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If the fact that it's nicknamed the happiest place on earth isn't enough to make you want to visit Disneyland, then maybe imagining having a friendly conversation with Cinderella while standing in line for world famous roller-coasters will be enough to get you to there. It's the kind of place where you can walk around in giant Minnie Mouse ears and no one looks at you differently, except maybe to tell you how stylish you look. There are countless places to stay both in the park and in nearby communities, depending on your budget. But if you're willing to spend a little bit more on food and hotels, The Disneyland Resort provides options to make you feel like you've stepped out of Anaheim, California and into your favorite Disney movie.
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Grown Up Princess

Although lots of people consider it a place mainly for kids... grown-ups can and do have lots of fun too. I had only one day to be at Disneyland and California Adventure and it was a great day. The park is very nice and... of course... charming ;) And I really love the attractions! It is definitely worth trying! And at least spend two days there! ;)
Ruth Damaris

Place to became like a child

Definitely the Disneyland is not one place for children, it is a place for everyone! You will enjoy all the entertainment it has to offer.

Happiest place for All

It's a happy place for all ages !!
The second you are driving into the city you could feel all the positive vibes , the transformation from city, reality to cartoon world.
It automatically takes you away from the stress of daily life and puts you into a different level of excitement.
Whether you are looking for family outings, activities, or adventurous, roller coasting mania, it's the place to be and not miss.
The cartoon characters, and Disney movies simply get alive her.
The music while walking through the place makes you want to dance from 2 year old kid to 70s grandparents.

Recreational Park

A place where people of all ages and nationalities come and enjoy the magic!!!
Disneyland is a fun place to go. You get to go on fun and exciting rides that are good for the family. They spilt up the park to help with the kids and the teens with different ride for speed and safety. in the kids' area, they have spaceships that fly only five feet from the ground. In the teen area, they have rides that are less safe then the little kids, the rides are fast and jerky. you should be careful on the rides because you might get hurt. There are some places inside of disneyland that you can sleep or ear dinner in. There are some hotels that are less than a block away from Disneyland that you can walk to.
realy enjoyed this place with my grand children. They had a blast. Stayed right at disney. Nice place to visit and keep going back.
once you get to disneyland, you automatically feel joyful! I love disneyland. you get such a great vibe from the surrounding area. I didn't have enough time to go to both parks in one day (disneyland + california adventures) so plan maybe at least a couple days if you want to visit both parks. it is a very pricey, but very worth it!!
If you have kids you wont regret! Both my kids still talk about their trip to DL. It will live on forever in you kids hearts no matter how old they get... I still remember going as a kid myself.
Yes, it is smaller than Disney in Florida. The lines are smaller too. I prefer DisneyLand of course.
What a magical place. Allow for at least a couple days to see the whole park


The original park still contains the magic. See characters, ride the rides and experience Disney at its finest.
Cost: From $80 per person
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California Adventure

Right across from Disneyland, California Adventure offers more rides and fun.
Cost: From $80 per person
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Downtown Disney

Walk around and feel the magic of Disney without entering the park. Shop, dine and see the sights.
Cost: FREE
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"Play Ball"

Catch a game of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.




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