their amazing city.

The Guinness City

Dublin is not a big city, if you compare it with other capitals, but there are lots of places to visit and lots of things to do.

On of the most vised places in Dublin is the famous beer factory of Guinness and also the Temple Bar, which is an street in the downtown with pubs and restaurants. Some of them offer live Irish music and Irish dance, which is very cool. So, if you like drinking, Dublin is the place to go. In the downtown you will find lots of shops that will please those who like to buy souvenirs.

There is an interesting place called The Church, which used to be a church in the past but now our days it is a very good restaurant. All the decoration inside it has been preserved, even the tube organ.

I recommend you to take the city tour bus. It will show you the best places to go and you won't need to walk a lot. You can get out of the bus at the places you want to visit and then take the next bus to continue your journey. The city bus tour works until 17:00, so do not miss it otherwise you will have to take a tax, a tram or any other public transport.

There are also nice places to visit nearby Dublin like castles, beaches, cliffs, etc. You can get to those places by train.

Here are some of the places I suggest you to go: The Christ Church Cathedral, the Trinity University, The Dublin Castle, The Molly Malone Monument, the St. Patrick Church, the Church restaurant, the Temple Bar, the Malahide Castle and the Howth Peninsula (nearby Dublin).


While it is a smaller city than some of Europes top attractions, I definitely enjoyed my time in Ireland. That has a lot to do with the great Irish People. I found myself going to a few friendly pubs, and I had a great time at a comedy club. This led to some great conversations with genuinely nice people who did not seem turned off by tourists.

During the day I recommend taking one of the free walking tours, you will not regret it as Irish history as told by an Irishman is a great tale to hear. Two other attractions worth taking up are the Guinness and Jameson distilleries if you enjoy either of these two famous brands.

If you want something a little more low key I recommend a walk through Trinity college ( the library at Trinity is one of the sets for the Star Wars movies) or Pheonix park.

If you are looking for some fun and a good laugh I heard there are places that teach you Gaelic Games and how to dance like the Irish.

If you need to know why everyone loves the Irish look no further than Dublin.


Dublin is one of my all-time favorite cities. There was always something to do - the Guinness Storehouse, Phoenix Park, or walking down Grafton Street to do some shopping. The locals were so accommodating and willing to help with anything. The nightlife was phenomenal; the Temple Bar area is super fun and the actual Temple Bar has some outstanding live music. Be sure to check out the Ciaran Finn Duo! Overall, fantastic city!

The happiest people in the world!

If you want to be surrounded by amazing history, beautiful scenery, a night to remember and the happiest people in the world, Dublin is for you! I was in Dublin for a weekend and wished I could have stayed there forever. There is a never ending list of sites to see...especially the Guinness Factory (so cool!) and I will definitely say go to the Leprechaun Museum! It was so much fun and interactive...especially for a 5"1 girl, I feel as if I fit right in :) I definitely recommend heading on over to Temple Bar for nightlife, so much fun! And once again, if you are in search for finding the happiest people in the world, Dublin is a top choice! The people are so friendly, always willing to help you if you get lost (haha) and overall have great personalities! Go to Dublin!

A Day of Craic!

Craic, the Irish term for fun, doesn't even begin to cover Dublin. Museums, night life, great pubs, live traditional music, walking tours, and the friendly people ever--there's definitely something for everyone. Even getting lost in the city is a ton of fun. Dublin is great for a day, week, or month, and the best part is everything is so close, so day trips to see the rest of Ireland is totally doable.
You can see where Guinness is made, see the famous Book of Kells at Trinity College, go on Viking tours, or just talk to funny, kind people.
Dublin is a great walking city. Rich in history and replete with pubs. Take a guided tour. If you are any kind of history buff, it is well worth the money. Irish people are kind and gregarious. More cosmopolitan than you might think.

Gravity Bar at Guinness Storehouse

The Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse has the best views of Dublin.

Natural Botanic Gardens of Ireland

Step away from the hustle and bustle and into a piece of tranquility at the National Botanical Gardens of Ireland. Initially founded in the late 1790's for scientific research, but is now open for all to enjoy.
Cost: Free
Visit Website

Guinness Storehouse

For the brewing aficianado, Guinness Brewery offers tours of its facility, including a panoramic 'Gravity' Bar with 360 degree views of the city.
Cost: From 13 Euros
Visit Website

Trinity College

Put on your smarty-pants and visit the campus at the 400+ year old Trinity College. Take in the classic buildings and walk in the footsteps of famous alumni like Samuel Beckett, Bram Stoker, and Oscar Wilde.
Cost: Free
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